Oh the Places You’ll Go in Palazzo Pants: 4 Ways to Wear Them

High femmes, lazy femmes, tomboy femmes, and beautiful people of all stripes and sizes, rejoice! Palazzo pants are everywhere and they are so happy to see you.

Palazzo pants became popular in the ’60s and early ’70s. The style borrows from the the wide-leg pant made popular by Coco Chanel in the ’20s and the practical wide-legged pant styles of the ’30s and ’40s. The look is a classic and never goes out of vogue. Right now, you can find them everywhere, as stores and designers and retailers roll out their spring and summer collections. Stock up and dream of sunshine days!

Why Palazzo Pants Rule

1. Designed for comfort. Many palazzo pants have a high waist and a stretch waistband. Need I say more?

2. Body-con effect without body-con fit. The high waist and drape of these beauties show off curves without clinging. They look fabulous and feel fabulous on a wide variety of body types.

3. A pant for every occasion. There are so many style choices. Patterns. Solid colors. Jersey. Linen. Knit. Silk. Sheer. You can wear a pair to yoga class or to work or to a fancy night out. So many options!

Hot Pink Goes to Work

Accent a neutral pant with a pop of bright color or go bold from head to toe. Palazzo pants look great with the work essentials already in your wardrobe. Pair them with a tucked in button-down, a tank and blazer, a peplum top, or a belted top.

Sunday Brunch Bliss

Put on your eatin’ pants! You’ll have room for seconds in these stretchy palazzo styles paired with casual tops.

Rock a Crop

via cheva

via cheva

Crop tops and palazzo pants balance each other perfectly.

Tomboy Femme Finishes

Soft, flowy pants meet hard edges and MOC touches.

There’s nothing better than kicking back in some deliciously luxurious palazzo pants. I know what I’ll be wearing in 2015!

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KaeLyn is a 40-year-old hard femme bisexual dino mom. You can typically find her binge-watching TV, standing somewhere with a mic or a sign in her hand, over-caffeinating herself, or just generally doing too many things at once. She lives in Upstate NY with her spouse, a baby T. rex, a scaredy cat, an elderly betta fish, and two rascally rabbits. You can buy her debut book, Girls Resist! A Guide to Activism, Leadership, and Starting a Revolution if you want to, if you feel like it, if that's a thing that interests you or whatever.

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  1. You have not quite convinced me to wear palazzo pants, but I definitely want the blue and white polka dot tie and the orange blouse that Ms. Style Pantry is wearing! And there’s something about those yellow palazzo pants…I love loud yellow clothes.

    • I like bright pops of contrasting color, too! I will not be offended if you skip the palazzo pants, but you are missing out on some major comfort. I’m just saying… :)

  2. I keep reading them as paloozo pants and tho is now their name. Unfortunately my phone won’t load past the hair of the people in each picture but they all have lovely hair and I can’t wait to see paloozo panta. Thank you.

    • This comment speaks to me.

      P.S. We are in the middle of the Boston Blizzard Situation, so obvi one would not describe me as sober.

  3. As a shorty, I just feel they make me look extra stumpy. I do like that last look though, because… bowtie.

    • I’m a shorty (and a proud fatty) and I actually like the look on me. But I pretty much always need to get them taken up a few inches so they are just skimming the floor. Otherwise they pool around my feet and look like crumpled pajama pants. Also, a high waist pant with a shirt that is fitted or comes in at the waist will help a shorter person rock the look. A high waist palazzo with a tucked in or fitted shirt and a belt at the smallest part of the waist looks good on short people, too. Anyway, this is my official unofficial I’m-just-a-regular-person advice for shorties as a shorty.

  4. It loaded! The nastygirltees picture has black palooza pants with a necklace underneath and it looks like a pencil!!!!!!!! Go back up and find the pencil!!!!!!

  5. *Sighs wistfully*. Love the idea of comfort, but high-waisted plus baggy doesn’t sound like something my body can pull off. Having a skinny, short-waisted top half plus wide hips means I can simultaneously look like I’m twelve years old and have a giant ass. Being 5′ tall also means these pants would make me look like a twelve year old with a large rear end that also showed up to work in her mother’s pajamas.

    Still, these are a step in the right direction away from high-waisted skinny jeans. At least they’d cover up the chunky hiking boots I wear everywhere without giving me the clown feet look.

    I’m still waiting for low-waist bell bottoms to come around.

  6. I would not be caught dead wearing those pants. That is one fashion statement I do mind missing out on.

    • Heels or wedges or skinny heeled boots are helpful for height, but you can also do ballet flats or sandals or oxfords or whatever. They are pretty easy to style. You don’t need to wear heels.

  7. My nerd is showing cause all I can think about is how to use palazzo pants for an impromptu sith lord costume.

  8. Errr, no thanks. That’s one fashion trend that definitely needs to stay in the mid-nineties. I’ve already got enough pics of my teenage self looking horrible in them.

  9. I got a pair of pants like these in a clothing swap years ago but I didn’t know what they were called! I learned a new word and I’m apparently ‘on trend’.


    i got my first pair in 7th grade and even my best friend was like “what the fuck is this” but i still wore them once every two weeks (had to space it out) bc i loved them. i think the more people hate them, the more i want to wear them. like oh you think i look dumb and unattractive in these big flowy pants? yah well i’m not here for you, i’m here for me AND ME REALLY DIGS THESE GORGEOUS SOFT PANTS OH YEAH BABE.

    they go so well with my resting bitch face.

  11. I love palazzo pants. I remember them on the lady crushes I had on Katherine Hepburn (Whooaarr!!)and Lauren Bacall (double Whoaarr!!). I am still gutted that Lauren Bacall didn’t dilly dally with ladies.

    Anywho, palazzo pants for life. Classy and flowing in a take control Katherine Hepburn Lauren Bacall way.

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