Queer Horoscopes for March 2020: Pisces Season Takes Us Into the Dreamworld

Here we are in Pisces season — that time when we’re still clinging to hibernation and the dreamworld before the Sun moves to Aries and we get restless to move and make things happen. Pisces season is usually a time for turning inward, connecting with our dreams and visions and fantasies, and large social events may feel overwhelming. Smaller hangs at home, though, are usually pretty sweet, and this month brings us a few interesting guests. The first is Venus in Taurus, which is one of the sweetest and most sensual placements for this planet to be. This is the kind of guest who brings homemade cookies, extra cozy blankets, and some gorgeous clothes they’re giving away. With Venus in Taurus, we’re all more aware of our desire for beauty, comfort, and physical connection. Beware late night shopping on the internet, though, as Pisces dreamworld collides with the Taurean desire for all the nice things! In general, though, this influence helps smooth and soothe our relationships, reminding us how nice it is to be freaky animals together and feed each other grapes and whatnot.

The energy shifts later in the month as the Sun moves into Aries (movement! courage! impulsive making out!) and Saturn, the leather-daddy of the cosmos, moves into Aquarius — the sign of all things queer, liberated, rebellious, and unorthodox. Aquarius rules our relationship to the collective — our social movements, our group activities, our sense of ourselves as part of a community or a generation or a species. Saturn spends about two and a half years in each sign, and this year marks the transition from Capricorn to Aquarius, with this month being the first time Saturn dips a toe into Aquarius in almost 30 years. For those of you born in 1991, this marks the official beginning of your Saturn return! For all of us, this month gives us a taste of how our priorities will shift in the coming years.

As a houseguest, Saturn really wants to know the rules and help do the dishes. It’s the part of ourselves that understands responsibility — a big theme of this year and last year. In Aquarius, Saturn asks us how we understand our responsibility to the collective, to our social worlds, to our ideals, to our rebellious and inventive natures? The last time Saturn moved through Aquarius, we saw the end of the Cold War, the end of apartheid in South Africa, and an end to the US military occupation of the Philippines. Without knowing how this next round will unfold, we can expect a collective reckoning with what we owe to each other to create conditions for mutual liberation. This is a big shift during a time when resistance is more vital than ever and also seems harder to imagine.

Saturn in Aquarius reminds us that our personal lives aren’t separate from our political lives, even if we don’t consider ourselves “political.” As queers, our freedom to love who we love and create chosen families is a highly political issue, whether we like it or not. For all of us, our homework this month is to luxuriate in the kinds of pleasures that help us feel relaxed and ready for what comes next — and then as the energy shifts on the 22nd, to start taking seriously our relationship to our personal freedom and collective freedom.
I’m only seeing clients in the second half of this month, so book now if you want to see me in March! For a deeper dive into the astrology of this month, join me on Patreon. Just $2 a month gets you extra horoscope content every month, and for $10 or more you’ll be entered into regular drawings for free readings. As always, read the Venus and Moon signs first, if you know them, and good luck with the sweet + serious energy of this month!


Your restlessness, my dear friend, is legendary and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. You can get unstuck faster than many, and there are a lot of situations worth leaving. But this month brings some stickiness into the mix — a slow, fixed, stabilizing energy. How does this feel for you? Are you already feeling anxious and heading for the door? Or is some exhausted part of you cheering for a chance to rest? Don’t worry—it won’t last too long. Use this month to tend to your garden, literally or metaphorically. It’s a time to cultivate and nourish, not necessarily a time for impulsive road trips or whirlwind romances. And on the 22nd, when Saturn moves into Aquarius, what you’re learning now will help you focus on what you’re trying to practice in all your relationships: ethical and liberating forms of love.

Relax into: Stability and comfort.
Get real about: In bell hooks’ words, love as a practice of freedom.


