No Filter: Bette And Shane Celebrate Dana Being Miraculously Alive

Welcome back to No Filter, a weekly collection of Instagram posts by queers of note, tirelessly sifted through by yours truly. In an ideal world, we would mix it up every week and have different stories to tell, but if we’re getting real I want to know what Samira Wiley is up to every week, and I think you do too. That said, if anybody has suggestions for more nonbinary or trans women, particularly people of color, that we could follow for this column I would love you forever.

Also this week in Evan Rachel Wood Watch, our lady of Dubsmash posted this super cute video of herself with Alia Shawkat and Angela Trimbur lip syncing Miley Cyrus, so let’s not act like the internet hasn’t been generous. I just need this one thing.

We fancy!* (*excited for sweatpants)

A photo posted by Lauren Morelli (@lomorelli) on

We’re going to take the time to appreciate Samira and Lauren looking incredible on the red carpet, while lamenting the perfect photo Samira posted and then deleted of herself luxuriating over a pile of fast food french fries post-award show. I like these two. I like their award show traditions.

An absolute pleasure to meet Phyllis Nagy last night, screenwriter of the film Carol.

A photo posted by Carrie Brownstein (@carrie_rachel) on

Heather Hogan, this one’s for you.


A photo posted by Lena Waithe (@hillmangrad) on

This is what your girlfriend Lena Waithe looks like when you guys just kick back and relax on a Sunday afternoon.

Sisters from different misters

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Dana is ALIVE and hugging Shane and Bette is curiously undeterred by this visit from the undead.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.46.27 PM
One day I dream of a love so true that my person will celebrate my birth by posting pictures of cats, sandwiches and donuts. This tribute to Ingrid Nilsen from Hannah Hart is very sweet.

Squaaaaaad ??????

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Keep it classy, Angel Haze.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.45.53 PM
Jenny Owen Youngs’ hands perfectly capture how it feels to hear a story about Sex and the City from Carly.

Its 2001. Where your girl @?

A video posted by Vincent Van Gogh Hard (@kreayshawn) on

I don’t know, you guys, we haven’t checked in with Kreayshawn in a while – maybe it’s been too long (this is a video, worth watching).

rad. #officiallywinternyc

A photo posted by Jenny Shimizu (@jennyshimizu) on

Jenny Shimizu discovered the true spirit of Christmas.

"Home sick from 4th grade" vibe.

A photo posted by Cameron Esposito (@cameronesposito) on

Really into making new friends with this person at A-Camp, looks like we have a lot in common.

Join us next week, when Kreayshawn uses her time machine to figure out whose hair Jenny Shimizu found in the snow, among other mysteries.

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  1. I don’t think that either is a woman of color, but I’d recommend following the trans women who are in the transparent cast. They had some super sweet photos from last weekend’s SAG awards.

    Alexandra Billings:

    (^^^ she sometimes posts adorable photos with her wife and has some funny dub smash thingies)

    Trace Lysette:

    (^^^ EVERYONE CHECK OUT her recent videos vogueing at the SAG after party. Laverne Cox filmed the videos and you can hear her cheering Trace on/ see her finger wagging “Yaaas” off to the corner. The sisterhood of that moment brought me such joy)

  2. I maintain that Carrie Brownstein’s top billing for her 24-second appearance in Carol is the greatest thing that has ever happened since Mark Hamill’s top billing for his 24-second appearance in The Force Awakens.

  3. Kreayshawn video is funny to me cause my immediate reaction is I WANT THAT RINGTONE BACK ON MAH PHONE NAOW followed by ‘well shit I’m really a backwards dinosaur cuz I’ve never even used an app store or downloaded an app so how would I even get that on mah phone’

    I’m a such dreadful member of Generation Y.

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