No Filter: Ashley Benson Perfected the Lesbian Thirst Trap Just for You, Cara Delevingne

Hi guys, welcome back to yet another No Filter, a jaunt through the merry path of queer celebrity Instagram.

This photograph caused a tremendous uproar in Autostraddle Slack; I am hereby labeling it unfair.

Overall, I’d say we are HUUUUUGE DORKS?#sundayfunday #oitnb

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Intra-Orange is the New Black romances are my favorite kind of romances.

How many things can baby fit in her pockets?!

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Samira Wiley is a human purse who will hold your keys and your wallet for you.

Safari Dad at #Afropunk in Allen Iverson socks

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This is certainly a Look.

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This is what we in the business commonly refer to as a “Thirst Trap,” set presumably for Cara Delevingne. Cara probably doesn’t need a whole lot of encouragement. Earlier this week Ashley refused to explicitly confirm the nature of their relationship, which makes sense because of those damn appropriative braids Cara’s been sporting lately. Not sure I’d brag openly about that either.

Everybody please encourage Jen to post more on Instagram so I can put her in this column more. Jen, get to work!

Not all heroes wear capes.

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I don’t make the rules.

the mighty zeus ⚡️?

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Paris Jackson has a very good floof. I am about 60% sure it’s a lion.

All I know about baseball I learned from A League of Their Own, but I’m pretty sure this is regulation.

If you were at A-Camp, you probably witnessed a very special dance performance to this song which I still feel knocks this one out of the park, but kudos for trying, kid.

Join us next week for more of Lena Waithe giving you that look…. I hope.

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  1. Thank you, Jen, for making an LA place. Please post more so we can see you more at autostraddle.

    A part of me is thinking that Cameron is throwing the first pitch to impress Rhea, who has a baseball podcast. I could be wrong tho.

  2. Maybe no one will ever know because the Jolie-Pitt fam is super private but what even are Shiloh’s pronouns?
    (I’m guessing that she/her were used because there’s never been anything to suggest that they are otherwise)

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