Lil B Isn’t Gay But His Hip-Hop Album Is, Pink Toenail Pride & X-Tina’s Gay Star For Sunday Funday


Bay area rapper Lil B decided that homophobia needs to end in hip-hop so he wrote an album and called it I’m Gay. Like many of you are probably thinking, GLAAD also hopes it isn’t a gimmick. But Lil B appears genuine:

I’m an ally to the people, and yes, I am an ally. I am a man that loves women, but I am an ally. I am not interested in men, but I do support men and women and any choices that they make that are positive. I don’t support violence and I don’t support negative energy. I don’t support people putting other people down. I’m a supporter of GLAAD and the gay community. It’s major love. I have love for the community and I have love for people in general.

MTV claims Lil B isn’t the first rapper to stand up for gay rights, but they also cite Eminem’s friendship with Elton John as an example of that, which, um, idk. Is that a thing now?

It’s interesting that Lil B would call his album I’m Gay despite repeatedly claiming he’s not gay, maybe he should’ve named it I Support Gays instead. Although it’s not very catchy. What do you think; is he genuine or is it a gimmick?

Read NY Magazine’s interview with Lil B here.


If you recall, a few weeks ago J.Crew ran an ad showing president and creative director Jenna Lyons and her son painting his toenails pink, which caused some people to get their panties twisted in a knot over gender stereotypes, because, you know, boys can’t paint their toenails pink without it turning them into raging homosexuals. Last week Adam Lambert said something very important to this effect, as we reported.

Anyways, the good news is that on Friday 7,718 people painted their toenails pink to commend J.Crew for their awesome ad. Sarah Hoffman even saw a guy wearing a pink cast for the occasion! He probably broke his arm in solidarity!


Hollywood apparently has a Gay Walk of Fame, and Christina Aguilera is the first one to have her hand and foot prints into the sidewalk, which, by the way, is in front of The Abbey. You may have heard of it? The Real L Word girls liked it there.


Here’s a heartwarming story about a woman who thought she was straight but sometimes-had-sexual-fantasies-about-women who fell in love with another woman, they got gay civil unionized, and lived happily ever after. Also she believes in sexual fluidity: I still felt attracted to men, still turned my head if a gorgeous man walked into the room. This applies now as much as it did then. There wasn’t ever a lightbulb moment when everything suddenly became clear and I decided I was gay. There are so many layers to sexuality that it takes time to find one’s was. Had I always been bisexual but it had just been so suppressed that even I was blind to it?


The Office‘s 7th season finale is coming up. This is a “landmark” because Steve Carrell will no longer be on the show after this. Who will replace Michael Scott as the boss at Dunder Mifflin!? Speculation abounds as more and more guest stars are added to the 50-minute season finale, now including Jim Carrey, Will Arnett, Ricky Gervais, and more.

will the office still be good without michael scott


Maybe you love Harry Potter as much as we do and think he changed your life. If so, you will be excited to learn about Dear Mr. Potter, a soon-to-be book compiled of letters from fans about how Harry Potter changed their lives. The book is already close to 200 pages long.

Along with fans from around the world, “Dear Mr. Potter” also features letters from Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood), New York Times-bestselling author John Green, Leaky Cauldron webmistress and author of New York Times-bestseller “Harry, A History” Melissa Anelli, Andrew Slack of the Harry Potter Alliance, Paul DeGeorge of Harry and the Potters, Andrew Sims and Eric Scull of MuggleNet, and Esther Earl’s mom, Lori.

Dear Mr. Potter: Letters of Love, Loss, and Magic is set to be released July 1, 2011 and is now available for pre-order.


As per Rachel K’s instructions, I found a video of an otter (meeting another otter!), and threw in a picture of a panda for good measure.

by mabner09

Sidenote, have you guys ever been to Because that URL is severely misleading.

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  1. I think he’s saying “I’m gay” the way people say “We’re all Gaza” or “We’re all Matthew Shepard”. And that’s nice. We need allies and we need people who’ll make the fight for human rights and equality their priority, even if they’re not directly affected by it.
    Mainstream hip-hop is geared towards hella homophobic peeps, so he’ll definitely have a positive impact in my opinion :)

  2. props to lil b for confronting homophobia in hip-hop and sparking some conversation on a long overdue topic.

    also, i nominate julie goldman for new office boss. how awesome would that be?

  3. Woah, so otter = hairy-chested man? You learn something new everyday…Also, I like the tiny furry animals much better. Definitely.

  4. Ok so, can we talk about how the music for that otter vid makes me think I’m about to get the otter news headlines.

      • Well it’s about time! Otterwise how else would they keep up with the booming american ottermobile industry?

          • i’m trying to figure out if i can drop a “we don’t give a dam” pun but it’s 4 in the morning and don’t wanna google if otters also build dams

            i’m only familiar with the home hardware habits of beavers, you see

          • terracottatoes, you otter know these things, but since you dont, no, otters dont build dams. there, now you dont have to worry about dropping your dam pun.

  5. After I read the interview Lil B did with NY Magazine all I can say is, What a douche. Ally or not that dude came off as an arrogant douche.

    • i agree. he just comes off as arrogant. “the first heterosexual hip-hop artist ever to support the gay community.” ?? has he done his research? there are many gay hip hop artists out there. if he is truly supportive, he should take them on tour with him.

  6. AH! Why did you do that and not tell me? I thought dailyotter=daily pictures of a lot of cute and fluffy animals. Gah. Warning next time? That was sooooo heterosexual.


  8. I noticed that in birds, the bright pink, flamboyant ones are generally male. Birds are increasingly trying to shove their left-wing identity politics down our throats.

  9. *blinks*

    Did I just see a positive artucle about lesbians from…the Daily Mail?! That completely managed to miss out homophobia and misogyny?!

    I need a lie-down, don’t think I can cope with the shock.

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  11. The Daily Mail even had another sort of pro gay article recently on the first civil partnership in Ireland, of all the newspapers, you’d never expect to see articles like that in that paper, they must have hired a gay or liberal writer, it makes a nice change, although I did notice that they rarely allow comments on these gay articles, probably too much internet hate going on.

    Also, on a completely unrelated point, is it really necessary to teach an otter to do tricks?!! Cant they just be left alone to swim around and do otter things like otters would ordinarily do!

  12. have you listened to his lyrics? or any of his songs on youtube? totally condoning the objectification of women and an emphasis on sucking his dick. well, yeah at least he is “confronting homophobia in hip-hop.” not! the problem of homophobia does not exist in a bubble. and it seems like a lot of the things he says forceful, hateful, or ignorant.

    and his rhymes are lazy. so is his delivery.

    • “he problem of homophobia does not exist in a bubble.”


      Also, who is going to take this guy seriously anyway? I watched his “cooking” video last night and that shit was redic

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