My Top Seven Comics-Based Halloween Costumes for 2014

by rory midhani

by rory midhani

Halloween is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to pick out a costume and get dressed up. If you want to look awesome and have a fun time showing off your nerd cred, there aren’t a lot of ways better than dressing up as one of your favorite comic characters. Because of that, I thought I’d spend this week suggesting some of my favorite comic-inspired costumes for Halloween this year. I mean, obviously you could just dress up as Batwoman or Ms. Marvel or Storm (and that would be awesome), but if you really want to get creative, why not try out one of these costumes?

Gotham Academy Student

Gotham Academy is one of the coolest new comics out there. And the art and character design are a major part of why. It follows the adventures of Olive Silverlocke and her fellow students at the prestigious, and possibly haunted, Gotham Academy. In a lot of ways, this is basically just a regular schoolgirl costume, but you’ll feel cool and nerdy about wearing it. Sure, you’ll have to make your own Gotham Academy crest, but you can just draw one on a patch and sew it on.

Douglas from Terrible Terrible Terrible

I was going to do Clementine from this wonderful online comic series by Lauren Monger, but I couldn’t find any opossum masks online. What’s up with that? I could find a squirrel mask, though, and this is a great costume for all the bois out there. This is a pretty easy costume, and other than the mask, all the clothes are eminently re-wearable (unless you’re the kind of person who wears squirrel masks, then you can go ahead an re-wear that one too). You can add whatever patches you want to personalize the costume and make it look way more hardcore. Also, it was hard finding a hat that actually matched the shoes. Now, I’m sure Douglas probably got most of his clothes from thrift stores, friends or other cool places, but I’m not as punk rock as him.

Kate Beaton’s Surly Wonder Woman

I love Wonder Woman and I love Kate Beaton’s take on Wonder Woman possibly even more. She’s funny, she’s tough, she’s honest and she always speaks her mind. This is pretty much your average Wonder Woman costume. The only real difference is that you also have a really bad attitude. This is the perfect costume for someone who has to go to a Halloween party, but really doesn’t want to talk to anyone there, or even be there.

Young Selina Kyle from Gotham

Just like the show this costume comes from, this costume mainly relies on a complete lack of subtlety. Even though your outfit is very reminiscent of Catwoman’s classic costume, even though you’re carrying around a toy cat and even though you already told everyone that you are Young Selina Kyle when you first came in, you’ve got to keep reminding everyone that you talk to that when you grow up, you will be Catwoman. BECAUSE YOU ARE CATWOMAN.

Lying Cat from Saga

Saga is one of the best comics of all time, and Lying Cat is one of its best characters. This is essentially a cat costume, but with the added bonus of getting to call everyone else at the party a liar. Last year Lizz explained how a bodysuit is the ultimate last minute Halloween costume, and here, that’s pretty much all you need. I mean, I guess you can wear whatever you want, as long as you have the cat ears and call people a liar.

A Lumberjane

Join everyone’s favorite summer camp for hardcore lady types! I’m pretty sure everyone who’s read this superb comic wishes that their early teen years had been spent like this (or maybe that’s just me? Everyone wishes they spent their girlhood making friends and fighting monsters, right?). Now, you can, if only for one night. Plus, this costume gives you options, as the girls wear different shorts or skirts depending on their personal style. And of course, no Lumberjanes costume is complete without Lumberjanes Scout Badges! You can either make your own or buy a set!

Luci from The Wicked + The Divine

Do you want to take advantage of your cute Alternative Lifestyle Haircut and dapper fashion sense? Just dress up as this super badass young Brit who’s also a reincarnated version of Lucifer. This is perfect if you want to have a costume that’s both super fashionable and touches on the spooky side of the holiday. Also, if you’re not reading this comic, you need to start right now.

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  1. Cannot express my need for the Lumberjanes badges enough…but they’re sold out :'( I’ll pop them on my Christmas list and hope they’re back in stock by then.

  2. OH MY GOD so I was totally going to be Poison Ivy for Halloween (like every other nerdy red head on the planet)but now I REALLY WANT TO BE LYING CAT.

    also i really want to be izabel one year, it’s going to happen!!!

  3. I was thinking of going as a SHIELD agent this year but now I’m quite sold on the idea of being Rosie the Riveter. I thought long and hard about Ms. Marvel before deciding that it was too much work :P

  4. ATTENTION FRIENDS: this year, with the help of my vaguely reddish hair and adorable alternative lifestyle haircut, I am going as TINTIN which is going to be the greatest Halloween costume of my life, probably.

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