New Autostraddle Merch for the 2013 Holigay Season: Hoodies and Flasks


The holiday season is upon us! Here at Autostraddle, we like to celebrate this time of year by working our little butts off to get fun new things in our store for you — and for us! Because your purchase directly supports us and helps us keep on and carry on.

So here’s the report on the latest and greatest merch that is now in our store for purchase:

Navy A-Camp Hoodies

First up: these amazingly soft and perfect-fitting navy A-Camp hoodies for all humans to enjoy, regardless of whether or not you attended A-Camp or even know what it is! These hoodies are comparable to Alternative Apparel hoodies (80% cotton, 20% polyester) and are a unisex fit.





See how cute everyone looks in our A-Camp hoodies?! The navy hoodie is just the latest in our set – we create a new logo for each new A-Camp event, of which we’ve had four so far. So once these run out, that’s it!

Navy A-Camp Hoodies are available for $48 in The Autostraddle Store.

‘You Do You’ 6oz Stainless Steel Flasks

A flask is a must-have functional accessory. I think I own three flasks now. My first one was 4oz capacity and while it’s the easiest to conceal, it just doesn’t hold enough for a entire night out. Especially if you share your booze! So we got these 6oz stainless steel flasks engraved and imprinted with black ink for our store because even if you already have a flask, you probably need this one as well. Just saying.


This flask can fit in the back pocket of my tiny black jeans, y’all. Don’t judge, you do you.

“You Do You” 6oz Flasks are available for $18 in The Autostraddle Store.

*Flasks will begin shipping the first week of December*
If you order another item in addition to a flask, it will ship separately!

As always – thanks for supporting us and happy holigays!

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  1. You guys, I think those hoodies are adorable but what’s with the flasks? I really wish Autostraddle didn’t glorify drinking so much. :( We’ve got a real substance abuse problem in our community and focusing on the consumption of alcohol and weed as hallmarks of being OMG young and fun! isn’t helping.

    • I don’t know, acknowledging that people use intoxicants =/= glorifying addiction. Like, if all the AS store sold was pipes, flasks and whiskey kitten stickers I would agree with you, but people who are sober have lots of other options. I would like to see a column on AS about getting sober in the queer community though. I think that would be a interesting read and would help balance that perception that queer culture is necessarily a drug culture.

      • Well, here’s four articles we have on the topic!
        On Sobriety, Recovery and The Art of Not Dating
        How to Have a Sober Social Life
        Experiments in Sobriety Or, This Is When I Admit That I Have a Drinking Problem
        If Lindsay Lohan is “Pathetic,” Then So Am I: What It Feels Like for a Drug Addict


        @gigi – we made flasks because customers asked for them and we liked the idea! as dane said, it’s the only item in our store related to drinking, so there are heaps of other options.

        • I know, and I understand that not everyone HAS to be sober. I do feel like I’ve been seeing a lot of Autostraddle articles about drinking/drugging lately, and it worries me, especially since 1) I know a lot of younger folks are readers (and I agree with Dane that the perception of queer culture as drug culture is a tough one to shake) and 2) the holidays are upon us and that is a tough time to be sober, y’all.

          Anyway, thanks for acknowledging my concerns!

        • I agree with Gigi that the booze posts on here seem to be a bit excessive lately. To me alcohol is pretty gross for the most part. Drunk people are stupid at best and scare the fuck out of me at worst. I am bewildered when drinking is promoted as a fun thing to do. I would say pot is a million times better. I’ve never feared for my safety from people smoking something.

          Also, in support of Gigi the flask was described as “a must-have functional accessory” which a silly thing to say.

        • Ha, I wondered about the “must-have” bit as well (I don’t have a flask, and I’ve never felt the need for one, personally). ^_^

        • y’all realize you can put literally any liquid in a flask right? you can put almond milk in a flask. you can… do… you! you can do you! we can all do we! oh man it’s great!

        • Alright you got me! I am silly person so I wrote a silly sentence about how you need a flask because I’m trying to make a living here!

        • Erin’s comment seems pretty judgmental to me. I get that you must have had some pretty bad experiences around drunk people that probably would have been better if they were sober, and you should stay away from that type of person (not just when they have been drinking because scary drunks are almost guaranteed to be assholes sober). I can also get not wanting to drink or drink to excess yourself. I honestly don’t drink that much anymore. However, saying that the best a drunk person can be is stupid is a pretty snobby view on social interactions and fairly insulting. I have really fond memories of late night drunken conversations with friends that were honestly a lot deeper than many conversations we have had sober. Don’t drink or hang out with drunk people if you don’t want to, but don’t judge those that do.

