Photographs: New York City The Night We Won Same-Sex Marriage

June 24th was the night the New York State Senate passed a bill to legalize same-sex marriage and it was also the first night of New York City Pride Weekend. Our photos:


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    You guys are amazing for being so timely & up to the minute with this.

    Thank you.

    Makes me miss NYC though.


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      !!! These photos are so good! Makes me miss it too :/ @JMo Let’s move back!!

      P.S. Everyone in NY is so good looking and they wear great clothes…

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        Believe me, I think about moving back all the time. Everyone is so damn good looking. Everyone thinks LA is the land of beautiful people but NYC has WAYYYY more. I think it’s the energy.

        Now, who to marry? Hmmm……

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    I’m sure you could find photos of this kind of crowd congregating at past Pride weeks (Especially outside the Stonewall), but the pure joy and relief and excitement and hope on so many faces and knowing the context in which these were taken … I think New York has brought the meaning back to Pride.

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    Awwwww, look at all of you guys. My heart is vomiting rainbows of joy and pride looking at this.

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    Brilliant! I wish I had the energy to be out there last night, but here’s to Dyke March & the rest of pride weekend! Totally love the photo with the two men & shoulderdog.

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    Haha why is the main picture that one instead of the other posted picture of the same group?? That guy’s face is hilarious! Well done on all of the pictures. Now let’s get california on board…

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    Soundtrack ideas for these pics? I’m listening to Mika- “Love Today” right now and may/may not be crying. This is so awesome.

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    We were in Brooklyn when we found out it passed and immediately went to Stonewall to celebrate. Coming up from the subway to see what I later learned was over 1,000 people already there, waving flags, cheering, kissing and hugging was absolutely incredible and so moving. We managed to get inside the bar and the highlight was definitely when the DJ played empire state of mind – never heard so many people sing a song so loudly and with so much conviction: let’s hear it for new york…

    So amazing. Completely overjoyed I was there. Amazing pictures as always, Robin!

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    I’m so happy right now that I’m basically crying. The smile on my face is the widest its ever been.
    I am proud.

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    New York has just gone up ten thousand notches on my awesome-meter, and it’s not even ten thousand notches tall. This is a beautiful thing and I wish I was there to celebrate it.

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    I’ve never been so easily weepy! Thankfully, it’s in the best way. As always, Robin, your photos are so moving and capture everything they should. Cheers!

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    This event brought me to tears. I can’t believe I’m lucky and fortunate enough to be born in this era.

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      Ditto – absolutely cannot believe our good fortune to be born in such a hopeful and dynamic world.

      Now for Australia (supposedly one of the great LGBT-friendly nations in the world) to catch up and legalise the shizz out of same-sex marriage.

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    i keep tearing up i’m just so happy. i just missed the celebrations by a few hours since i had to catch a flight to paris, but damn it new york way to show ’em how it’s done.

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