Oh, Hey! It’s Alyssa #60: Therapy

I need to go to heckin' therapy. I'm fine and everything... going to therapy doesn't mean "not fine..." ... and "not fine" doesn't mean "bad" anyway. It's just been a long time, and I know it'd be a good thing. I need to carve out some space for myself... ... and maybe I just need a good cry, a solid laugh or a grand epiphany in a place that isn't my shower.

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  1. seeing a queer therapist has been one of the most positive and successful experience of my life. I’ve had my share of lame straight therapists, who were very nice people but didn’t provide the support i needed.

  2. Therapy is the best! I’ve been in therapy for about 15 years. I want to echo the “going to therapy doesn’t mean you’re not fine.” I’m a big advocate for therapy for all. Yay therapy!

  3. I can’t recommend therapy enough. It has helped me so much, beyond what I was expecting. If you think you can’t afford it, try looking up your local LGBTQ Center. Most offer therapy on a sliding scale and will work with your budget.

  4. Oh yes, the Shower Epiphany !

    The small enclosed space, the steam, the white noise, a glorious echo chamber to let go in but, that’s just it, it’s an echo chamber.

    And showering with your therapist just wouldn’t work… Would it ?
    That would be some bold therapy trend for sure.

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