Queer Tarotscopes: Leo Season Speaks to the Wildness We Carry Within

Leo season’s tarotscopes feature the Fountain Tarot and the Compendium of Constellations.

After Cancer’s rich internal work and powerful emotions, Leo season may feel like a relief to many. We can move out of those deep, flowing waters and instead channel all of our inner fire, confidence, and power, honoring movement and celebrating wildness. One of the boldest and most adventurous signs of the zodiac, Leo is known for their capacity to shine, their faith in themselves, their ability to honor desires and needs and fight for those things with all of their power. If the previous season of cardinal water encouraged us to pay attention to our sensitivities and create boundaries for rich internal exploration, Leo’s fixed fire takes that newly discovered power and wants to show it off, turning those revelations into tangible, exciting, focused plans for the future. And whether you’re craving powerful forward motion or instead long to daydream in the brilliant sunshine, Leo season wants us to celebrate who we are and embrace the transformations we’re experiencing, rejoicing in the powerful growth that makes us bigger, stronger, even more incredible than we already are.

Strength is our archetype for this season, a card that represents an ability to know our own power. Highlighting maturity, grace, and patience, this is someone that has learned from their experiences and knows exactly the right moment to unleash their wisdom, sharing what they know with a willing, captive audience. But beyond just observing and waiting, Strength also speaks to the wildness we carry within, the depths and shadows and powerful needs that drive us forward. We may honor how far we’ve come with this card, but we also feel a sense of surrender to the instincts that we carry. There are times for action and times for restraint, and knowing when to unleash our wildfire and when to let it simmer in stillness is a formidable skill.

Fire has the power to transform deeply and permanently, and after all of the intense emotional highs and lows of the recent season, we may be tempted to shake off that personal new knowledge and focus on creativity and action rather than internal shifts. But Strength is not something we necessarily come by naturally – rather, it’s something that manifests in the middle of a cycle, forcing awareness through shifts and changes. It can be tempting to hide away during these transitions, wanting to shield the world and our sensitive hearts from the awkwardness of rapid growth and unexpected truths, but Leo is not a season for shyness. This is the time to embrace just how passionate and strong and brave you are, to wear clothes that make you feel incredible and have the kind of sex you’ve always wanted to have and let the world see all of that hidden adventure and fire and magic you’ve been carrying. We all have Leo in our charts somewhere, so find the pieces of yourself that you’re proud of and celebrate them in a way that’s genuine and true, for whoever you are. Expansion and transformation are intensely powerful energies, and owning your growth even while it’s happening is a beautiful, inspiring thing.

The sensitivity and emotions that you’ve been wrestling with may still be lingering, influencing your choices and ability to explore your deepest passions, so remember to take space and rest when you need it. So many of our cards for this season speak to movement and metamorphosis, making powerful decisions and driving forward to reach our goals and turn our visions into reality. This kind of refining fire holds incredible magic, but can also be intensely draining, requiring us to be extra aware of our needs. Be present in each moment this season, paying attention to your drives and longings, your comforts and cravings. Major shifts require patience and kindness to the self, so take joy where you can find it and don’t push too far past your own limits.

In this season of Leo, channel your inner fire and embrace exactly how powerful, how magnificent, how strong you are, even as things shift. Celebrate the brilliantly brave person you have become, in a way that feels authentic for you, and move with grace and purpose as you honor Strength’s lessons. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Leo is ruled by the sun, so pay extra attention to the reading for your sun sign this season, letting it fuel your ambition, drive, and confidence for the coming weeks.

In addition to my tarotscopes on Autostraddle, I’m also publishing longer ‘scopes for individual signs with Radical Tarot – this month I’m writing for Leo, expanding on the cards shared here to offer additional insights. You can support my ongoing tarot studies, creative work, and publishing dreams at Patreon, and check out my daily writing and card draws on Instagram . I also offer personal, custom readings through my website, along with larger spreads and writings.

As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave anything you don’t. Happy Leo season!


The Hierophant

After Cancer’s rich emotions and deep internal exploration, you may be feeling especially eager to spring into action and put all of your energy into new projects, new connections, new visions for the future. And while your fire is right at home in courageous and bold Leo season, make sure you spend some time acknowledging and considering your personal roots, the rituals and magic that ground you to your past and have the potential to shape your future. The Hierophant is a card of history and knowledge, study and power, connecting us to the structures we may either find comfort in or struggle against.

Whatever your relationship with religion, education, or systems of power and authority, let your inner fire shine brightly this season, honoring your story and exploring your future. If you’re someone that doesn’t always tap into your deeper spiritual self, spend some time acknowledging your daily rituals of comfort, pleasure, and magic. You may be surprised by the systems you’ve created for yourself to thrive within, and find opportunities to expand them this season.


Page of wands

Last season may have felt both scattered and stagnant, moving through heavy emotions and working to find your sense of purpose and direction. And while vibrant, adventurous Leo season may not be the most comfortable time for you, this is a season that asks you to explore and experiment. Whether you feel new sparks of creativity or crave a chance to be more adventurous, listen to the desires of your heart and soul this season, and see where you can shake things up. Your preference for control and quiet often serve you well, but be on the lookout for new opportunities and possibilities over the coming weeks. If you’ve been daydreaming of a big change or a chance to try something new, see where you can bring that fiery energy and passion into your daily life.

