QUEER IRL PHOTO GALLERY: Queers in Celebration!

Carla and Mireya / 31, 25 / First Pride Together As a Couple / NYC Pride / June 25th, 2017

“Along with it being our first pride as a couple, it was Mireya’s last time working pride (and final work day) with friends/co-worker’s at the Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI). She loved her time at HMI. In fact, it was through a co-worker of hers (and long time friend of mine, that had introduced us. Mireya and I have since moved to the Bay Area (end of June) and it was a bittersweet last hurrah/celebration and during a time of pure joy and firsts/lasts for us both. And  personally, it was the first time my big brother came out to support me in such a huge, public manner. And he had a blast alongside us all. Truly a magically last NYC pride with friends, loved ones, and our city! We couldn’t have asked for a better send-off to the West Coast or a better ‘see you later’ to our friends and our favorite city in the world.”

Ash and Ilea / 26, 32 / Lady/Lady Wedding! / Portland, OR / September 1st, 2016

Bess and Mel / 26 / Six Months Together and Bess’s Graduation / Toronto, ON / June 8, 2016

“I finished my MSW around the same time as our six-month milestone, so we combined the  celebrations. We went for tapas and sangria, and the most amazing churros! It was very romantic. Hale and Harmony, the stuffed animals we’d given each other for Valentine’s Day, celebrated with us. (We didn’t plan the alliteration, we’re just in sync like that.) Our second anniversary is next month; we remain adorable. *ROMO INTENSIFIES*”

Lylee and Lindley / Our Wedding! / The Catskills, NY / August 20, 2016

“After seven years of dating, I married my best friend. There were several years of slowly working with some of our family to get them to accept our relationship, but almost all of our family came to the wedding, and we felt loved, supported, and connected to our community. We rented a funky theater with a boarding house, and 20 friends and family helped us pull of the event- from painting signs and directing parking to organizing a Friday night talent show, baking cookies and desserts, and doing our makeup. It was an incredible, the best part is living with my love everyday as we figure out how to be our best for each other and the word around us.”

Grace and Kristin / 21, 22 / We Graduated! / Williamsburg, VA / May 11, 2014

“I wish I had better pictures of celebrations since this one but I don’t, so this is my favorite picture ever taken of me and my best friend, on the day we graduated from college.”

Laina and Willa / 29, 30 / Wedding / Hood River, OR / July 29th, 2017

Rennie / Celebrating Our Gayness / Richmond, VA / November 2017

“A gathering of a bunch of queer ladies / femmes for the purpose of watching The L Word and lovingly ripping it to shreds!”

Kate and Charlotte / 27 / Wedding / Court Farm, Bath, England / 18 June, 2017

“My wife and I put a lot of faith in the British summertime, and we had a mostly outside wedding reception on a farm in the Somerset countryside. Luckily the skies smiled on us and this photo just beams out sunshine to me – any time she is happy, I am happy. Okay, it’s super sappy, but surely you’re allowed to be sappy when it’s a wedding?”

Abby and Nicole / Our Wedding / Auckland, New Zealand / 8 July, 2017

“I proposed to Nicole in December 2016 after we had had a challenging year. We decided to get married in July (NZ Winter) so we would have something to look forward to during the more miserable months. We had been trying to get pregnant for a long time and on this day we were also lucky enough to tell our close friends and family that I was three months pregnant. It was an incredible day, one we will never forget. The rain even stayed away through the entire outdoor ceremony!”

Shetha and Annie / 28, 25 / We Are Married / Seattle, WA / September 30, 2017

“Grateful to be surrounded by friends and family, Shetha Alaskar and Annie Graham celebrated their marriage on September 30, 2017.”

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  1. Oh my gosh, thank you all for sharing your joy and smiles! You are all so good-looking! So many of you are married and your weddings are gorgeous!

    Also, couple who met in nun school, please write a book. Or at least an AS post.

