No Filter: Gaby Dunn Is Here To Take Your Wife

Hello and welcome back to No Filter, your weekly dose of queer celebrity Instagram. This week’s edition is a little late because I’ve been at A-Camp, far away from the 24-hour news cycle. I’m waiting for someone to fill me in on what happened in the world while we’ve been gone, a lot of terrible things and then something about orbs? It will take me a long time to sort through all these images of Kristen Stewart’s Cannes outfits, but in the meantime we have a great deal of Instagram posts to get through.

Gabby Rivera met Gina Rodriguez and the world was never the same.

Falling asleep while missing you for sure @rebecca.victorious

A post shared by Laura Jane Grace (@laurajanegrace) on

Laura Jane Grace seems to have a new girlfriend, Australian actress/model Rebecca Victoria. As always, I am spending hours of my day scrolling through their mutually gushy social media posts because I lead a full and interesting personal life of my own. Also, I saved Instagram posts all week so I would be prepared for this column and it turns out 60% of them are just Laura.

Shorty was hype when she realized she could put my hair in a pony! It's lit!

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In hair news:

Got spif'd?? @spifster

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Danielle Brooks’ nail game is KILLING ME.

My entire wardrobe for #takemywife thus far is BONKERS. @ahoumofid @kimngoknows

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Very Famous Millennial Gaby Dunn left A-Camp intermittently to shoot scenes for her new role in Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher’s show Take My Wife, which makes sense because if anybody is trying to take your wife, it’s probably Gaby.

Who did this #autostraddlecamp

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Trolling Brittani is a time-honored tradition at A-Camp but whoever made this sign (hint: it’s someone who works here) is doing a bang-up job.

News cycle burnout

A post shared by Carrie Brownstein (@carrie_rachel) on

Carrie Brownstein’s dogs: same.

Me at Friday night @barre3westvillage class

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What if this is just a column about dogs now?

Everything in this room was made by Jasika Nicole using reclaimed chicken wire and old tires.

Just hanging out with Mara Wilson or whatever.

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Confirmed muppets and noted babes El Sanchez and Mara Wilson, moments before delivering life-altering performances with the A-Camp Family Band.

Join us next week for bisexual orb content.

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  1. Important Jasika Nicole update (that’s two days late because I missed it somehow): There’s going to be a podcasting convention in Seattle this December, and Alice Isn’t Dead is doing a ~rare~ live show (!!!), which means…Jasika…performing…in the flesh…probably not in those pants because it will be cold.

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