PHOTO GALLERY: Here Are Your Toasty, Tasty Fall Fashion Looks!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this album! Just a clarification that there’s no “making the cut” here, to borrow a phrase from a few of your lovely emails; this is the internet (land of the infinite scroll!) and if you want to be seen, then we want to see you. If you didn’t submit a photo yet but you’d like to, check out the original post and send your photos to [email protected]!

Jess (25) and Amanda (29) / Burlington, Ontario, Canada

“Fall is our favorite season, and cozy fashion is a huge reason why. We loved this past weekend’s cooler weather, because it allowed us to don our flannel and denim vests. As a butch/femme couple, we have different style aesthetics, so love the opportunity to wear our jean vests out together, as it’s a shared point of fashion intersection. We have been decorating our vests with little pins, and plan to add Autostraddle pins to them this Christmas. We both share two pins: a classic rainbow button, and a little unicorn that Amanda laser-cut herself (super cool soft femme librarian things!!!). The unicorns are made out of wood and she painted each of ours. Our pronouns are engraved in the centre of each unicorn. We get a mix of smiles and stares when we go out in our matching gay apparel.”

Carmen / 31 / Autostraddle Staff writer

“I’ve been resistant to buying a denim jacket the last few years, but this month I admitted defeat. Everyone else was right and I don’t want to wear anything else, basically ever. This dress combines my two favorite things — flannel and no waistbands! I’m drinking warm apple cider, which is by far my favorite fall activity.”

Kearney / 22 / Chicago, IL / Writer, actress, and co-creator of queer web series Chapstick

“Fall fashion is my favorite because of the colors and layers. I like to dress like I’m going to the apple orchard every day… without actually having to ever go to the apple orchard.”

Trishul / 36 / Berkeley, CA / Beverage professional and non-binary badass

“I call this my ‘business pajamas’ with my favorite shoes. The second look is just a bonus.”

Maggie / 24 / Washington, DC / Content creator

“I wore this outfit to a huge pumpkin farm where I hosted a bonfire night to celebrate my recent birthday. My coworker gifted me these adorable embroidered cat pins from Meri Meri and I was struck with the idea to put them on my collar! I had a great time feeling my masc self and spending time with my friends in one of the best autumn traditions!”

Aimee / 26 / New York, NY / Book designer

“I’m obsessed with this red leather jacket I just bought, but it has only JUST gotten cool enough to wear, so I’ve been wearing it every day! Also, turtlenecks make up 80% of my shirt collection, and they are what convinced me at long last to try the dress-over-long-sleeves phenomenon. Last and most important aspect of this outfit: big hair + big earrings. Don’t go anywhere without ’em.”

Clare McBride / 26 / New York, NY

“My datemate called my high-powered executive goth lesbian wardrobe ‘season agnostic’ a while back. Fall is really just a time to recommit to high-waisted pants, pointy boots, Uniqlo’s weirder shirt offerings, and LIPPIES. Just add fur.”

Lex / Louisiana / 20+ / Student and seasonal temp worker

“This is basically my nascent andro-femme outfit minus my beloved black men’s ballet tights. The majority of ‘respectable’ feminine clothes make me feel like an imposter about to be caught, or unbearably on display as an object for easy consumption. In this shirt there’s nothing defining my body, the skirt is a bit of fun, and the boots make HBIC sounds when I walk.”

Erica / 29 / New York, NY / Student, intern, and writer

“This fall, I’m embracing the girlfriend jean (I mean, I’m wearing my girlfriend’s oversized jeans a lot). Recently, I’ve been styling lots of plain white t-shirts, oversized jeans, massive boots, and the occasional flannel, leather jacket, or knit cardigan. I’m also 5’9 so, if all else fails, tights and boots under a mock neck dress give me just the right amount of leggy.”

Sherry / 24 / Aurora, IL / Nursing assistant and college student

“I prepared to see my girlfriend (who insisted I make this submission!) on this damp and cloudy morning by donning a plaid button-up, my favorite light jacket, and a beanie I picked up for $3 at Plato’s Closet on a whim. As a healthcare worker who is on track for her second degree in Nursing, comfortable and functional shoes are essential! I do most of my shopping in the menswear section at suburban resale shops. I suppose I prefer to dress cozily!”

Samantha / 29 / Seattle / Receptionist

“Every day I’m dressing for work it feels like putting on a costume. Sometimes that’s strange and uncomfortable, and sometimes it’s more fun. This particular day, the weather was still fairly warm, and I put on this dress and some thrifted earrings, and felt like the cutest Fall witch. It was a good day.”

