Pop Culture Fix: Delta Airing Depressing No-Lesbian-Kissing Version of Carol and Other Crucial Stories

Welcome to your pop culture fix! Today we’re going to be focusing mostly on ginger ale culture, which is really just its very own beast.

+ If you get on a Delta flight and want to watch Carol, I have bad news for you: it’s a VERY incomplete and far inferior version of Carol than you can see at sea level, because there is NO TONGUE. Or you could just sit next to Heather Hogan, who prefers watching it on her laptop, to mixed results:

+ The trailer for Season Three of Transparent is here — and I would like to crush your excitement by revealing that Tig Notaro, Carrie Brownstein, and Melora Hardin will not be back for Season Three. Looks like Ali is still sleeping with Cherry Jones, though!

+ And here’s a new trailer for Rocky Horror starring Laverne Cox and Adam Lambert!


+ You can watch the first episode of Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher‘s new TV show Take My Wife right now on Vox! I enjoyed it and felt captivated throughout.

+  On Quinn/Rachel in UnREAL: “Quinn knows that Rachel is the only person who can keep up with her, so she’s desperate to keep her close — and vice versa. These women walk around through their jobs and their lives carrying a deep intellectual loneliness. If they didn’t have one another, that solitude would be crushing. This is what makes Quinn and Rachel (platonically) in love with each other.”

+ Speaking of UnREAL, I caught the last few minutes of Devious Maids’s season finale on Lifetime on Monday ’cause it was on before UnREAL, and although I know nothing about Devious Maids and have never seen it before, I felt like the part in the last 5 minutes where one of the women goes on a date with another woman was perhaps a gift unto me.

+ What Bollywood Movies Mean to a South Asian Queer Woman Dealing with Mental Health Issues

+ Nike just aired its first-ever ad with a transgender athlete!

Sarah Paulson will be in Season 6 of American Horror Story.

+ American Crime Story, which just finished up their first season of The People Vs. OJ Simpson, the best show of all time, will be tackling Hurricane Katrina for their next season. I REALLY hope they hire some black writers!

Samira Wiley’s role in You’re the Worst is “therapist.”

+ Queer actress and DIY queen Jasika Nicole wrote for a really good website about her ‘coming out to herself’ journey.

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  1. How fantastic is Take My Wife??? So fantastic! Also, if you’ve already watched the pilot and need a little more Cameron and Rhea in your life before the whole season is available tomorrow, may I suggest you listen to their recent guest appearance on Comedy Bang Bang? Super funny.

    Also also! How great is that Nike commercial?

  2. Sadly, the Devious Maids development isn’t great — basically Susan Lucci’s character was sitting in a therapist’s waiting room with Sharon Lawrence’s character, and Sharon was talking about how much better her life is because, as a lesbian, she doesn’t have to deal with “male egos.” So Susan (Genevieve) decides to give lesbianing a try since she keeps getting her heart broken by men.

    I guess it’s cute because of the players involved but it is that old icky stereotype of “oh I wish I were a lesbian because men are jerks!”

    A shame about Transparent getting rid of 3 of its more breath-of-fresh-air characters.

  3. I watched The Kids Are All Right again on a plane last month while sitting next to an older couple who had already been sneery and disapproving and there was more sex than I remembered in it and I was just waiting for them to tell a flight attendant I was watching homosexual pornography. (I mean, aside from the fact that the lesbian sex is basically just a bunch of blankets moving around and the sex that looks sex-y is with a dude.)

  4. You know what makes me SUPER upset about the ‘censorship’ of Carol and the comments about Carol being ‘homosexual pornography’ during Heather’s flight?

    The fact that when I go to airport news stands, they have Playboys for sale.

    Who is buying these magazines, and where are they taking them? On an airplane? Are you telling me there could be heterosexual pornography on my flight?! (What if I buy the magazine, as a cis-fem, does it become ‘homosexual pornography?!) I’m just in such a state of shock. Who knew this was happening? Are there any R-rated movies available on my flight? Do they show heterosexual kissing?!

    Also just found out that air rage (which is not like road rage, where pilots are raging at pilots in other planes, but apparently is when airline passengers and crew are angry or violent), increases in liklihood if you have to walk by a first class section. I blame first class for all of this homophobic censorship rage; it’s probably because we can’t use their bathroom for our Playboy reading.

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