“Legends of Tomorrow” Episode 707 Recap: A Bouquet of Rosies

Welcome to this recap of Legends of Tomorrow season 7, episode 7, “A Woman’s Place is in the War Effort!” aka the one where we learn about Black Rosies.

We open where we left off last week, with Bishop on the Waverider’s only toilet, ejected into space and crashing into the first time machine ever built that was supposed to take the Legends back to the present day.

When the team learns that it’s Bishop who ruined their lives YET AGAIN, Ava scowls at him and Sara grabs him by the lapel, ready to pummel him within an inch of his life.

Sara and Ava glower at Bishop

I wouldn’t have been mad if Sara popped him in the nose just a little.

Bishop is saved, however, by the sound of voices fast approaching. They all scatter and shout distractions while they look for a door they can all disappear into. The first one they find is a portapotty but beggars can’t be choosers, so they all scurry into the mystical manner by way of latrine.

When they get into the manor, Sara immediately pins Bishop to the wall and asks him to explain himself.

Bishop claims he’s the good Bishop even though he also admits he is the one who shot down their Waverider and sent evil robots of historical figures after them. Bishop blames Gideon, which Human Gideon takes offense to, but then they realize it’s probably Blue Gideon from their walk down memory lane. Bishop takes an almost gross fascination with her human form and Astra, not for the first time and hopefully not for the last, puts her entire body between Gideon and danger.

Astra steps in front of Gideon

I am HERE for Big Sister Astra.

But they take him at his word, for now, and know that they have to stay as tight to the timeline as possible so they don’t attract Misguided Gideon’s attention.

To minimize their damage, Sara and Ava are going to go out and scout to figure out where and, more importantly, when they are. And hope that by some chance they’re near a time machine parts store so they can get home.

And even though they were sarcastic in that hope, they do end up at the next best thing: an airplane factory. Though being in the middle of WWII still isn’t ideal for a buncha queer folks and people of color, but at least they can maybe find the parts they need.

They wonder out loud how they’re going to make their way into the factory when a woman comes out and quite literally invites them inside, because there’s a recruitment fair. Problem solved!

Sara and Ava smile at the recruitment woman

Ava’s failed attempt to fake a smile is exactly the face I see reflected back at me at the end of virtual meetings at my day job.

Sara and Ava watch a recruitment video complete with a message from Eleanor Roosevelt, inspiring Rosie the Riveters everywhere to join the war effort.

When the video is over, Ava and Sara hop right up, ready to volunteer their way into the factory.

Sara and Ava smile and do the Rosie the Riveter pose

If this was on a recruitment poster, I’d join whatever it wanted.

Inside the manor, Flannel Zari takes advantage of this rare downtime to ask Nate when he plans on moving into the totem with her, and he says that he’ll do it as soon as they wrap up this mission and get back to the present. Pleased, she pops into the totem to prep the ancestors and swap out with Fancy Zari.

When Sara and Ava come back, Nate tells them about his plans to move in with Zari, and they’re so excited they squeal and it results in a full group hug. Nate promises this isn’t goodbye, that he’ll still be commuting from the totem every morning, but it’s a nice big step for his relationship with Flannel Zari.

Ava tells the team about the factory probably having the parts they need, and Spooner thinks she can find the components and make the parts with the machinery inside, so the Ladies of Legends (minus the Zaris, who are in the totem) suit up and head out.

When the squirrely man in charge sees the lot of them, he sends Ava and Sara and their arms to the factory floor, recruits cutie patootie Gideon as his new secretary, and then turns to Astra and Spooner, who await their assignment politely. But then he pulls some racist bullshit and tells them that they can’t work on the floor and sends them to the janitorial staff instead. Astra is quite sick of having to live in times where people are so blatantly and shamelessly racist right to her face.

Astra's fists turn red with rage

If Astra had set him on fire right here I would have been first in line singing the Cell Block Tango at the top of my lungs.

And on top of having to put up with all the racism and sexism, Astra is worried that now Spooner won’t be able to make the parts they need. But Spooner, somehow, has become the more optimistic one of the duo, and says that they can use this assignment to their advantage by using the mop buckets to smuggle out the parts they’re stealing.

Astra can’t help but be charmed but she does her best to retain some grumpiness as she tells Spooner she hates her. But Spooner sees right through that icy sheen now and simply beams up at her bff and says, “I hate you, too.”

Spooner smiles up at Astra

Honestly this exchange is the first between them that gave me “best friend” vibes instead of “totally in love” vibes.

Astra and Spooner’s new supervisor tells them that their shift is 12 hours, no breaks, and Astra has to cover her hair because they are professionals. (Note: I don’t think they ever said this woman’s name in the episode, and IMDb had her listed as Abby, but Olivia Swann, who plays Astra, and Kimleigh Smith, who plays the woman in question, both called the character Gladys in their Instagram captions, so I’m going to call her Gladys. Plus Gladys sounds very period-appropriate, based exclusively on the character Gladys “Princess” Witham.)

Inside the manor, Fancy Zari pops out of the totem and is excited to be reunited with her phone. When she learns that Nate is going to move into the totem, her and Behrad warn him about a particularly finicky uncle and decide to teach him a bit about Persian culture, lest he get kicked out of the ancient artifact.

