Hot Girl Gallery: Girls Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses

Helloooo lesbians, queers, bisexuals and allies. If you’ve ever had to store a bottle of contact solution in your medicine cabinet just in case she spends the night; you know a girl who at least oughtta be wearing glasses. Once upon a time, someone said “men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.” That was clearly someone’s Mom who didn’t want their kid to accidentially get pregnant so she was going to take away her daughter’s super-hawt glasses-power. Don’t let that happen to you. Turkey basters are forever. Actually Dorothy Parker said it and she was overall a pretty kickass woman, maybe she had too much opium that day.

We present the newest Auotstraddle Girl Gallery — HOT GIRLS IN GLASSES.


We found many of these photos all over the web, including and cockygold.

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    • It is DEFINITELY my new happy place. Autostraddle was already my homepage, but now two tabs open so I can see the new stories and go directly to this.

      My only fear is that I will never get around to opening any other sites. “What email you sent me last week? Was Shane in it? Was I supposed to care?”

    • a-ha. that’s what we get for searching through our database of images without paying attention to which ones came from the trans/genderqueer gallery we’re working on for next week. ugh, gendered words.

  1. love love love this. especially being a 24/7 glasses girl myself. i don’t even own contacts. i totally could, but cant resist the compliments on my glasses all the time that they’ve become part of me. i’ve worn them in the shower for a good 3 minutes before noticing. yea…it’s pretty bad.

    • Haha, this has happened to me before, too. When I was living with three dudes last year, our place was pretty grungy. I got in the shower one day with my glasses on and was like “JESUS! how did the shower get this dirty since yesterday?” and then I realized I was wearing my glasses and it was always that disgusting. Gross. I cleaned it that afternoon. With my glasses on.

  2. Girls in glasses are so freaking hot. I just… I can’t even. Like woah. We can has girls in glasses and boyshorts next? Or is that too much concentrated hot in one gallery?

  3. This is a good post. Thanks!

    One thing that stands out to me, though, is that I really can’t stand how some girls on lookbook stand. Really peeves me. You know, that crouchy bendy, knees pointed inwards thing they often do. Stop. Please. Please stop.

  4. I thought it was a curse, when prior to leaving for college the DMV said I must get my eyes checked (no wonder I had so many headaches in high school)…
    Now, almost fifteen years later I love the fact that I wear glasses…
    I will never convert to contacts (the thought of me poking my finger into my eye is just an icky thought).
    For those who yearn to wear them but have perfect vision…do like my other half and by the frames with non prescription lenses.

  5. I’ve always had a thing for glasses. I swear, girls with glasses are just so much hotter. I’m not really sure why that is. :) This was a wonderful gallery, though, I especially love that Scarlett picture and the one of Thora Birch (Ghost World FTW!)

    I’m a proud glasses-wearer!

  6. I got glasses in seventh grade and i look damn good ever since. Just kidding. I didn’t start looking good until high school. I probably have not even started to look good, i’m just under some high school haze that makes me think i’m lookin foxy.
    Good pictures :) loved Thora Birch. She’s wonderful. AND SHANE. LOVE SHANE. mmm and Sarah Shahi.
    NSFW Sunday is a very good birthday present, as it is mine today :D

  7. I’ve had glasses since I was seven. Does that make me like… super hot? I only wear them part time though. They kind of suck when you’re trying to play sports/exercise. So I got contacts. This way I can wear cute sunglasses. They’re still glasses, right?

  8. The picture of the girl with the violin, who is that and where is that picture from?

    i used to put contacts in whenever i went for a night on the town, but recently i haven’t, mostly because i usually forget. it’s good to get some autostraddle attractiveness affirmation.

    thanks for the pics of gorgeous girls:)

  9. recently i came out of closet , i am 30 years old. i needed glasses since i was 16-17 years old. I had boyfriends, i found 2 things about guys they liked long hair and disliked glasses. So when came out, I did 2 things (1) shaved my head and got myself glasses ( it feels so good to see) and girlfriends love the way look

  10. Absolutely love this!! I can’t explain it but I have always found girls in glasses incredibly sexxxy! First time I saw Lisa Loeb with her big glasses I wanted to reach out and kiss her….and don’t get me started on Tina Fey!!!

    Maybe its a whole confidence thing…confident enough to feel they don’t need contacts….I can’t explain…..

    I can also attest first hand that girls who wear glasses make the best lovers!!!!!

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