Let’s Get Proud: It’s Almost Autostraddle Pride Meet-Up Month!

Do you hear that sound? It’s the rattling of parade floats yet to come and the laughter of triumphant queers around the world known collectively as the rumble of LGBT Pride Month, and we want you to get in on the action and bring your whole crew — of fellow ‘straddlers, that is! Because as of right now, June — that special time when summer heat, extremely gay things, and big ol’ parties become one — is hereby Autostraddle Pride Meet-Up Month, and we want y’all to hang out all month long and be here, queer, and getting others used to it!


We’ve been hosting pride meet-up months for years, and every time y’all have a gay ol’ time. All the magic is made possible by queers like you — yes, you in the cute crop top with the ALH! — who step up and plan the Autostraddle meet-ups you want to see in the world. But have no fear, my qualm-filled queer! Corralling the queermos in your city is as easy as making homemade hummus. All you have to do is decide on a time, place, and activity, figure out how people should RSVP, and submit your event details to us. (If you need any help putting your event together, check out our handy-dandy events portal!)

The options abound, and the limit does not exist. Host as many meet-ups as you want! Go to as many or as few of the local pride events happening near you as you want, or make up your own totally rad event and tell people to come to that instead. You could have everyone show up in scissoring tees at the pride parade’s northwest corner; pick a brunch spot and have people e-mail you to RSVP for a seat at the table; or create a Facebook event and gather the queers at your house before the fundraiser in the park happening next weekend for your LGBT center.

We’ve created some graphics for you to keep things easy peasy lemon squeezy, too: A Facebook event banner, a Twitter image, and an Instagram image to help you promote the heck out of your super-amazing meet-up! (Bless you, Intern Raquel.)

If you’re not trying to be a hero and you’d rather show up at a stranger’s house before the parade then invite the weirdos over to yours, that’s okay, too! We’ll be posting all the events that come in under this tag on the site to help you keep tracks on what’s going on, and we’ll do our best to post events on Twitter and Facebook when they come in. You can also use our #AutoPride hashtag to connect with other queers in your city, lurk your fellow community members as they walk in their local pride parades, and brag about your own exploits like the Twitter celebrity you are. In fact, I encourage it. (And if you post tons of qt pics to that tag on Insta or Twitter, you may just find yourself in a future post on this very website! NEAT!)

Okay, kids. Go on and do what you do best: Make nice with each other! I’ll just sit back and watch and be in awe of your nice hair.

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  1. I had to do a little company-policy-blackmail, but I have half of this whole month off, and I’m def spending it driving up the Best Coast hopefully crashing some of these meetups!

  2. Hey, will anyone be in Madrid for Pride? I just realized the other day that the day I get there from Sevilla (for archival work) falls right in the middle of Madrid Orgullo. I’ve never been to a Pride parade or whatnot, and I’d love to know a face in the crowd.

    • Wow, and I think I might be in town for Sevilla’s too?! I swear, this wasn’t intentional, I planned this trip around the archives’ schedules, honest…

      …of course, I’d like to take advantage it, si me atrevo

      • When will you be there? I’m going to be at part of Madrid pride, but I’m leaving Madrid on June 30th. You can message me if you want!

          • Aw, bummer. Maybe next year!

  3. Anyone up for London Pride? Or Brighton Pride, which I’ve heard is less corporate/way better?

    I’ve never been to pride before and would love to not be the forever alone in the crowd :)

    • Anne

      I live in London now so planning to attend London pride this year.

      I caught it by 20 min last year by chance.

    • Anne

      I live in London now so planning to go this year.

      Last year I caught it for 20 min by chance.

    • I’m planning to attend Brighton (I’m hiking in the Pyrénées during London Pride).

      But I’m up for a meet up in London before the 25th if anyone is interested :)

    • @deesullivan @roisin
      Hey hi yes! I /may/ post something Pride-specific in the Facebook group (let’s get that thing active!), but if anyone was interested in just a random small-group or even one-on-one hang, I’d be totally down.

      Also! I did post something the other day about the Sky Blue FC vs Seattle Reign FC June 19th match…so if you’re up for a roadtrip to Piscataway, let me know!