Christine (with the glasses) and Rebecca (with the socks) / Collectively 53

“We took these photos of each other in the Sol LeWitt retrospective at Mass MoCA, where we went for my birthday. This was Rebecca’s favorite part of the museum (she wishes to note that this is the least autumnal outfit she owns, and sends her regrets). Fall for us means the return of sorely missed pumpkin-flavored things and as many flannels and cardigans as we can pile on our bodies, and luckily North Adams was pretty cool and drizzly when we visited. I’ve been kind of into the warm weather, though, because I have to move around a lot at work and I don’t yet know what do with a coat when I have to bring one.”

Laura / 27 / Oklahoma City, OK

“Since it’s been cooling off, I’ve started rewatching all the Harry Potter movies with my cats (the frowny child is Bonzu) and getting back into reading! I’m excited about PLAID and LAYERS and RAINY DAYS and FUZZY SOCKS!”

Vicky / 27 / Madrid, Spain

“We’re having an extended summer here known as ‘veroño’ (verano + otoño), so my current look is ‘Making the most of the weather in the pool while it still lasts!'”

Karlie (she, her) / 21 / Bloomington, IN / Social work student and contributor to Kite Line Radio

“I have decided to pursue my queer modeling dreams and submit for this Fall gallery!”

Erika / Portland

“This is my weather-hardy Fall outfit — dungarees, some sort of sweater, and a rain shell makes me feel like I can walk anywhere.”

Leah (ze, zir) / 32 / Seattle, WA / International education

“MAJORLY PUMPED FOR FALL FASHION! My autumn aesthetic is ‘Dapper Pumpkin Spice.’ I’m a bisexual non-binary femme who loves loud lipstick, blazers, and cutting the necks out of my t-shirts. I’ve been living in this Yayoi Kusama shirt for the last couple months, and Chelsea (below) bought me the Halloween doughnut earrings. Favorite autumn activities: making fun of Cosmo sex tips for autumn (are straight people okay?), Top Pot PSL, fig and balsamic pizza, and rewatching NBC’s Hannibal.”

Chelsea (they/them) / 29 / Seattle, WA / International education

“My autumn aesthetic is Idgie AF. I grew up in a rural hippie community and considered my dad’s Birkenstocks a sign of adulthood; it wasn’t until college that people told me that it was a lesbian thing. I’m bisexual and non-binary but wasn’t out at the time, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much queer culture and my hippie hometown overlap! My outfit is Idgie Threadgood-inspired — I was really into Fried Green Tomatoes as a kid and wanted to have a relationship likes hers and Ruth’s, which should have been a sign.”

Amanda / 24 / Fort Wayne, IN / Operations Director at a nonprofit

“This is my Fall comfort outfit: leggings, t-shirt, jean jacket, scarf, and beanie. I’m comfortable, I’m cool, I’m ready to read a good book and take a nap at any moment (photo taken in my bedroom after napping and reading a book).”

Jessie / 32 / Brooklyn, NY / Special education teacher and college professor

“I try to balance school-professional and cozy, but when I get up at 4:30am to go to the gym, it’s usually the closest clean teachery-type sweater that catches my eye. I’m making the most out of the warm weather by using it as an excuse to cut the sleeves off even more of my old t-shirts. Sun’s out, guns out!”

Tiara / Melbourne, Australia / Autostraddle Staff writer

“It’s Spring here, and my style right now is Dandy Minion Costume.”

LP / 17 / New England / Gap year taker

“I wore this outfit to go see Kingsman: The Golden Circle — a little casual cosplay. The tie is from Guatemala! I’m using the (unseasonably) warm weather to continue building decks and adventuring outside in my less dapper clothes.”

Brianna / 27 / Chicago, IL / Librarian

“Right now I’m inspired by Kevin Bacon’s Footloose wardrobe — especially the crewnecks. Guest appearance by Sabrina the Teenage Witch.”

Neela / 30 / Brooklyn, NY / Architectural conservator

“Here are some pics of me in my Fall staples during a recent trip to Storm King (what a place)! I have been enjoying the warm weather, but I love layering in the Fall. Here, I am wearing my go-to denim jacket (a snag from the free box in college), a kids’ size blue crewneck sweatshirt, my favorite plaid shirt, Carhartt double front work pants, Thorogood leather boots, and of course a fitted hat for good measure. Just trying to hit all the boxes.”