        • Drinking moronic and valuless to me. It causes people to do incredibly stupid things to themselves and to others. Nothing of any worth comes from booze and I hope that someday it goes the way of smoking. No longer gloified in TV and movies.

        • @Anna, no one is judging you for wanting to have super deep convos with your besties while you consume a bottle of schnapps or whatever, I promise. I’m not sure why you’re so hostile to the idea that some people don’t want to be around drinkers or drinking paraphenalia–we’re as entitled to that choice as you are to getting schwasted (like, within reason and when you’re of age, obvs).

          (P.S. When you get a little older I hope you’ll realize you don’t need booze to create memories; in fact, you’ll remember more and make deeper connections if you lay off the sauce.)

        • @Gigi, I think you missed the first half of my comment where I said that I understand not wanting to drink or be around drunk people and that I don’t drink very much anymore. When Erin said “Drunk people are stupid at best” it came across as very judgmental. I don’t think I am mistaken in thinking that that part is pretty loaded. I then gave an example of times when I have been drunk that I consider valuable life experiences to counter the notion that there is nothing beyond stupidity in drinking.

          Your comment is also incredibly condescending. You responded to my comment that a part of Erin’s comment was judgmental, while acknowledging the truth in other parts of it, with a personal attack. Classy. I wasn’t attacking (or even challenging) either your or Erin’s preference to not be around alcohol or “drinking paraphernalia.” Seriously, you do you, I don’t give a shit. Although, based on the ratio of “I want less alcohol content” to “Yay, flask!” comments I think you are fighting a losing battle.

          My friendships are able to exist and grow from multiple settings and frames of mind. I don’t have any friendships that require alcohol to flourish. The friends that I go to museums; watch sports; watch TV; go hiking; stay up all night studying (thank god that stage of my life is over); and talk about hopes, dreams, fears, etc. with are the same friends that I get “schwasted” with. Maybe when you get a little older you will realize that you can have multifaceted friendships that can exist both with and without alcohol.

    • I drink because I like the taste! Not to get drunk, or for social anxiety. Just because I bought an AS flask doesn’t mean that I’m abusing alcohol. It’s fun to go on a winter hike and then whip out some ice-cold bourbon and pretend I’m in the Alps. Cheers!

  2. Is there a tentative date when the 2014 calendars will be available for pre-order? I couldn’t see them in the store yet

  3. The flask may just have to be a replacement for a different one I lost over the summer. I’m currently flaskless. Unacceptable.

  4. You know, I write one of the liquor columns for this site and I don’t have a flask, not a single one? Maybe it’s time I change that…

  5. Perfect timing with the flask, since the You Do You sticker on my other flask is finally starting to peel and come off.

  6. Perfect timing with the flask, I have to spend a week in North Carolina with family and I’m going to need alcohol to get through that and keep my sanity.

  7. AS Flask! It will be my second favorite flask! I’m really excited about this!
    (My first favorite flask is hidden inside a fake Bible on the shelf in my office. Some of you know why this is particularly hilarious. It contains Jameson.)

    Also, for the Merch God(dess)s: I put a You Do You sticker on the back of my cellphone case and it got lots of ooos and ahhs from the Albany Straddlers. The sticker got scratched to shit and peeled off (very sad) but it was awesome for a few months. Anyway, AS cell phone case, could be a thing.

  8. I was out shopping the other day (thank you holigay bonus) and I almost bought a new hoodie. Suddenly I remembered all the talk of Alex designing a new AS hoodie.

    So basically, sorry Nordstrom rack, but I’m giving all my monies to autostraddle.

  9. I want the flask!!!!!
    I’ll ask my gay uncle to buy it for me since he’s in los angeles right now and It’s easier that way. that flask will be my accessory everywhere i go.

  10. Hello Autostraddle!
    I would really like to buy myself an Autostraddle t-shirt but as a closeted babygay living with my parents, I do not want to receive a BIG GAY PACKAGE at my doorstep. Does anyone know how big/gay the packaging is?
    Thank you!

    • Not big and gay at all. It comes in a kraft-colored bubble mailer. I think we can also hide the “” name as well, if you’d like! Leave us a note in the check out in our store and we’ll have you covered!

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