    • I have written several fictional pieces that use our origin story. They never quite reach the magic of the real thing. I probably will try to capture our true story someday. :)

  2. These photos are giving me such life today! Excellent, excellent job everybody! ? ☀️ ❤️

    Also, *thank you* Autostraddle editors and contributors for posting such powerfully uplifting content today. I was expecting this day to feel heavy af, and in some ways it still is, but I’m filled with more energy, optimism, and love than I could’ve expected.

  3. Wedding at Crystal Bridges! I worked there from the beginning of construction until early 2014 and would have LOVED to be there for your wedding! I helped lots of cute couples get engaged and do elopement ceremonies on the trails and at the LOVE sculpture but I just know y’all would have been my faves.

    If you ever come down to Shreveport, hit me up and I’ll buy you a beverage of your choice!

  4. my favorite part of this gallery is that there are so many weddings and engagements and group celebrations and i’m just like I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY LOOK AT MY COOL PINK SPARKLY DRESS PAY ATTENTION TO ME!! which, frankly, is very on brand and i have no regrets.

    but for real, this whole gallery makes my heart explode, thank you everyone who contributed and thank you laneia for tirelessly putting these together and thank you queer people for making my whole goddamn world go round <3

  5. It was such a joy to be a part of Jack and Darcy’s day. They are both loving and caring individuals, and I feel so lucky to have them as friends. If either of them are reading this, love you both!

    Saying that, it was such a joy to look at all these celebratory pictures and read their words. On a day that feels very positive for queer people, this post gave me one more reason to be happy today.

  6. This is adorable and all the weddings (and all y’all!) are beautiful!

    ALSO: Vicky – Madrid??? Because I am also here and am lacking in English-speaking queer lady friends, so, like, send me a message or something so we can maybe be friends? Awesome.

    • @gasp-its-harto HIIIIII! Yes Madrid, I live here! And I am a very-queer, very-lady, and very-English speaking person and we should def be friends! I know a lot of other queer ladies (a few who speak English lol). Let’s meet up ?

  7. I love this. So many weddings and friends’ weddings! So many Pride celebrations! And engagements! And birthdays! And sparklers! And a unicorn boat! Life is good.

    • Not to mention the graduations and misc friend groups having fun in beautiful places. Love the backpack photo and the Spice Girls.

  8. OMG, I’m loving all these celebrations! I am so excited to see so many weddings, and engagements, and I really want in on that murder mystery, it looks like so much fun. Also, shout out to all the Andrea’s in here ❤️

    • This is amazing!!! I saw Taylor Mac do a lecture/radio broadcast interview at my university on art and activism this past January, around inauguration time (along with Bill T. Jones, a modern dance legend, and Niegel Smith, a playwright). The three interviewees were so incredibly insightful and inspiring, and…I’m just so grateful for queer artists. As a queer dancer/performance art person myself, I’m super excited to know that Autostraddle folks have connections like this! How cool that you are/were in this production!

  9. oh autostraddle! i did not realize how much i needed to see page after page of smiling, in love, happy, celebrating queers on this day; but here i am with tears streaming down my face beaming back at it all. thank you for this. and for everything. literally so worth my A+ membership just for this feeling. thank you.

  10. I LOVE ALL THE HAPPY QUEERS. Also, I gave up wedding photography because I’m so incredibly tired of straight people and they far outnumbered the queer folks I worked with, but damn this makes me want to go find way more queer weddings because they are genuinely the greatest experiences.

    • Queer weddings really are the best. My partner’s a wedding officiant and my favorite weddings to try to invite myself to are the queer ones – especially for older, long term couples who never expected to be able to marry.

  11. This is just lovely, all of you beautiful people. Congratulations to you all on your engagements,weddings,graduations,fun with friends, theatre parties…..everything. You’re all doing you with love and style.

  12. These are all such lovely photos <3 <3 also, hey Erin and Sarah who got married in Wandsworth! That's where I grew up, it's so nice to see some happy queer people getting married there :)

  13. You all are lovely. Seeing all of this happy makes me so happy! (And not just because my darling girlfriend and I are featured in it)
    Keep it up, friends. Remember – better days are coming. :)

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