Jamie / 29 / NJ / Chemist

“I live in jeans and t-shirts year round since I work in a lab. With the cooler weather, I’ve been sporting my new denim jacket, which has been treating me pretty well.”

Rachael / 30 / British Columbia, Canada / Analyst

“This is my go-to outfit for feeling good on difficult gender-feel days; it’s my favorite plaid with my favorite shoes, dressed up with dark nails and lips. Some of the hot weather out west is due to some of the biggest wildfires ever recorded in BC, so I’ve been enjoying the weather by sticking close to the water and donating to fire support.”

Chandra / 41 / British Columbia, Canada / English instructor

“These are my take on andro dresses for work. I find it really fascinating how the smallest details can tip an outfit to one side or the other of the gender presentation divide, and I like to play with that balance. (The unimpressed face in the second photo is due to the seven billion previous photos that turned out blurry.)”

Ari / 20 / St. Louis, MO / Student

“I made this sweater myself last year and I’m glad it’s finally cool enough to wear it! My tote bag features a quote from the ‘Sexy French Depression’ episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

Lauren / 23 / Jamaica Plain, MA / Artist and teacher

“This is my go-to autumn uniform: baseball cap over a ponytail, black bomber jacket acquired in an American Apparel closing sale with cat skull patch added by me, and olive green pants cuffed to show off either Chuck Taylors or pink leather sneakers. Ironically, this definitely queer outfit is pulled together with a HEAVEN OR HOTEL VEGAS shirt stolen from the closet of my straight-boy lover… It’s the androgynous bisexual agenda at work!”

Shane / 29 / Budget analyst

“This is my favorite back-to-work outfit, accessorized with store brand seltzer. The warm weather has stayed put here and I’ve been going hiking on the weekends. This picture was taken by my friend (and fellow Straddler) Niko.”

Erin / 31 / San Jose, CA / Software developer

“Lately I’ve been really into a late ’80s/early ’90s bougie mom look (think the shop gals from Pretty Woman). However, sometimes I also just need to keep it simple — hence the stripes, which I might wear on a date. Either way, looking at these photos, it’s clear that I am developing a khaki problem.”

Courtney / 26 / Edmonton, Alberta, Canada / Community educator at the Pride Centre of Edmonton

Emily / 35 / Madison, WI / Magazine editor

“Autumn is my favorite season for fashion, because layers! I was raised mostly in the upper Midwest, where layers are kind of our jam. I tend toward the soft butch/masculine-of-center side of the style spectrum; I scored this cool leather jacket in a thrift shop in Amsterdam for 50 Euro, and it’s my favorite piece of clothing I own. I sent two photos simply because there’s one where a sleepy honey bee landed on my leg just as I was testing out the camera timer, and it was too adorable not to include.”

Mallory Craig-Karim / 24 / Mid-Atlantic (but soon to be on the West Coast again!) / Incoming associate at a big law firm

“My fashion sense can probably be described as something along the lines of ‘If Jackie Kennedy were a queer woman…'”

Ellen / 26 / Washington, DC / Oppo researcher (left) and Maggie / 26 / Washington, DC / Behavior support at a charter school (right)

“Two flower bois just trying to be Pinterest models at a queer wedding.”

Laureline / 31 / Paris / Fancy internet-related job

“The Premme denim jacket is my go-to this season. Paris is not so cold in the Fall (when it’s not raining), so I’m just adding tights and a jacket to my summer look, but changing the color palette from pastels to darker shades. Finally, I’m adding fancy lingerie, because it’s easier to conceal under thicker clothes.”

Blake / 24 / North Carolina

“I’m a tomboy who likes being ready for anything, so my outfit is simple and relaxed.”

Geneva / 25 / Minneapolis, MN / Web developer

“I love a good Fall flannel!”

Maura / 22 / San Francisco, CA / Electronics engineer

“My first picture is my favorite sweater I own, and one I can only wear during the month of October. It’s old and makes me look like a grandma, so that my outside aesthetic finally matches my inside. The others are my standard Fall look, plus my favorite dad hat, which is extra special now that I got a new job working on NASA’s Orion Project, helping to send people to Mars! My apartment doesn’t have a mirror, so my pictures are all awful selfies that *almost* capture my look.”

