“Real L Word” Trailer – Autostraddle First Look EXCLUSIVE

Guess what, today we want to reward you for being special by giving you the world-premiere first look at The Real L Word: Los Angeles. That’s right. Autostraddle.com, a website staffed by real lesbian/bisexuals/InternNicole, is world premiering the trailer of The Real L Word: Los Angeles, a Showtime show about real lesbians/bisexuals/probs an intern! It premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. beginning June 20.

This weekend, the world will get to see the new trailer for The Real L Word: Los Angeles, but you can see it right here, right now ’cause we got it! But you probably would rather see it first, so you can have your snarky opinions prepared for when the whole fam gathers round the teevee for 33 seconds of lesbian loving. We’re all in Palm Springs right now at Dinah Shore, and for sure these girls have shinier teeth than anyone else in the state.



Laneia inexplicably says that it reminds her of Road Rules The Gauntlet?
Our number one feeling is: MARINA EYES
Our number two feeling is: Shane belt-loop hold!
Our number three feeling is: You know how actresses can’t have lots of tattoos because it’s like bad for their career or whatever and limits the roles they can be cast in? One thing that’s kinda hot about “reality” shows is that people can have lots of tattoos.
Our number four feelings is: We saw more lesbian makeouts in 33 seconds than we saw on television for the entire decade known as “the ’90s.”
Our number five feeling is: Lesbians gone wild!
Our number six feeling is: This show is begging to be recapped.

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Originally from Boston, MA, Rachel now lives in the Midwest. Topics dear to her heart include bisexuality, The X-Files and tacos. Her favorite Ciara video is probably "Ride," but if you're only going to watch one, she recommends "Like A Boy." You can follow her on twitter and instagram.

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  1. That LiLo video was hard to watch. Whether all those things happened or not, she is clearly very messed up over things, and her father isn’t helping. It makes me sad.

    • Hello, I am also very messed up over things and my father isn’t helping. Does this make anyone sad? I am also not going to dinner with my ex which may or may not make things worse.

  2. “The Real L Word,” looks like yet another show I hate to love watching. Reality shows always get me and add lezzies into the mix, that’s a formula for must see TV.

    • OMG I’m gonna hate myself so much for wanting to see this show! Hopefully my conscience will be lightened by wanting to Autostraddle recaps with the same intensity.

        • Wtf is your problem?
          & get a haircut, ‘ya fucking werewolf looking motherfucker.

          • WTF is *your* problem? Did you just come here to be mean and irrelevant?

          • Whoa, what the fuck is YOUR problem? I’m not exactly sure what it is about Barbara’s comment that offended you, but the personal attack was completely unnecessary. If there’s something bothering you, you should address the issue directly, instead of insulting people. Nothing is accomplished through name-calling. Also, you should read Autostraddle’s comment policy: http://www.autostraddle.com/comment-policy/

          • LOL I don’t know what pissed you off, but on one thing we agree: I need to change my avatar! Yes I do. It’s just that I hate wordpress and I sort of picked the jpg on my desktop that was closest to the mouse pointer.

            Btw thanks guys *hugs everyone* your anti-troll skills make me feel safe :)

          • Barbara I just wanted to take this chance to tell you that your hair looks really pretty today

  3. I have no desire to watch it, but I desperately want Riese and Crystal to collaborate on another recap of something now that Skins is over.

  4. This is pretty much what I expected from her new show. I’m not entirely sure whether it’ll be a train wreck or not, but either way I’m excited and will make Carlytron host a viewing party. These women are a bit older, some of them., which is cool. It’ll be interesting to see reality TV with a good mix of people… its usually all like 19 year olds. (Is the styling a little weird or is it just me? Someone call Sara Medd.)

    • yeah, styling is a little strange-I cant figure out if her shirt is meant to be twisted up like that, or if she just did it herself at the last minute?? I’ve been scouring the web to see if they had a stylist-no answer yet, but either way, they need to call me immediately to fix these very important issues.

      • My room mate is one of the main characters on this show, they totally had glam squads from Showtime do hair and makeup and they used the stylist from the actual show for the wardrobe styling… but only for the teaser/promo… on the show its all what they would normally look like.

    • Styling is totally weird. That was my number one feeling. And the typeface choice for the word “real” bothers me. That was my number two feeling.

  5. I’d also like to express my sincere loathing for Michael Lohan who has proven to be a manipulative and self-serving person. He’s a serious narcissistic with no class.

    • I know, it oddly gets under my skin that people still listen to him. It must be maddening for her that people give him a speaking outlet when he’s clearly never been right about anyhting. #omigodwhydoicareidunnoijustdo

  6. That photo of Lindsay and Sam is from 2008. I remember it being posted on AfterEllen.

    I’d never watched Confessions of a Broken Heart before. I have to wonder why people would put all of their dirty laundry out there. I will never understand people who want to be famous.

    • that’s so sad, jezebel totally had it labeled as “april 1” in the alt-text and i got excited.

  7. Oh also! I am FULL of anticipation and dread for The Real L Word.

    Dammit Chaiken! I swore I would never watch one of your shows again. And here I am, crawling back for more.

    As long as it’s better than “Gimme Sugar” I can live.

  8. The “real” L Word = Bad Girls Club/Housewives Of… via Lesbianville, California. Iit’ll be awesome/awful and I can’t wait for AutoJudgment!!!

    • Agreed – I’m looking forward to Autostraddle’s recap more than the show – but as Robin mentioned earlier – I’m glad at least it’s not filled with teenagers. No offense to teenagers… but it’s been a long time (15 years at least) since I’ve been one. Let’s split the difference just for lesbo-unity sake.

      IS there a term for a lesbian “cougar”?? If not, there needs to be one. I’m not one. But I would like a label for when I get there.

  9. Michael Lohan has referred to her using similar husband/wife terminology before. it’s plain creepy.

  10. def. a hate to love show, yet again.
    Ugh I was really hoping to see more diversity in the Real L Word cast…It seems as if Chaiken goes for the type that fit her version of the L word… what’s up with the curvy femmes and the African American or Latina studs/ags? And is anyone that isn’t a upper/middle class lez accounted for? smh…

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