Queer Style: All The Small Things–Autostraddle’s Accessory Guide! (Part I)

Accessories ! is such a weird word. But they are wonderful, wonderful things. Sometimes they’re really practical, like hats in the winter — sometimes they’re really impractical, like scarves in the summer. Practicality aside, accessories can make/be the outfit or just accentuate something that already looks great. So let’s indulge a little, shall we?


Tying things around your neck looks cool. It’s like, necklaces just weren’t cutting it anymore so scarves stepped up their game. There are a number of different styles and a number of different ways to tie the different styles, but essentially they’re all variations on a theme. I really like light and airy scarves, like this one from American Eagle or even silk scarves a la Lija for springtime/summertime wearing.

And then of course you have your more heavy duty, hand-knit-retro-arcade scarves that are perfect for the winter. check these out at bits2buy.


On a related note, I’d like to introduce you to something my mother refers to as “electronic scarves”.

It’s when you wear your headphones around your neck so that cute lesbians can ask you what you were just bumpin’ and you can be like “Tegan and Sara,” and then you guys can be together forever in a whirlwind of gay autostraddling happiness. Like I’m pretty sure that’s what happened with these two:

You can try Skullcandy S6HEBZ-WB Hesh Headphone, (White/Black). These super-fly trendy motherfuckers from Panasonic. These WeSC Oboe Headphones come in every color of the rainbow!


Don’t let Avril Lavigne ruin ties for you! Or anyone else!

They are too fun and too hot for you not to wear every now and again. Narrow ties, bow ties, knit ties

The ties on the left are from Club Monaco, sneak peaking their spring 2010 collection; the ones on the right are from Baptiste Viry‘s fall/winter collection. Wear them classy, wear them casual, wear them in a box with a fox and some socks. Just do it. If we all agree that ties are ok to wear, here and now, you won’t have to worry about anyone judging you because we’ll all be on the same page! Okay?! Good, glad we had this talk.


Having a bad hair day? Wondering what you can wear to make that pocket/v-neck tee more interesting? Oh heyyyyy hats.

I know you’re all sick of me talking about fedoras…so I’ll make this quick. 1) Fedoras are cute 2) Get vintage fedoras from Trade City.

See? Done.
But hey! There are other hats out there. For instance, the slouchy beanie:

I don’t know why everyone is looking to the left. Something really exciting is probably going on over there. Maybe there’s a slouchy beanie sale. But really, these hats are pretty great. I feel like they’ve generally been a bohemian accessory, but now everrrryybody’s wearing them. Maybe because everybody is ‘bohemian’ now. I don’t know. I don’t understand style labels too much, I just think they’re cute.

Already outfitted with a fedora and a knitted beanie? Let me introduce you to another hat I wear on the reg:
These are a New Era 59Fifty X Girl Skateboards collaboration. Fitted hats are particularly fun if you like any of the following: wearing neon colors, jerking, skateboarding, getting hit on by women, wearing boxers with tight jeans, listening to hip hop…I found mine at a Zumiez, and bought it so I could Jerk better. You can probably find them online at some such skateboard store or maybe you should take this time to re-activate your eBay account.

Of course, these are just a few of the many, many, hats out there. Top hats, paper sailor hats, Peruvian/ski hats, those super-warm, please-don’t-be-real-animal-fur, bomber/hunter/other words associated with violence hats… you should probably just stick something on your head if you don’t know what else to do with your outfit. It generally works.


Geek chic has been a thing since… well, I don’t really know, but there have been various little trends that have picked up on the awesome appeal of glasses; and if you’re like me, you’re thankful. Cause sometimes contacts get annoying. Anyway we know how much you all love a girl in glasses. So why not be that girl? If you lack poor eyesight, there are still options for you.

You have those emo roll-overs that I guess now are re-inventing themselves as nerdy hipster glasses by becoming slightly bigger.

That in turn led to the hipster/preppy combo going around thanks in part to J Crew pimping out geek glasses at some eye-brow-raising prices. At this point you kind of go from looking nerdy to just plain academic.

Of late I’ve been rocking horn-rimmed harry potter-esque glasses. Excuse the ridiculous face, New Jersey had just been all like “FUCK YOU GAY MARRIAGE”.

Who knows what the future of glasses will hold?