Above all, be confident in the choices you make — and if you aren’t, consider what may be holding you back or causing hesitation. Pages love to start new things, and this child of fire prefers work and play that speaks to those deep, internal passions. Honor your desires and see how they can lead you to something brilliantly new.


Five of wands

You’ve been working hard and trying to stay focused on one or two larger projects, but this season may bring more distractions than you’d like. Whether you’ve been dreaming of other goals or trying to juggle too many ideas at once, this may be a season of confusion, scattered focus, or lack of movement, in spite of your constant desire to collaborate and communicate. You’re someone that thrives with multiple projects and collaborations, but too much fire scattered in too many directions can fizzle out quickly, leaving you wondering where all your inspiration went.

Take some time to pause and really consider where you want to channel all of your energy, the dreams and visions that you have for your future, and look carefully at the work and play that is taking up the bulk of your time. Are you inspired and motivated by the projects you’re juggling, or are you starting to feel burned out? Be honest with yourself about how much you can truly handle, and consider narrowing your focus to just a few creative outlets — you can always come back to the others later.



As we come out of your season of deep introspection and careful boundaries, you may find yourself at a crossroads, faced with a decision that has the potential to shift your goals and future plans. As tempting as it may be to rely solely on your intuition, this card asks you to think about the larger perspective, what is equal or fair or truthful. What is right for you may not be right for someone else, but considering how your personal ethics can shape your decision here could help you see things in a different light.

Justice may feel like a cold card of calculating precision and analysis to your sensitive self, but by taking the time to reflect on your personal values and priorities, you may find that you can make a decision that brings you clarity, purpose, and peace. Look at the big picture, and try not to let your heart completely take over as you think through what you want and how you hope to achieve it. Let your mind take the lead, and you may be surprised by where it invites you.


The Tower

Happy birthday, Leo! Yours is a season of transformation, of adventure, of shifting foundations and powerful movement. You are so often someone that is recognized for their courage and strength, that is admired for their ambition and independence, but you may find yourself caught off guard by some sudden changes or impactful revelations in the coming weeks. Whether you’ve felt something brewing on the horizon or find yourself in the midst of unexpected chaos, resist the urge to power through any pain or confusion and instead take the time to acknowledge the changes that you are experiencing. Even at your most brilliant and confident, you may still find comfort when surrounded by chosen family and friends, the people that help you feel stable and safe.

While you prefer to be in control of your circumstances, try to see this shift for what it is — a necessary and powerful transformation, the breaking of something that has needed to be broken. And while this time may feel painful or scary, give yourself plenty of space to process, and get ready to see the world through new eyes. Ultimately, this shift will be one that will help you find even more inner strength, power and magic and brilliance that you needed help to unlock.


Ten of cups

Cancer’s depths and sensitivity may have brought much-needed healing and restoration to your world, helping you recover from some major shifts and acknowledge what you need in order to move forward. And while Leo’s bravery and dramatics may not always resonate with your more measured and meticulous approach, this will be a season of connection, joy, and flowing energy. Celebrate the essential and beautiful relationships that you have built, the ways that you are able to trust and be trusted, the generosity and reciprocity and stability that you feel in your emotional life. In the midst of this transformative and powerful season, spend time with the people that you care about, and acknowledge the ways that their presence has helped you grow. Chosen family can allow us to blossom in unexpected and beautiful ways, inspiring us to connection, inspiration, and emotional journeys that we may not have found the courage to explore otherwise. Honor what you have created, take joy in the energy around you, and prepare for the start of another cycle – something new may be just around the corner.


The Chariot

While most of us will experience shifts from movement to transformation in this time of Leo, you’ll find yourself carrying the purpose and focus of the Chariot forward into a second season, potentially also sorting through the deep emotions and powerful sensitivity of Cancer season for a few more weeks. If you started an important new project or faced a transformative truth recently, you may be able to shake off any hesitations or doubts and instead move forward with confidence, power, and determination.

You have a natural inclination towards balance, so remember the lessons of Leo and use your inner strength, powerful courage, and endless inspiration to stay the course and not burn yourself out. Drive and excitement are beautiful things, but remember to give yourself space to process and chances to rest along the way. Let your powerful air balance all that intense fire, and you may be amazed by how much you can accomplish and learn this season.


Nine of cups

If last season was particularly intense or transformative, shaking your foundations and reshaping the way you view the world, you may find gentle comfort and peace during these next few weeks. Take some time and space to consider how different your goals and dreams may feel, and lean into your most important relationships and connections. In spite of how challenging the last few weeks may have been, you now have an opportunity to celebrate the chosen family you’ve built, the spiritual depths you’ve explored, the powerful emotions you’ve experienced.

