OPEN THREAD: Post-Brexit Feelings Smörgåsbord

The first thing I felt when I checked the news at 5:30am on Friday morning, was a sweary kind of disbelief, turning into genuine, chest-compressing shock that it had happened: the UK had voted to leave the EU.

JK Rowling could not magic it away; I briefly wondered if it was time for a comforting glance from Mary Berry to assure us we really had done the best we could, even if the result was a bit wonky. But then, looking at voting demographics by age, I realised there was a 60% chance she’d have voted Brexit, and had to arrest the thought before it brought my entire cultural reality tumbling down.

Not even Lindsay Lohan’s last-ditch remain tweets could halt my downward spiral; by 7:30am I was on the verge of hysterical tears, after learning my best friend’s mother’s leave vote apparently hinged on the high price of sub-par cauliflowers in Belgian supermarkets.

It remains to be seen if she comes to regret this, but certainly many Brexiteers are sinking into deep Bregret, after realising yes, their vote really did count for something, and discovering all those campaign promises were really more “aspirations.”

While much of my own gloom is self-indulgent (though not unwarranted in light of economic turmoil and various xenophobic incidents since the ballot), perhaps the most justified in their sense of despair and betrayal are younger voters who overwhelmingly wanted to remain in the EU, and fear the result has ruined their future. 

It’s not just the age split that’s worrying, it’s the gaping chasms in sentiment between different parts of the country that I fear will widen further as politics lurches to the right in the UK. We’ve had half a decade of austerity chipping away at services most needed by the marginalised; how bad will things get in a Brexit-induced recession before the economy recovers from the uncertainty?

And yet there’s half a nation, and more in other countries, feeling jubilant at the outcome.

So many feelings! Please come and share your post-Brexit processing here, whether your #1 feeling is joy, misery or just ever-increasing sickness of the word “Brexit.”

Sally does something with computers for a living. Beyond this, she enjoys making gifs, dreaming up stories, and overthinking. She lives over a river in the South of England, but her heart belongs forever to the North.

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  1. As a member of an other EU-country I have very mixed feelings about this.
    There’s this side that is sad. I can’t believe this actually happened. And the way it happened! People voting based on half-truths and lies..
    And there’s is this side of me that is really angry and is thinking ‘ok, you voted out, no problem then, get the **** out!’. I feel a bit.. abandoned, maybe? We are great EU-believers here in my country.
    And now there’s this uncertainty: which countries will follow? Will they even go through with the brexit now that the pro brexit politicians are too cowardly to take their responsibilities? It’s really f***ed up.

    • I find it confusing the ‘abandonment’ comment? How can so many countries staying in the EU feel abandoned by one member (as the UK counts as one I presume, rather than 4)? It’s just one member, you have ALL the other members still there! If the EU is so great, why be worried that your country or others will leave? It makes no sense? You are the clever ones right, the ones that knew what the UK didn’t? You know the EU equals prosperity and togetherness, the English and Welsh were just too dumb and egotistical to not see that, no? It’s just them who weren’t uneducated, you and others are, so why worry that your educated citizens in all your countries will leave if they aren’t as ignorant, selfish and blind as the English? None of you will leave, you know what’s right, they were wrong and will pay for this uneducated mistake! How funny, people thinking the English are educated after this. Not such a great country after all!

      If the EU is one happy family where everyone loves each other, there is not so much corruption that people should be brought to account and everyone feels they are under a big system of justice and fairness, then why would anyone else want to leave it?! You will be fine in the big EU, it will stay together, no one will leave it and want to look like the sad English (and sad Welsh followers).

      It’s just the silly UK (English and Welsh) that didn’t trust it enough, and were not educated enough people to know that the EU was going to reform, change and move with the times and always evolve for all members and not just the ones in it that held the power. The English and the Welsh were childish to think that they had little involvement or no importance in the EU, as in the EU every country is equal, every county in it has an equal say and all EU policies are tailored to the cares/sensitivities of each country (their cultures, their history, their people of all social/financial background) and not just one mass template for all; nor run mainly by a select few were all others have to abide. The EU is too good a political setup to be free of, there should be no worry that other countries are as dumb and racist as England and Wales.

      If you are angry and want the UK to **** off, then be happy they’re going! They will be gone once the article is activated, and your EU club will just have the happy members left in it that have no gripes about how it is currently run.

      It’s just one member that has left, not half or even a majority. Abandonment is usually the minority feeling separated from the majority, so the UK is the one that is abandoned (hence why they want out) not the EU. The EU can’t be abandoned if they’re the happy united majority. The UK (England and Wales) didn’t feel a part of the EU enough, didn’t like the way it was run and whatever other irks it had, so are you not thankful they are finally leaving and ready to say good f*****g riddance to them! You’re still happy (as you’re staying in the EU which you like), so why feel abandoned? You’re still in the EU PARTY with everyone else, and technically you can look at it that you’ve kicked out the English (and the Welsh) and left them abandoned on their own where they deserve to be! If they’re unhappy that’s what they had coming, if they can’t conform to the majority why should they get any sympathy for their reservations! It’s mainly England’s fault as the bigger voting population, so maybe we should let the Welsh out-vote off the hook. England deserve this though, they’re the ones that voted for this and they should now sleep in this bed they’ve made for themselves and never wake as their reality after official Brexit won’t be worth it.