Oh wait, I do. It’s this:

Yes, book hats will be popular, too. Also, I think the girl on the right is trying to take dizzy bat to the next level. Just sayin’.
COMING SOON: Belts, bags, watches, jewelry, and more! Happy accessorizing y’all!

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I'm Becky. I write about style because I think anybody can look great and I think everybody usually does. I'm into self-expression. I'm into being expressive. When I'm not writing about style for Autostraddle I'm usually trying to make a film. I'm also a dancer, so I will Gahu with you anytime, anywhere.

Becky has written 23 articles for us.


    • DON”T GET THEM. I bought them a few months ago. After three weeks, the headphone jack got stuck in my computer and now my speakers don’t work b/c the repair price is ridic. They look super cute and I got complimented on them all the time but they WILL destroy whatever you plug them into.

  1. not gonna lie, wearing a broken electronic scarf around last year earned me the infamous title of ‘that lesbian with the headphones.’ IT ALL WORKS.

  2. Skullcandy definitely makes the best headphones for the price range. I have a $30 pair and they sound great, and almost as important, they have lasted almost a year now. Which is like at least 2 years in normal-person headphone time. I beat the shit out of my headphones.

    • Sound quality is pretty crap compared to the rest of the market, actually. Panasonic DJ 120 (or 100 or 200 or anywhere in that mix) are cheaper and have a much better sound – they just don’t have the flashy colors.

    • Yeah, gotta agree with Dot – not so much. I had a pair of their earbuds that thoroughly self-destructed within a few months. They’re seriously cute, but pretty crap.

      I don’t go in for over-the-head phones much, but my Creative earbuds own my face.

    • Trufax, Dina. I’ve gone through two pairs of Skullcandy headphones – they collectively lasted just under 4 months :/ I’ve had my Sennheiser PX 200s for nearly twice that time and they were definitely worth the price. The sound quality is superb for a pair of portable cans; they fold (which is handy); and they’re white so as electronic scarves go, they look pretty snazzy ;D

    • i got my pair of skullcandies almost four years ago. Boxing day (non canadians, thats the day after christmas)so they were, like, a billion percent off. I’m really really hard on my headphones also, so four years is something close to a lifetime for regular folks.

  3. Fuck book-hats. Check out the book bra on the first lady!
    That’s a thing of beauty to a homosexy bibliophile such as myself. Rowr.

      • ROFLOL I’ve been laughing about those books for never mind I can’t stop and it’s getting painful!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH and the bat!!!!!!!

  4. A: almost bought one of those headphones this past weekend. ALSO I do not recommend skullcandy they suck. I used my headphones constantly and like within a day they died– and to several other people this happened as well.

    B: just bought a skinny tie FTW too bad it was cheap, so it “folds” easily wish I had some money to get a nicer skinny tie. so yeah if you’re looking for a tie get nice material otherwise it will “fold” when you try to knot it.

    C: IMHO I think summer-scarves are just dumb. Maybe it’s because I’m from the south and can’t think of why you’d want to sweat more and on your neck– more importantly if you’re gonna let a lucky lady nuzzle or kiss it.

    D: SUDDENLY Woody Allen Glasses are cool. More importantly glasses are cool and big ones too. Why couldn’t it of been this way when I was a kid and was incessantly taunted for wearing glasses darn it!?!?

    • re: expensive skinny ties. here’s what you need to do. go through your dad/boy friend’s closet and ask him if he’ll give you his old ones. all you have to do to make them skinny is seamrip the seam on the back of the fat part, iron the tie to the width you want it, cut off the extra, and sew a quick little new seam. this works even if you’re not crafty because no one can see if you sew it poorly. easy peasy!

  5. Ugh, seeing the Wesc and Skullcandy headphones made me overwhelmed with feelings. I am THE 24-7 Skullcandy headphone-wearing Samurai. I also love the Beats by Dre headphones but I damn near had to donate my liver to get those shits. Well worth it though, I don’t drink that much anyway.

  6. P.S. This post embodies everything that I hold near and dear to my little (big) lesbian heart. Now if only we could get a style post on KICKS. Such as, Dunks, Blazers, Jordans, Pumas, Hybrids, Supras, Air Forces etc. all will be right in the world. AutoStraddle if you need a sneaker aficionado… *anxiously points to self*

  7. Beautiful selections, but I’m pretty sure you’re breaking some sort of unspoken queer rule by forgetting to mention the Heartbeats headphones by Lady Gaga. Watch out, the little monster mafia may be coming for you very soon.