You may have a reputation for enjoying the lush life, when you can. Even if other parts of you fight against it, there’s a part of you that loves to luxuriate. This urge will be extra strong for you this month, which could be oh-so-beautiful, or could get in the way of the need to work and focus. If this is a busy month for you, make an oasis of time in every week, or every day, or every hour, where you can deepen into some kind of stillness, beauty, and joy. Allowing yourself this as a solo practice will strengthen all your relationships, and as Saturn switches gears on the 22nd you’ll start growing into some larger ambitions. So make sure you’re well rested, but not half-asleep!

Relax into: Self-love and where it leads you.
Get real about: Making an impact where it matters.


This month brings you an interesting puzzle, and — spoiler alert — you don’t get to solve it yet. Rather, this is a time for imagination. If you get easily frustrated when you don’t know what to do, practice breathing into the part of your body that tenses up. Then send some compassion to the part of your mind that is running in impatient circles. Then imagine something entirely different that makes you happy. Repeat. What is happening right now is you’re learning to trust time and your internal processes. What are you learning from your dreams right now? Limit external distractions as much as you can so you can really turn your inner ear to those low, slow voices giving you hints in a language you can almost understand. When Saturn moves into Aquarius, it’s time to start planning your next big move, but remember you can start to plan without jumping ahead to the end.

Relax into: Not needing to know the answers.
Get real about: Growing into your potential.


You’re carrying some heaviness in your heart — from your personal pain, from the world’s pain, from a variety of sources — and now is a beautiful time to let it flow out of you. When we remember how to mourn, we remember how to celebrate — and this is a month that offers deeply restorative joys. Be in connection, as much as you can. Cry together. Hold each other. Watch what happens after, when there’s room for laughter again. Your heart knows how to do this, if your mind will let it. Just make the time, call on your buddies, and make it happen. As Saturn switches signs on the 22nd, you’ll be answering a call to go more deeply into healing of some kind. Listen and notice.

Relax into: Sincerity and hope.
Get real about: Moving through old pain and reaching healing.


The energy of this month isn’t the easiest for you, my warm-hearted friend. You want connection, you want recognition, and you want to be where the action is. This month brings inwardness and assessment, both healing energies, but they won’t feel exactly comfortable. Especially if you feel your loved ones pull inward and away from connection — yow! So, there’s a softening available to you about how much you’re taking on. The more you attempt, the more you’ll need personal support to bolster you. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just the mathematics of being human, and it’s especially true for Leo. If your support systems are less available, pull back from what you can offer others. Meanwhile, as Saturn begins to oppose your sign on the 22nd, it’s a beautiful time to get those loved ones talking. Your job? Just listen.

Relax into: Knowing you’ll be able to handle responsibilities with grace.
Get real about: Listening to what your friends and partners are offering.


The good news this month is that you get to say yes to your desire for new horizons and new experiences. The bad news is that when you say yes to something new, you have no idea what will happen. You can run risk assessment models, game out everything you can, and you’ll still just have to live into the future with optimism and discernment. So brush up on those skills, my friend, for they can complement each other but you tend to use only one at a time. Meanwhile, Saturn moving into Aquarius on the 22nd brings questions of how you’re using your energy for care—or how you’re letting it be used. How do you decide who you offer support to?

Relax into: Your willingness to accept an adventure.
Get real about: Who and what receives your devotion, and why.


What a gorgeous month for you, Libra! Relationships are front and center for you right now, and the hard work you have to do to deepen into them won’t feel as hard right now. Sometimes conflict or negotiations can feel like you’re being poked too hard in sensitive places — this month, these interactions can feel more like a deep-tissue massage: loving, focused, and deep enough to move some things around, but leaving you feeling more whole afterwards. So take a risk to talk about what you haven’t said yet, and make space for it to be a way to deepen into intimacy. As Saturn switches signs, you’ll be called to consider what you have to offer to your world — what unique skill or talent you’re being asked to develop. Don’t be shy, you’ve got something worth sharing!

Relax into: Intimacy that reshapes you as you heal.
Get real about: Reconnecting with your creative side.


