Pop Culture Fix: Gina Rodriguez Is Playing Stephanie Beatriz’s Girlfriend on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, THIS IS NOT A DRILL

After months spent lobbying for the job, it appears Gina Rodriguez really truly finally has been cast as Rosa Diaz’s girlfriend on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Terry Crews posted a picture from the set of the show (which has since been deleted) and it showed him and Steph Beatriz and Gina and that’s really all the confirmation even TV Line needs.

Meet Laura’s girlfriend from the final season of Hulu’s Casual.

The Heathers reboot has been pretty universally loathed by critics and now Paramount has decided to put a pin in it due to the Parkland school shooting.

The trailer for Evan Rachel Wood’s Allure is here.

A 9 to 5 reboot with Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda is in the works?????

Vulture wonders why there are so many bisexuals on TV all of a sudden. This is an interesting read but my main takeaway is New York Magazine is a believer in Eleanor and Tahani’s love. Behold: “…Eleanor Shellstrop low-key lusting for Tahani…”

Evan Rachel Wood, Kelly Marie Tran played “Guess Who? #MeToo” for Funny or Die.

Lena Waithe signed a major deal with Sight Unseen Pictures.

Trace Lysette wrote an op-ed for Variety about speaking up against Jeffrey Tambor on the set of Transparent.

The internet had a lot of takes on the ending of Annihilation but io9 had my favorite one: Annihilation Is Actually a Warning About How Dangerous the World of Pokémon Really Is

Over at IndieWire: Everything you need to know about season two of The Handmaid’s Tale.

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  1. I need Gina to play a sweet femmy-femme. And then when she finds out that Rosa is playing the field, she cleans tough girl Rosa’s clock. I don’t want her to savagely beat Rosa. Just yell at Rosa in front of the squad, have Rosa take her into another room, there’s a lot of banging on walls, the squad is like “Oh, no. What is Rosa doing to her?”, Gina walks out of the room and leaves, then Rosa comes out with a black eye. “Yeah…..so….Gina and I decided to break up.”

      • In one storyline, Rosa threatened to violently murder her coworkers and then commit suicide if anything happened to her dog. In another she talked in her sleep about threatening violence to her grandmother. What I described is exactly in line with both “Brooklyn 99″‘s and in particular the character of Rosa Diaz’s brand of humor.

        • I think the difference is that Rosa loves to threaten bodily harm to people, but (IIRC) has never actually hurt a member of the team/someone she loves. I think part of the joke there is that she’s terrifying but also a big softie.

          I get where you’re coming from though, and I’d also love to see them play with expectations — e.g. Gina seems to be soft and sweet but turns out to be a total badass too when they end up in a crime scene/dangerous situation somehow, or maybe the team expects Gina to freak out when she finds out Rosa is dating other people, because she seems prissy or whatever, but she actually knows all about it and is like “yeah, she’s so hot, everyone wants to date her *they high five*”. So far the writers have done a great job overturning expectations and playing with tropes (e.g. Terry having feminine interests despite being a straight man who looks like a body-builder, the Captain overturning so many gay male stereotypes), so I am excited to see what they do with this!

          • That would be a difference, but Rosa has violently attacked her co-workers for laughs. I don’t remember the exact scene, but she’s frustrated about something, says that she’ll hit the next person that talks to her, Mike (or Sully) says, “Hi”, and then she hits him. And it’s not a playful punch either.

  2. So, I need to ask, will the 2nd season of The Handmaid’s Tale have a little more coverage here?

    Moira’s Samira Wiley will be around big time, Alexis Bledel was made a regular for this season and it seems Clea Duvall will play her wife.

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