No Filter: Carrie Brownstein and Annie Clark are Ex-Girlfriend Goals

Welcome back to No Filter, where once again we shall peruse the week in queer celebrity Instagram and present the cream of the crop for public analysis. This week, maybe Angelina Jolie has a girlfriend?? Are you Angelina Jolie’s girlfriend? Please email me immediately if you have tips.

New tings. Cut by : @barberdolltheslayer

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At the top of the hour, we are reporting to you live from the scene of Lena Waithe’s haircut, where DAYS LATER we are still dealing with it.

If Ellen didn’t spend the whole night hitting on SOMEONE, was it really a party?

Your pal and mine Jasika Nicole grew that snorkel in her own organic garden and then used it to sew some sea creatures together in the briny deep.

show up & glow up ✨? @fabletics #Demi4fabletics #ad

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This post is dedicated to the person who commented on this photo telling Demi she should release her own line of elevators called eLOVATOrs. I see you, and I appreciate you.

I honestly don’t think you even have to be a Hayley Kiyoko fan to watch this and realize how goddamn cool this must feel.

dreams without you by my side would be nightmares

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Ah yes, my favorite genre of Instagram photo, in which a person asks someone else to take a “candid” photo of them either sleeping or staring wistfully out a window.

Color coordination. Photo by @thelizlambert. #bffs

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I will dream about Annie and Carrie getting back together forever and you can’t stop me.

They NEVER get my dang name right

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Come on, you laughed.

a wise man once said nothing at all.

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Anyway Kehlani and I are dating now.

Join us next week, for hopefully more excellent Demi Lovato humor.

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  1. I am not going to like I laughed at Rhea’s joke, but to be fair their jokes always are funny.

    I dunno I miss Carrie being with Abbi Jacobson, that would be one hot and funny power couple right there.

  2. I spent a good 5 minutes of my life that I will never get back reading the comments on that gossip blog. Angelina Jolie is my click bait.

    Also, Demi, I see you and your glow up.

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