Queer Outfit of the Week: First Snow Day

Welcome to Queer Outfit of the Week where I scour the world and tell you all about my one favorite queer outfit this week. I’ll envision a scenario where you or your girlfriend or your best friend or your mom or your cat could wear it and talk all about why it’s a great outfit for that event. Every week will be a different style, gender presentation and event so there’s a little something for everyone — even the person who just wants to look at pictures of stylish queers! So let’s get to it — we’re going to figure out what the heck we’re going to wear this week!

Winter is here! Seriously guys! Right this very moment there is snow on the ground and in our hearts. I, for one, suited up in my favorite inclement weather look. Sure I’d rather have been curled up under a down blanket by the heater, but I’ve got big plans and business to attend to. Work, school, errands and, yes, eventually home. All in the drifts of the first snow shower of the season. Plus, I’ve finally perfected the look for just such a day! All day I walked around thinking that I wanted to share with the world my most perfect early winter snowy day outfit. But where on earth was I going to find a queer girl wearing my exact outfit willing to take pictures and post them on Autostraddle.com? Oh.

Check out my cute hat

Check out my cute hat

The secret to this look is that while you appear stylish and practical, it’s actually also the snuggliest outfit ever! Yes, I am willing to go on the record saying this is the snuggliest outfit ever. That’s why it’s just perfect for a snow day!

Start with your comfy basics: a merino wool sweater and fleece-lined leggings. I want to reiterate that the leggings should be fleece-lined to maximize warmth. Starting with warm comfy basics is essential as you want to be able to seamlessly be able to come inside from a blistering winter wonderland and curl up with a pot of tea.

Your next stop on this cute/practical/snuggly journey is accessories that can be worn indoors or outdoors. While you probably can’t get away with wearing your mittens indoors, a beanie is the classic all-the-time outdoor hat. Plus, in the words of Vanessa, “The perfect slouchy hat can read really gay.” The big secret, however, is these rain boots: they’re lined with shearling. In lieu of these specific boots, however, any fleece lined rain boots are great for early winter when you don’t want your feet to sweat in heavy snow boots.

Brrrr. It's cold in here. There must be some queers in the atmosphere.

Brrrr. It’s cold in here. There must be some queers in the atmosphere.

If you decide to venture out into the snow, I recommend a hooded wool coat. While I’m sure that most of you have wool coats you’re already attached to, I particularly like wool for early winter. Down just gets too sweaty for me when the weather is above 10 degrees fahrenheit. Plus the hood keeps the snow out of your eyes!

If you’re looking for something a bit more butch or center of center, straight leg black jeans with more masculine boots and gloves are easy changes. On the other hand if you want to access your inner femme or dress the look up a bit you can swap the V-neck sweater for a mid-calf sweater dress.

Whether you’re braving the snow or just watching it fall on your computer you gotta do it in style. Keep things narrow cut and fleece lined and you definitely won’t be sorry– or cold!

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  1. Okay, I’ve been looking for cute sweaters exactly like that! But $93 is waaaay too much to spend on something so simple and every-day! Anyone have suggestions for something similar and cheaper?

  2. I wish I could say it gets cold enough here to wear such an outfit, or actually look good in it, but both of would be a partial lie.

  3. i am deeply in love with this post, and with lizz as a person, and with slouchy hats. i stand by my quote in this article, the perfect slouchy hat can read as SO GAY.

    • I had the BEST slouchy hat. A girl I was seeing briefly left it at my house one night and soon afterward things turned awkward/frosty/if she shows up here tell her I’m in Yemen. I wanted to return it but, well, I’m an asshole

      Anyway, my ill gotten gains served to dyke-up even the most girly outfits for several months but then I got drunk and left it at a festival bar.

      Let’s hope the wheel kept turning and some dyke somewhere is gaying up her look as we speak.

  4. Flannel-lined skinny jeans are also great if you don’t want to wear leggings but want the extra layer!!

    Plus it’s flannel so…

  5. Love this! But, I just don’t understand the slouchy hats. I think they are adorable, don’t get me wrong. But for the love of pete I can’t ever find one that doesn’t slouch itself right off my head in 2.5 seconds. Am I doing it wrong? Is my head shaped weird? Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me?

    • I feel your pain! See my comment above re: acquiring one from a girl I was seeing, then losing it. That was the only time I’ve found one that works for me no matter how hard I look. It’s really difficult to find one that’s slouchy enough to sit the way you want it to but still has enough stretch to actually stay on your head.

  6. Now in Winnipeg, you take that, throw on a parka, snowpants and a balaclava and you might be warm if you stay outside for less than 5 minutes.

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