No Filter: Stephanie Beatriz Is the Bischelorette

Welcome back to No Filter, a fun little hole-in-the-wall where we freely discuss stars and the people who spoon ’em. Last week, we discussed whether a gaggle of our most-loved queer celebrities were big or little spoons, which was a lot of fun for everybody. It also resulted in this:

Just so you know, Evan’s confirmation means that all of my predictions were correct.

My sweet girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Here’s our old pal Bella “Thirst Trap” Thorne making out with Tara Mongeau, just like she did last year when they were “dating” to promote somebody’s music video, so I am very skeptical of whatever’s happening here.

Straight up dressed as the Animal doll I am holding

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Rhea and Cameron, Animal, some kind of dapper pickle situation. We’ll allow it.

Your dad Brittani Nichols is wondering if you mowed the lawn like she asked.

So dont act surprised. ?

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Here’s Big Spoon Muppet Baby Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual testing out her stage presence (which to be honest hasn’t changed all that much over the years).

Look, this is gay.

shiddddddd???? love you!!!

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Kehlani admires the giant tattoo I got of her this week*
* – this is not actually my arm.


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Just thought you’d like to know!!!!!

Headed to the grocery store, brb.

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Hayley Kiyoko, moments after wrapping up her giant new Kehlani tattoo.

Nothing but respect for my president.


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Little Spoon Wiley looks so effortlessly cool here, let’s all take a moment to appreciate this moment.

Join us next week! We’re all getting Lauren Jauregui tattoos next week.

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