    • Oh no not the Little Monster Mafia D:

      But, the Heartbeats are pretty adorable, even though I can’t afford them hahah.

  8. I *think* I need a skinny tie, but I just don’t know that I’d wear it. Howevs- I will wear the SHIT out of some scarves. I bet I’ve bough a dozen in the last two months. I really like Old Navy for scarves. Under $15, tons of colors and fabrics, and they have lots of solid tees that match.
    I can’t wait for book hats. It will be so easy to prejudge people based on what book they choose to wear. Like, you can judge a person by the cover of her book hat. Genius.

    • “It will be so easy to prejudge people based on what book they choose to wear. Like, you can judge a person by the cover of her book hat. Genius.”

      Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing!

  9. Call me a nerd if you will, but I would SO marry a girl if I saw her running around with a book hat ala the pictures in this group. That’s the way to show nerd pride!!! Also, I do the headphone thing a lot. Lest I go through music withdrawal.

  10. That model is giving me a lot of confusing feelings about bowties that I have never been aware of before. Also oh man slouchy hats, you are so good for when I do not want to shower <3

    • Agreed. I always sport the slouchy hat when I really don’t feel like washing my hair. Except my long hair always tangles right at the nape of my neck when I wear them! Ugh.

  11. I can’t lie, Avril did ruin ties for me for a while (I sadly put mine away when she started wearing them with tank tops) but in the last year or so I’ve started wearing them again. Avril be damned.

  12. So in your skateboard hat thing it says “if you like any of the follow getting hit on by women,” I am wondering does looking more stereotypically gay make you more noticeable to girls? would you actually get hit on? I know it would probably stop the guys from hitting on you which is good, but does it increase in girls?
    I ask this because im wondering about cutting my hair short because im sick of people assuming im straight.

    • Good question; I think I can only speak from experience, I just know If I was passing a girl on the street, (I may think she’s straight I may not), that hat would make me do a double take if I wanted to see if I had a chance with her. It would be some kind of sign, she’d probably be into skateboarding or girls or dressing fun all of which are things I like and all of which would make me want to talk/hit on her.

      That hat serves to give clues about a personality and to fit a personal style–what people do with that information is up to them!

    • what becky said is most def right as she is our in house expert.

      i personally feel that the short hair works — at least it cuts down on being hit on by random guys on the street from a distance (which might not be a problem if you don’t live in a big city).

      but i think style, and accessories, as Becky has mentioned here, are all pretty serious queer indicators. I feel like my friends and I are constantly assessing the homosexuality of passers-by based on things like hats, ties, haircut, nails, wristcuff, tegan & sara tattoo, etc.

    • I have a rainbow friendship bracelet I used to wear all the time. (I have a gf now, so I don’t care if people know about my glittering homofabulousness or not) It was definitely a good thing that let people know I was gay, since I don’t dress/look like a stereotypical lez.

  13. fitted hats are my favorite. seeing as i don’t like my hair cut much and dont know how i want it done, hats are a must have for me. never worn a fedora, but i want one. real bad.

  14. Hey AS, this talk about jerkin hats got me thinking. Can we have a user dance party/competition via Youtube submissions?

  15. How about this hat?

    This one I wear often, and affectionately call it “the gay hat”. It’s black pinstripe, as opposed to that fun brown color.

  16. I really want the blue Addidas ski hat that Amy Williams (who won GOLD for us in the bob skeleton..yay!!)keeps wearing. Side note, loving the Olympics, not only for all the action, but for all the really cute winter sport women competing, so worth staying up into the early hours to watch, hehe!!

  17. “It’s when you wear your headphones around your neck so that cute lesbians can ask you what you were just bumpin’ and you can be like “Tegan and Sara,” and then you guys can be together forever in a whirlwind of gay autostraddling happiness.”
    I own a pair of gold/brown Skullcandy Ti’s and this is what I fantasize will happen every day when I leave the house. To the tee.

    It may be time for Shane to give up the skinny ties but I want one.

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