No Filter: Amandla Stenberg and King Princess Arm Wrestle for the Throne

Happy Wednesday to everybody except this person.

like if the ending surprised you

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I’d like to take a moment to welcome King Princess to No Filter, nominated because of incredibly gay posts like this one.

*in my feelings*

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This photo speaks directly to my 90s angst-ridden teenage soul.


If you were hoping for a video in which Hayley Kiyoko announces, “Love the titties! The titties are great,” I have good news for you.

I say this without a trace of snark, Sara Ramirez sounds like a real treat. Here she is being a cool, supportive coworker.

On Wednesday’s We Wear Black. Normal People Scare Me. AHS8

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Oh i am CHAMPING AT THE BIT to get super invested in this season of American Horror Story and then completely give up four episodes in!!! Again!!!

Just your average All-American couple

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This is exactly the proper way to love Brittani Nichols, who spends every weekend in formalwear at a twee weekly wedding party that never ends.

Bite me. ???

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Gaby Dunn, Gemini nightmare, in the flesh. Possibly being the most herself she has ever been.

LJG has outgothed herself, nevermore.

@tingalayo and I “rehearsing” for newport folk performance. love you, joni.

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The level to which I am impressed by this performance is diminished somewhat by the stress level I get from iPad instruments.


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Oh hey, haven’t checked in on these guys recently, wonder what they’re – ZzzzzZzzzzzzzz

Here she is, your new Batwoman, the “Kristen Stewart type” we’d all been waiting for. Ruby Rose cannot act her way out of a paper bag (sorry), but I will 100% see The Meg because I fucking love shark movies, despite (or because of) the fact that shark movies have only one possible plot. Also, please click through if you’d like to see an Insta exchange in which Ruby agrees to give DJ Kittens her eyebrows.

Your pal Kehlani has been too busy playing with puppies and smoldering at the farmer’s market to return my texts, I guess.

Join us next week, mostly because I want to see who else ends up trading eyebrows???

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  1. You’ve out done yourself Stef! This column truly has something for everyone.

    Arm wrestling. Wonder Woman floating on a donut. Ellen Page with 4 legs. Goth girls. Floral dresses. Blazers. An angel singing in a car.

    We are truly blessed.

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