Let’s talk about trust, Scorpio. It’s a hot issue for you this month, but when isn’t it? There are so many ways trust can fall apart, and you’ve experienced enough to be wary. So have we all, to be honest, but some people plunge forward with utter optimism anyway — not you. You hope for the best, expect the worst, and are trying to game out every scenario to make sure you really know what’s happening. In this month focused on pleasure and relaxing, your question for yourself is: who is it easy to relax with? Which BFFS or lovers or platonic life-partners keep holding you through it all? Celebrate this kind of love this month, and as Saturn asks what you’re trying to believe in on the 22nd, tell her you’re trying to feel at home in your body and your relationships.

Relax into: Trusting your ride-or-die relationships to keep you grounded.
Get real about: Learning what you need to feel at home.


The pace of life is sweet for you right now, and it’s an excellent time to take a vacation, see longlost friends, or reconnect with a sweetheart. Even if you travel, you’ll want to be tuned in to your own daily patterns to feel fully present where you are. This month brings stabilizing energy and a chance to connect with people face-to-face rather than in the abstract. Prioritize what feels good for your body, whether that’s daily exercise or letting yourself sleep in. As Saturn moves into Aquarius on the 22nd, start thinking about how to communicate with someone you’d love to be closer to, especially if it’s been hard to find the right language.

Relax into: The daily rhythms of your life.
Get real about: Finding the words you need for an important conversation.


You have more energy than most right now, and it may be a blessing or a curse. Things that felt certain last month are a little blurrier right now, so even as you feel motivated to make changes, you’re not positive which changes to make. Let yourself rest some right now, even if relaxing means being creative in different ways—throwing yourself into a non-work project counts. As Saturn moves away from your sign, you may feel relieved or oddly light-headed, like a familiar weight is gone. What shifts for you at the end of the month is all about your sense of self-worth: how do you show up in relationships with a clear sense of who you are, not just what you can offer?

Relax into: Sharing more of your inner brilliance with the outer world.
Get real about: Knowing what (and who) you value, and why.


You, my friend, are in for an interesting time this month. For the first few weeks, your focus is on chosen family — the people you love and can’t live without (even when you find them exasperating). Freedom and commitment are two poles you’re moving between a lot right now, and only you know where the balance needs to fall. As Saturn moves into your sign on the 22nd, expect to be more aware of obstacles and problems that need solving, but with luck you’ll be ready to tackle them. This is the time to scheme and brainstorm, to gather data and assess needs, not necessarily the time to have it all figured out yet. Stay focused on the future you want to create.

Relax into: The support of chosen family and the people you call home.
Get real about: Visioning and planning your next big step.


Sweet Pisces, please turn off your alarm clock. There is no need to rush right now. It can be hard sometimes to tell the difference between restorative rest and depressive stagnation — I encourage you to solve this problem not by forcing yourself to move when you don’t want to, but by asking yourself: Could I be enjoying this more? If you’re lying in bed, are you in the most comfortable position? Do you have enough blankets? Do you have water nearby? Would you feel better if you stretched? If you get up to stretch, are you hungry? Maybe a snack would feel good? This is how to move through this month, my friend, with curiosity about what could feel even better. And this is your homework for your relationships, too — make time to explore what kinds of intimacy might be a little sweeter right now.

Relax into: Rambling conversations that take you to unexpectedness tenderness and insight.
Get real about: Your need to value yourself for more than your productivity.

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  1. I feel like turning 28 put me out of the daze I was living in and I’ve been working actively to feel better in both my personal and professional lives.
    I’m turning 30 this year and so far Saturn’s return has been challenging in the most uplifting ways. I feel really ready to show up to it with what I’ve accomplished

  2. Rereading this a few months later is WILD. March 22, that movement of Saturn, is when the UK went into lockdown. All that sense of collective responsibility…well, well, well. I often like to look back at old horoscopes to see how things played out, but this is genuinely fascinating.

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