Playlist: Moving from Somewhere Old to Somewhere New

Sometimes moving is sad, and sometimes moving is bittersweet, and sometimes you are so ready to burn [insert your city of no-longer-choice] to the ground behind you on your way to the future. This playlist is for those times.


We Gotta Get Out of This Place – The Animals
Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen
Movin’ Out – Billy Joel
Light Enough to Travel – The Be Good Tanyas
A Place Called Home – Kim Richey
Grow Up and Blow Away – Metric
Out of Range – Ani DiFranco
On The Road to Find Out – Cat Stevens
Speeding Cars – Imogen Heap
Never Going Back Again – Fleetwood Mac
Lucky Town – Bruce Springsteen

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    You have no idea how relevant this playlist is to me at the moment!
    Will be playing this ridiculously loudly as I move the hell out of this homophobic rental house!

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      Now I just have an image of a passive aggressive house that just makes really snide remarks whenever you have sex with a woman.

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    When I left Atlanta for L.A., I swear I heard Joe Cuba’s El Pito on repeat for about an hour.

    This is a pretty great list for those times.

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    I made my own version of this a month ago. There was definitely some Springsteen in there, too. Also a few (bitter) songs about specific people I was walking away from…

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    Why does this website always publish articles at the precise moment in my life when I need them? <3 x 1,000,000

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    So I must not be the only person super motivated to move to a bigger/better/more progressive city after A-Camp, hmm? Seattle here I co

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    Ug. Moving. Between this and digging out AS’s article on How to Move without losing your mind (or some such title) I should be able to handle this. I’m an adult, goddamnit, moving again should be no big deal. But I’m glad Autostraddle is here to metaphorically and musically hold my hand. Now, if ya’ll could just help with boxes…

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    I think you should make a playlist of the best one hit wonders from cheesy 80’s and 90’s movies. It’s pretty specific but that’s what I like to call a challenge.

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    Speaking of all these changes, where is a post where I can talk about all of my many, many feelings regarding graduating college??

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