Real L Word Season 3: New Video and Imagery Are Very Shiny And Weird

Despite our communal passion for the groundbreaking yet insufferable “hit” Showtime series The Real L Word, we somehow managed to miss the memo last week when Showtime released its latest — and hands-down its weirdest — new promo, “Opposites Attract.”

Season Three, which takes place in both Los Angeles and Brooklyn, will begin ruining my life on Thursday July 12th at 10 PM. Here’s a sneak peak of what that might look like:

There are also some new promotional photographs which reflect the aesthetic qualities of a Seventeen magazine fashion shoot, or perhaps an advertisement for Guess Jeans, Teen Spirit deodorant or tampons.

via The Hollywood Reporter

There’s also this delightful poster starring Whitney and, I believe, Romi‘s ass:

There’s more fun to be had at the Showtime website, which features some “signature cocktail” recipes “inspired” by the television program, as well as some cast members’ most favored beverages. There’s also a relatively long list featuring some of’s favorite cocktails because, I assume, they have some promotional situation with this year. You are invited to submit your own favorite cocktail recipes and maybe win a chance to have sex with Whitney. Wait sorry I mean, “a free copy of Season Two of The Real L Word.Just in case you didn’t have enough fun the first time around.

What do you think of the new promo?

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  1. I absolutely LOVE watching train wrecks from afar (it’s my guilty pleasure) and I cannot wait to laugh my fucking ass off. I’m also really looking forward to the infamous recaps and I hope Autostraddle does another parody video because that shit was gold.

    No more “token” Black people either this time around it seems, but they used that whole “whitewash” yin/yang/black/white/bi-coastal/East vs. West/Biggie Smalls vs. Tupac effect in their marketing, which is so predictable that it’s fucking funny to me. Oh man and Whitney’s “secret-initiating-of-the-power-of-the-clam-I-am-Captain-Planet-and-when-our-powers-combine-the-lesbo-planet-is-ours-handshake” made me die! Seriously, I’m rollin’ here, hahahaha!

  2. Won’t be watching the show, but will definietly read the recaps, so thanks Riese! (And sorry you have to suffer through these for us)

    On other TV related stuff, Effy from Skins (Kaya Scodelario)is in series called ‘true love’ airing on BBC tomorrow, playing a student in a lesbian relationship with a teacher. Just in case that’s relevant to any USA-straddler’s interests ;)

  3. I know this show is, well…what it is, but I can’t help but watch it this season Kiyomi is gonna be in it and well I’m madly in love with her :P Plus the last time I saw her she told me not to judge her based on what they air and that just makes me wanna watch even more. Is it a crime to obsess this much? Haha if it was it hasn’t stopped me before.

  4. this promo has convinced me of what i secretly suspected all along…
    1.)the people that make this show clearly do not watch it themselves
    2.)they have also never met a real life lesbian

    and seriously? who the hell would think that LA has anything on NY?

    Other than Romi’s ass that is.

  5. Why do we hate the real l word so much? I wish someone could explain it to me more fully. Granted, I’ve only been reading the recaps and watched four or five episodes..
    but shouldn’t we be more supportive? or if that is not possible at least not bash.. all the hate hurts me

    • I think the dislike is aimed more towards the show’s practices and premise than its topic or its “characters;” I think the show has been shown to be exploitative and misrepresentative in multiple instances and while that’s the window dressing of sensational reality TV, when there is very little queer media and the show is not just marketed towards us, its disheartening to see the reputation of comrades and our community dicked around while a woman who doesn’t really care about our community laughs all the way to the bank (at least that’s what I imagine, maybe she cries herself to sleep idk.)

  6. No more “token” black people = no more black people period. In fucking NYC. Where there’s Harlem.

    Oh okay.

    Thanks lesbian television for honestly making me feel like the only lesbian characters I will ever have to relate to are Tasha, Bette, Saj and Chanel (oh and Yolanda when I’m feeling particularly angry all the time at the world all the time).

    I give up.

    And then everybody can kindly move on because you know, feeling completely unrepresented is like…not that important when we just wanna be entertained, right? Oh, right, probably shouldn’t complain because you know…it’s just TeeVee!!! Or maybe QWOC in NYC have day jobs that they actually want to keep and thus wouldn’t want to be on said reality show….but I doubt it.

    pshhhhhttttt. i’ll check back to see what riese has to say about it, but the show will officially not be gaining my viewership.

  7. See, I’m torn on this. On one hand, I really like Hunter Valentine–their music’s great, and they seem like hardworking ladies. But to appear on this kind of show just for publicity? I mean, is it that hard to sell records, that you’d lower yourself to be on this show? It inevitably changes my opinion of the band, which really, really sucks.

    As an aside, shows like this feed into my paranoia of stereotypical gay girl culture and make me not want to date again. Thank god there are sites like Autostraddle to counteract these monstrosities. <3

    • It truly is hard to sell records when the Internet provides a much easier way to pirate music. For instance, Sick o Sarah’s 2nd CD that they put up for free to torent helped them get more fans because people will download free music no matter what and if they don’t like it they can delete the music. I believe, for artists, all publicity whether it be good or bad still benefits. People will watch the show and see that they’re musicians and that tends to spark an interest. There have been times where I see controversial things on tv about a band and will totally check out their music to see if they’re any good. It shouldn’t change your opinion on the band, they’re just trying to put their name out there.

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