    • Lisa

      This year will be my first pride in Philly and I’d love to make it my first meetup as well!!

  4. Al

    Long Beach pride(which I think is just as big as LA) already happened over the weekend. If I could make a suggestion for next year, maybe you can post this earlier in May? But, then again there also smaller prides going on in September and even October.

  5. Pamela

    My only problem with Pride is too much big name booze companies who are after our money vs local/small booze venders who are owned by queers.

    • Pamela

      Just saying this cause I hate budwiser, just awful beer in my opinion and they are the big pride sponsors in most areas.

    • I felt the same after my first pride but ask around ! There should be alternative events for those who want to celebrate without the commercial aspect of it !

      • Lex

        There was a bar in my area that had a cover charge for a special Pride thing in an upstairs area and it went to DV shelter. I think it was the DV shelter, but it could have been Planned Parenthood.

        Either way that seems like good idea for an alternative event, a Pride party that with an entree fee that goes to a good cause.

    • This is how I feel about Columbus pride. I’ve been going for nearly 6 years now, and every year it just seems like more and more beer stands/floats than anything :\

    • you’re not wrong but I also never throw money at the rainbow catnip toys either I just go to take in the spectacle and then go to parties at friend’s houses.

  6. Oh AS you temptress. I’d been bandying around the idea of hosting a London Pride meet up and hadn’t fully committed to anything- maybe I will now seeing as you asked so nicely…

    • I’m in NC, but the Triad, not the Triangle :(. I can get down to Carrboro/Chapel Hill, but Raleigh-Durham is simply too far.

  7. Well, I already went to my town’s pride, incidentally my first ever, earlier this year. It was in February, cold and raining, in a town with no gays. I couldn’t have been happier.

  8. They have Pride in October here for some reason. Though it used to be in June. :p

  9. Man, next year I have to make a point to be on the ball and start making noises about a Phoenix Pride meetup, since ours happens so much earlier (this year it was the first weekend of April- by the time Pride Month rolls around, it’s way to hot to really want to do anything outside for that long).

    • Omy

      Maybe we should host a Phoenix thing anyway, like a brunch??

  10. Siona

    I know we’ve got the meet-up going on in July, is there anything else going on for folks in Columbus before then?

  11. Lex


    Classes start up for me in June so I doubt my ability to be super available and on the ball enough to organise anything, but I can try to show up.


    I will be attending Greekfest and Sunday if your fun budget is low you can get in for free if you wear a toga. If anyone wants to try to meet up or run into each other there let me know. My Hermes costume isn’t happening this year but I can still make myself stand out from a crowd.
    Not as drunken and colorful as Pride, but delicious and good time

    Baklava Sundae, gyro, souvlaki, feta fries, lamb by the pound, 3 vegetarian(one of them is not salad but like plate thing) and like twenty something Greek pastries. You can buy a big box, a medium box or little box with all kinda combinations of those pastries
    There’s always ouzo and elders sipping wine amusedly watching the young try to drink it.

    And yes the Baklava Sundae deserved to be capitalized always.

  12. KatieS

    I must admit, I avoid Toronto Pride like the plague.

    But I could possibly be compelled.

    • Hey Katie! I’m actually going to be in Toronto for Pride, so if you’re interested in meeting up or even just offering any pointers, hit me up!

  13. Long shot – anyone else gonna be at Tel Aviv Pride?!

    Stateside wise, I live in SETX but would love to meet up with Houston ladies!

    • Lauren

      Join the Houston FB straddlers page! I think we’re going to get together :]

  14. Liz

    Anyone in ATL want to meet up? I know Pride isn’t until October but it’d be fun to celebrate actual Pride Month…

  15. Mon

    I’m lucky to be going to both DC & London Prides (yay for inadvertently extra Gay vay-cay!)

    Would love to find out more about the happs in London as my friends & I have never been and are super hyped to visit. Thanks!!

  16. Hello folks! Dublin Pride, gang? I’m starting to organise a meet-up for that: let me know if you want to come along and hang out!

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