QUIZ: What’s Your Greatest Fear?

*Horror Host Voice* It’s a season of spooky, scary, scintillating, sapphic frights! We’re just a week out from the peak of the season. There’s no better time to face our fears, head on, to really look them in their yellow, vegetarian vampire eyes.

So what scares you the most? HUH. TELL US. Oh, you’re not sure? Okay, that’s okay. Sometimes we need a little help to really know ourselves. Let’s find out together.

What's Your Greatest Fear?

What's your take on horror movies?(Required)
Pick a pump(Required)
You're staying at a distant relative's house on a cross-country trip. So far, your second great cousin (or what-have-you) has been nothing but sweet to you. However, every room in her home is decorated on a theme, and some of them are a little off-putting, and you're getting nervous because you don't know where you're sleeping, yet. She shows you to the guest room where you'll be staying. When she opens the door and flips on the light, you are horrified to see that the room is covered wall-to-wall in:(Required)
Who's calling?(Required)
You'll never catch me...(Required)
Choose an animal to spend an afternoon locked in a classroom with, as performance art.(Required)
What's your take on paranormal phenomena?(Required)
So you've made it out just fine from your distant relative's home and honestly you feel a little bad that you were so put off! Yeah, the night was kind of spooky, but you got through it. It's early morning, the sun's just rising, you've said your goodbyes and you've started a long day of driving. You've just decided to take the scenic route when you immediately regret it upon realizing you're driving toward:(Required)
What did you last read?(Required)
How do you take your coffee?(Required)

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Nicole Hall

Nicole has written 53 articles for us.


  1. Wow the creepy room decor question did not need to go so hard, those were all such good/horrible options and it was impossible to choose just one! (I did end up going with the suspiciously blank one eventually though)

    Also I got “Finally Meeting a Celebrity You’ve Admired All Your Life and Saying Something Unforgivably Awkward” which definitely tracks

  2. I thought i was going to get something else, but instead I got “small talk”. Which… yes, it’s always been a landmine for me haha

    …what’s up with that room with photos of you and your relatives anyway, that gave me a shudder!

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