Jaime / 25/ Denton, TX / Freelance percussionist

“My 2017 aesthetic has mostly been middle school boy chic. The fact that we’re still getting blasted with heat in the south has allowed me to keep my tan which is cool, but I’m looking forward to wearing my first flannel and beanie of the season! I coerced my friend into taking pictures of me and the whole process was super fun and positive.”

Kylie / 30 / Los Angeles, CA / Actor and writer

“My aesthetic is tomboy femme to the max (hello Wildfang, plz let me model for you!); I went to the last Chance the Rapper concert at the Hollywood Bowl for my partner’s birthday and my aesthetic was on FULL display. Fall is MY FAVORITE SEASON, and because LA has approximately three seconds of it, I try to take advantage when I can — meaning tights and boots with shorts, layers, and of course, a beanie or a snapback when I can’t figure out my hair.”

Lenore (left) Lindsay (right)

“We both work in the nonprofit sector, hence getting roped into volunteering at our local Oktoberfest.”

Sarah / 23 / Madison, WI / Tech Support

“This photo is a few weeks old, from one of the last days that it was warm enough in Madison to not wear a coat. I’ve been leaning into a queer aesthetic since I moved to the Midwest a year and a half ago, and a flannel, a beanie, and a Cameron Esposito/Rhea Butcher Back to Back tour t-shirt may be the most stereotypically queer I’ve ever presented. To me, fall marks the transition of snapbacks to beanies.”

Grace Matson / 56 / Hartland, WI

“Wearing a cap from my last trip to London, a T-shirt from Norway and men’s corduroy jacket from a thrift store. I’m most comfy in jeans and casual attire.”

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  1. Woweee wowowow everyone is so cute and hot and lovely!! Also @ other Maggie in DC, I usually hate other people with my name in fear of being the inferior Maggie, but you seem cool so I am extending a hand of friendship. Also also this was such fashion inspiration and I AM EXCITED!

  2. HOORAY IT’S HERE and it’s better than I ever imagined! I’ll have to take a closer look when I have more time after work, but even on first glance everyone. Is. So. Sharp.

    Also this post inspired me to up my fashion game this morning and I have managed to clash-ordinate no less than five patterns in my outfit, which is a personal best.

  3. I love all the looks! I love the style descriptions:

    executive goth lesbian

    Dapper Pumpkin Spice

    Dandy Minion Costume

    the androgynous bisexual agenda

    If Jackie Kennedy were a queer woman

    flower boi

    middle school boy chic

    tomboy femme to the max

  4. Also, I love all the layers – the turtlenecks and sweaters, flannel and denim.

    My current fall aesthetic is “layers I can strip down quickly” because it’s chilly out but I’m having a lot of hot flashes recently and I’m pretty much always too hot or too cold. #olderstraddler

  5. I’ve been wanting to be more identifiable as queer, and have slowly, subtly, been changing small things in my appearance. It makes me anxious, though, because I’m just so used to being invisible and hiding my gayness behind my conventionally feminine presentation whenever it’s convenient/safer/more comfortable. On top of that, I have all these internalised ideas about beauty and conforming and how being gay shouldn’t define you and blah blah blah…

    HOWEVER, galleries and articles like this one, in which people of all shapes, sizes and gender presentations look so happy and cool and awesomely queer – and celebrate themselves and others for exactly that – help me SO MUCH. They make me want to go out and wear my Carol pins and rainbow tees. They make me want to live according to my own perception of beauty and expression, rather than anyone else’s. They make me want to be unapologetic.

    Thank you, Autostraddle and community, for inspiring me by being you.


    • People are so gorgeous! Especially queer people and especially in autumn, although I might be biased.
      Also this makes me want to wear my denim jacket, but it’s 12:38 at night and I should probably go to bed rather than start dressing up.

    • Probably plays drums for multiple bands/gigs and/or teaches percussion. At least, that’s what the drummers I know do.

  6. Everyone looks great in their fall and Spring outfits. Love these galleries as it can lead to some style inspiration.

  7. Look, I understand Nora called for user submissions, and I sent pictures in intentionally, but it still feels surreal to see me/my gf on Autostraddle. I knew this would happen, but I am still excited!!

    Also, SO MUCH style envy. Everyone’s outfits/styles/hair are top notch :D

  8. I can’t believe my deranged looking picture got accepted but the story behind the mood I was in taking of the picture makes me glad it was. :p

    Hope there’s winter fashion gallery because y’all need to see me in my camo hat and leather vest doing my gendequeerest best

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