      England, the uneducated righteous party in this, have abandoned themselves! You and the rest of the EU countries are NOT abandoned, you are still in a majority and you can still move freely to ALL the other EU places. Just don’t go to England anymore! Go to Wales, as they were just the silly followers in this that mistakenly followed racist, uneduated England and not inclusive progressive Scotland. Don’t go the England if and pressurise the EU to punish them particularly at every step they make when coming out of the EU. Show your love and support for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, but not England. Don’t make it easy for them, make their citizens suffer, make sure they know they were wrong to leave the EU, make them know being alone in the wilderness is a hard, sad and lonely place to be! Don’t visit England anymore, don’t trade with them at all, don’t buy their goods or spend you money there, make their currency suffer and FALL till they are on a cliff edge, make them know how leaving the EU was the worst thing in the world they could ever do! Don’t travel there, show them how hard it will be to go there, how freedom of movement was the only thing allowing you to move comfortably from one county to another. Make them know that not being in the EU makes them a place that can’t be left/visited easily anymore, not desirable anymore and not worth it anymore!

      You have every other country to choose from, what loss is England to you? Most people in the world hate/feel indifferent to England anyway, so people should be happy they’re going! They’ve made little impact in the world, so what loss are they to the EU and it’s movement going forward? They would hold the EU back, offer no inspiration and add no credibility! You don’t need England, and you’ll get Scotland back when they leave the UK, maybe Northern Ireland too, and then it’s just two places in this combined one member that are gone. It’s only England (and Wales just because financially it’s too early for them to make a UK break) that is Brexiting (in terms of mindful will), so what is the real travesty here??? Wales one day will rejoin after Independence, so it will just be England that has left, and what’s so important about England and the English that the EU can’t cope without? Answer, is NOTHING! The English culture and political involvment is of no loss to the EU, it never cared about it anyway, it just wanted it for numbers. The EU is bigger than just England, so how you or anyone can feel abandoned by England makes no sense. You have the massive EU left, England is not so important to the EU that all the remaining members should feel angry or abandoned. England is TINY, there is NO loss! You have WON infact, as why would you want England in it anyway? England’s culture has always be set apart from the rest of mainland Europe, you have no real solidarity with English people, you have no real love for them, you just liked their financial contribution to the EU, but didn’t like anything about them, their people or their culture. You hate their weather as much as their corrupt politics and don’t think they’re as funny, pretty or clever as everyone else in Europe, so why pretend their exit is more than what the EU actually wanted all along! You’ve always been European regardless of the English, so them gone is not going to change that! You were always more European than them, they’re always been a lonely identity. You would want to be any nationality but English! What has England ever offered Europe that Europe cannot find easily or more of in another EU member? The answer, nothing!

      The English only offered the aspects of Europe that the rest of Europe are embarrassed by, so why be in a political club with them?! England is not a country to look up to, or a place you would want to visit, feel safe in, raise a family in, make friends in, be educated in or ever consider being happy in. It’s a country full of unhappy, undesirable and unsavoury people is it not? Why the rest of EU members didn’t abandon England sooner is the bigger question! Mainland Europe has little in common with England, so it should have less worry over it’s looming exit. Mainland Europe makes sense being in a European club, and if Scotland, Northern Ireland (and Wales if one day U-turn) want to be a part of it, then let them, they’ve always hated they English (due to history and the bad oppressors and folk alike) and rightfully so! We should all hate the English really, as their past and present history is a disgrace, is it not? Nothing to shine a light on but just shadow and darkness. No prospect, no hope and no future without Brexit! What do the English people have to be proud of, and after this Brexit vote, surely even less than before?! What have they now left after this? The EU gave them everything they ever needed and could hope for, what Britain will be left after this? What idiots they are to do this to themselves! How will they ever survive once Brexit actually officially happens! Their society and standing in the world was rocky already, but will be even worse off after this, no? How will they ever be respected after this, if ever were before? Everyone will surely think it makes sense to turn their back for good now?! It makes sense to be done with this tiny nation but backward nation, no?

      Why anyway even cares that England are out doesn’t actually make any sense. The English are a nation of people that others around the world laugh at, mock and think are inferior because they are small population of people trying to bat above their weight. You in the EU should not feel abandoned, as it has always been a majority in the EU that don’t want England, not the other way round! The EU is a majority, you are the power, just be happy you’re still the more powerful lot after this Brexit vote! You have lost the freedom of movement to just one member, and it is luckily for you the less active and most insignificant member in the EU! You can still visit, trade and be best friends with everywhere else in the EU. England is no loss to anyone, not even the rest of the UK one it splits up! Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, get out while you can, as the English will forever bring you down and tarnish you by British association. Leave this sad country that has not offered anything to the world or Europe and join your other European members for a better world, a world free of bigotry, free of persecution, free of and injustice. Staying in the UK with the English means you will always be a part of the most oppressed political system that Europe has ever had. The worst place in the world to feel like a free citizen with hope is in the UK, and being associated with the English and anything relating to England will just mean your life is shackled at the most basic level! Leave this oppressed Union, join other countries with fairer laws that will offer you all the justice that is lacking in British rule. Stick with those others in Europe that really understand true freedom, equality and forever are the ones to offer these rights to you as you will never get them in a place as unfair and corrupt as the UK.

      If you really, truly believe the EU is everything that the UK constantly fails to be, then no one is going to be jumping the EU ship. When you look at it in this way, the remainers in the EU have not been affected long term, they are still one and together and benifit from everything the EU still offers them. To be abandoned is to be alone and on your own, and that’s not the huge EU that still has all but one of it’s member states. The EU doesn’t need to feel angry or abandoned, it has not lost anything or been left. Brexit is happening, and remain happy in your big unified club.

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