Mal Blum Is Coming to A-Camp and So Are These Other Amazing Humans!

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Mal Blum

EXCITING NEWS, QUEERMOSsinger/songwriter we love Mal Blum is coming to A-Camp in May! I know, we can hardly contain ourselves either. In addition to performing, Mal will be conducting a songwriting workshop that I’m sure will be both instructive and full of feelings. Of her 2013 album Tempest in a TeacupAutostraddle Music Reviewer Sarah Hansen noted, “It’s so good, you guys.”

Look at this adorable human. Look at her. (photo by Beth Hommel)

Look at this adorable human. Look at her. (photo by Beth Hommel)

Mal Blum sings about feelings and heartstrings, and also about zombies, cats, vegans, Valentine’s Day and parties that suck. She’s released four albums since her 2007 debut “The Malblum Album,” tours like a maniac and has played with Melissa Ferrick, Amanda Palmer, Kimya Dawson, Allison Weiss and Jenny Owen Youngs. If you go to an all-women’s college, I feel like there is a 100% chance that Mal Blum has played at your school. We’re so happy to welcome Mal into our A-Camp family, and invite you to prepare to fall in love with Mal Blum on Mount Feelings by immersing your whole face in her facebook / tumblr / twitter / bandcamp / website. 


A-Camp Staff

Our camp staff is shaping up to be quite spectacular and our “special programming” is gonna be off the hook.

We’re especially excited to bring on writer and interior decorator AB Chao, a blogger who runs her own design camps all over the country and has had her work featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Bon Appetit, Apartment Therapy and Uppercase Magazine.



We’ll also be joined by Aja, the femme fashion icon behind Fit for a Femme who has written for this website right here and also for Qwear. Tell me you haven’t dreamt about having a one-on-one style session with this person at least six times.


Obviously we are bringing them up the mountain for their many talents, but I’m personally THRILLED for their attendance because with these two on board and Laneia eternally on board, we can finally have a legit Queer Moms panel.

Hey, look at these cats!


If you applied for a campership, we’ll be looking through those applications this week and notifying the winners the ensuing week. We also have a few more special campership opportunities to announce! WE CAN’T WAIT WE’RE SO EXCITED.

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  1. OMG I’m so excited. I didn’t even know you could be more excited since that post that A Camp is 100 days away. OMG FAAREAKING out (with anxious on the side) But this is so awesome!!!!!

    You guys I think A Camp is taking over my life. The other night I had a dream. I drove to some house near the mountains and there were cats and a garden then Marni was there on guitar and Riese was doing some zine and there was Mey and Ali hosting games and someone came to the room I was in to say we were meeting in the hall cause it was a pre meetup for camp and then the bus rolled into the driveway.

  2. Guys, for a moment I thought I wasn’t included in the staff picture because I couldn’t find my name. It’s clear my intense excitement about camp has clouded my rational thinking.

  3. I was looking forward to coming for months and months ever since I discovered this website! Even though I live in London, but this looks like the best thing ever!

    But now it turns out it’s less than a month after my top surgery so it’s a Bad Idea.


  4. I think about camp every day. I didn’t think it was possible for me to be more excited. Then you tell me Mal Blum is going to be there. What are you trying to do to me? It’s like I’m jumping as high as I can on a trampoline, internally.

  5. I’m so excited that I’ve gone full circle and am no long being giddy and weird, now I’m just flopping around sighing super loudly and only ordering take-out.

    What have you done to me, A-Camp??

    i mean everyone who consents to that. which i feel hopeful will be a good sized mutually teary group of folks! i have never been more sure that i will have similarly matched emotions with a particular group of people before meeting them.

    you guys, i’ve never actually been to camp. any camp.
    i am a delicate freshman to the world of campistry.
    ready to learn.

  7. So, I’m in the process of getting a job. I’m fairly certain tomorrow I’m going to get an offer, and if it’s generous enough, I’m accepting.

    I guess, what I’m trying to say is, I am leaving it up to God to see if I’m going to A-Camp this year. ‘Cause if registration’s still open by the time I get my first paycheck, you better believe I’m going to be there!

    So here’s to hopin’ it’s still open in 2 weeks or so!

  8. This may or may not be the right place to say RACHEL R every time I see you comment/your small icon I think you’re Rachael Rapinoe (Megan Rapinoe’s super cute gay twin) just wanted to get that out there

  9. I can’t waaaiiit for cammmpppp! To be honest i’m not into any pop culture & so am very out of the loop, so i don’t really know any of these people who are going to be coming (i mean, with the kind-of exception of having some of the staff sometimes commenting on my comments; does that even count?), but whatever, i’m excited & will be a nervous awkward mess around everyone regardless of who they are c:

    That means i will just be a nervous awkward mess around everyone. It’s not you, it’s me.

    (internal high-pitched noises go here)

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