This card can also speak to wishes and dreams you’re still holding, hidden longings or potential that you’ve not yet tapped. The nine of cups may be a card of contentment and comfort, but this fiery season urges adventure and inspiration, asking you to examine what you haven’t yet pursued. Use the confidence and vision of Leo to explore self-expression, to find your voice and consider bravely reaching for those secret desires. If you’ve been harboring a particular fantasy, sexual or otherwise, this may be the season to go for it.


Knight of cups

Cancer season may have been a bit uncomfortable for you, evaluating and planning rather than diving straight into your newest vision or project. But the fire of Leo season combined with the potent need to explore and understand in the knight of cups make for a rich combination, allowing you the freedom you crave to build something new or challenge something existing. Listen to your heart this season, honoring your dreams, your intuition, and your emotions as you move forward with your plans and reach for something greater. Allowing your natural fire to give creative inspiration to your more personal feelings and sensitivities may be just the combination you need for deep expression and powerful creation.

The knight of cups often points to emotional exploration, pursuing or deepening a connection, or paying extra attention to spiritual needs. Be sensitive to the desires that you feel, to any longings you may be burying, and see how you can channel all of your fire into a journey that satisfies your emotions as well as your ambitions.


Ace of swords

After so many seasons of driving ambition and powerful movement, Cancer season may have felt like a welcome (or uncomfortable) period of rest, recovery, and reflection. But you are rarely satisfied with stillness, and a new flash of truth, inspiration, or purpose will define this new season of expression and transformation. Whether a powerful idea gives you the magic you’ve been looking for or a deeper understanding of a situation alters your perceptions, Leo season will be a chance to unlock something within yourself, to find new viewpoints and perspectives, to move in an exciting and potentially unexpected direction.

Stay open to possibility, and try to give yourself space to explore and experiment, rather than immediately defining and planning out this new opportunity. If you can give yourself the room to play and dream, you may be able to create something even bigger and more powerful than you imagined. Let ideas flow freely, and see where your mind leads you.


Wheel of fortune

Cancer season may have been an exciting time for you, full of drive and exploration and adventure. And while you could find yourself slowing down a bit in Leo season, that sensation of movement and purpose will still be present. The Wheel of Fortune reminds us to remember what we can and cannot control, to be aware of our place in the bigger picture, to stay on track but be flexible enough to adapt when the unexpected happens. And while you are someone that tends to look to the future, who prefers broader perspectives rather than minute details, try not to let your awareness of what is happening around you cause you to surrender your own sense of ownership and responsibility. In those moments when you feel like a tiny cog instead of a powerful force, remember that surrender can lead to deep beauty and powerful realizations. Even if you are faced with unexpected challenges or have to deal with unintended consequences, celebrate your place in the world, your control over yourself, and your ability to navigate complex situations. Your independence and sense of purpose are powerful gifts, and will serve you well this season.


Nine of wands

Although you don’t always get recognition for your gentle reflections and powerful awareness, you’ve been moving through some intense seasons of growth and internal exploration. The work you’ve been doing, the magic you’ve been building — it’s all coming together, and this is the time to keep pushing forward with confidence and purpose. You may feel a bit drained from all of this drive and intention, longing for a chance to reflect and recover, but don’t lose sight of your goals now. Work to remember your broader vision, keeping your dreams in the forefront of your mind. Your future is in sight, but you may face another hurdle or two before you reach the finish line.

Leo may not be the most comfortable season for you, but the fire and power in the air could help you find the inspiration and ambition to keep going, reminding you of why you’re pushing so hard. Let your natural sensitivity and trusted intuition be your strength, rather than shying away from any intense emotions you may experience. Gather all of your internal magic, remember how far you’ve come, and stay the course. All of this work will pay off soon.

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  1. Every time I think the Tower is done with me, she always has another lesson to teach me.

    • the tower tends to do that! leo is such a transformative season and energy, asking us to tap into all that inner fire and see what needs to be burned away and what needs to be fed. transitions and shifts can be tough to navigate, especially when they’re unexpected, but i find that the tower ultimately brings a new perspective and an ability to move forward in a way that is deeply empowering. wishing you a magical leo season 🖤

    • ten of cups is such a beautiful energy! hope you’re able to celebrate with your amazing community, and find inspiration and inner magic that keeps you joyful. happy leo season 🖤

  2. Thanks for this – so insightful. Can you tell me what stones/crystals are in the photos? (Specifically the Taurus one) I love working with crystals and this reading is spot on!

    • thanks for reading! 🖤i tried to match each crystal with the sign it’s tied to, using stones that have significance or can offer particular assistance, while also picking options that coordinate with my constellation cards. i use the same ones every season, and here’s the list:

      aries: citrine
      taurus: fluorite
      gemini: colored moonstone
      cancer: red jasper
      leo: sunstone
      virgo: lapis lazuli
      libra: labradorite
      scorpio: obsidian
      sagittarius: banded amethyst
      capricorn: rose quartz
      aquarius: aquamarine
      pisces: amethyst

  3. The write-up for my sun sign (Leo) honestly made me cry, especially “the breaking of something that has needed to be broken.” Thank you, Meg!

    • sorry for the tears but i hope this leo season brings some beautiful transformation and powerful growth for you 🖤the tower can be intense energy but i find it’s almost always deeply necessary.

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