Listling: Most Hilarious Synonyms For “Vagina”

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1. altar of love
2. bacon sandwich
3. bag of tricks
4. beaver cake
5. coffee shop
6. blind alley
7. tool box
8. artichoke
9. cookie jar
10. finger pie
11. fuzzburger
12. dormouse
13. Holiday Inn
14. golden doughnut
15. hanging basket
16. ladder
17. magpie nest
18. muffin
19. papaya
20. rag box
21. rubyfruit
22. split apricot
23. sugar basin
24. velvet underground

As found in Outbursts!: A Gay and Lesbian Erotic Thesaurus, by A.D. Peterkin.

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    25. elephant mouth
    26. lube tube
    27. dew drop
    28. tunnel of love
    29. clambake
    30. chamber of secrets
    31. danger zone
    32. hobbit hole
    33. hen house
    34. shocker locker
    35. the english channel
    36. den of iniquity
    37. snakehole
    38. glitter factory
    39. three hole punch
    40. venus in furs

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    “Erotic” thesaurus though? Most of these are hilarious but in a very un-sexy sort of way. Idk unless the term “fuzzburger” gets you going…

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    Words I have seen being used:
    Cream factory
    Soft shell tuna tacos
    Fish market
    Sweet and Lo

    I also know a few slangs for it other languages, but I think that’s for another time.

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    Some of these names are cute mostly because I like eating them (hehe),but most of them are making me nauseous. I never thought I would say that when I was talking about vagina.

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    My friends in Asia send me names like Fodi, Puchi, puchhi, pundi, Pundai, chuut, cheeri etc belonging perhaps to various languages of India.They have thousands of dialects; so perhaps equal number of names used for vagina too.

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