And since they happen to have a very annoying house guest, they decide to use Bishop to help Nate learn by way of testing his patience.

Inside the aircraft factory (listen I guarantee there are going to be phrases that are simply not used but in my defense I hated history class and only paid attention to the social dramas of Bomb Girls so please ecxuse any errors), Sara and Ava are shown the ropes and put on an assembly line.

Sara sees a part they need and decides to dip out to bring it to Spooner, asking Ava to pick up her slack. As soon as she leaves, another woman asks Ava to cover her too, distracting her momentarily, and causing her to fall a bit behind on her conveyor belt. She tries to slow the belt down but ends up speeding it up by accident, so she panics and starts to shove bolts into her pockets. The foreman catches her so she shoves them in her mouth instead, and honestly it was a very nice homage to the classic I Love Lucy bit.

Ava makes a Lucille Ball face

Honestly I’d watch a sitcom webseries called I Adore Ava.

When Sara finds Spooner and Astra, she’s surprised to see them on janitorial duty, until she realizes why and feels really bad about it. Without hesitation, she tells them they can sit this mission out and stay in the manor until it’s over, not wanting her team to incur unnecessary harm, but Spooner and Astra say they can handle it, especially since they think their position will help them in the long run. Sara hands off the parts and heads back to the factory, but tells them that they can change their mind about bailing at any minute, no questions asked.

Just then, Gladys catches Astra and Spooner with their stolen parts and they think the jig is up. Just as Spatula is about to bail, Gladys softens a little and lets them know that they have a secret lab where they teach themselves skills and fix machinery to keep this place running, and that Spooner and Astra can use it as long as they’re careful and discreet.

Astra and Spooner look hopefully at Gladys

Don’t worry, “Careful and Discreet” is the Legends’ motto! Wait…

Astra is still a little hesitant but she trusts Spooner to get her home.

In the manor, Fancy Zari and Behrad do their best to teach Nate about Persian culture, and while he is a fast learner, Bishop is not making things easy. Nate isn’t sure how pretending to be a host to their hostage-turned-test-guest is going to help him with the Tarazi family, but Zari explains that a good guest makes a good host, and a bad guest can threaten to make a bad host.

At the factory, Ava and Sara are tired from all this womanual labor, but Spooner made one of the parts so she’s feeling great. Astra is frustrated though because it took them a whole day to make one part and they need 18 total.

Gideon is taking her job in stride and Astra decides to take advantage of that by using magic to fake a work order for Mr. Staples to sign.

Astra puts her hands out to do magic

Astra’s really making this prestidigitation spell work for her.

Staples comes back into the office before she’s done though, and hits her with an extra dose of racism and sexism, dragging Astra to the end of her rope, so she snaps and accidentally freezes him with some wild magic.

Astra feels real bad because this is trouble she didn’t ask for, so she calls in her captains for help. They immediately make it clear that they don’t blame her, which I appreciate because it stresses me out SO MUCH when it’s clear to me someone blames themselves for something that isn’t really their fault and no one takes a second to say “it’s not your fault” to them.

Astra doesn’t know what exactly she did, how she did it, nor how long it will last, so they decide to keep the factory running in the meantime, partially to take advantage of the lack of oversight so they can get their parts made and partially so they don’t cause any wrinkles in time that could attract Overeager Gideon.

Sara puts her hands out like "what could go wrong"

Me trying to get my D&D party to do something chaotic.

So Astra gets to work learning how to run the factory.

Meanwhile, Bishop is in the manor being gross and annoying and entitled in a way that makes me itchy, insulting everything from the towels no one told him he could use to Fancy Zari’s “retro” 2040s cell phone. And unfortunately for Zari, she’s in the middle of trying to teach Nate a lesson, so she has to grit her teeth and be polite to Bishop like when you’re around both jerks and children at the same time.

Team Riveters comes back to the manor in time for a Persian meal and Bishop is surprised that Gideon eats food, and even more surprised to learn that even though her body is 100% human, her brain and processing power are 100% AI. A fact that will come in handy later.

The next morning, Astra is trying to sort out all the dodgy dealings Mr. Staples had going on, and Gideon (now technically Astra’s assistant) doesn’t understand why humans keep so many secrets.

Gideon leans over Astra's desk

The human world? It’s a mess.

Astra wants to get the factory running more efficiently, and Gideon has some ideas based on some algorithms she has run, but she has the best idea and that’s the one she shares: they should ask the women actually on the floor how they think their work conditions could be improved. So they put up a complaint box that gets filled up real fast, and includes very reasonable requests like making the closest men’s room into a ladies’ room and providing coffee and donuts.

And while Astra works to improve things in the factory, Ava, Sara, and Spooner secretly work to make sure their time machine parts are being made.

Gideon confirms that their changes have improved the efficiency of the factory, but Astra has one more idea. She has Gideon put one last work order into effect: integrating the factory, effective immediately.

The foreman and the lead of recruitment immediately storm out, taking most of the workforce with them, causing Astra to second-guess what she thought was the best decision.

Astra looks upset

Tiktok has ruined me, so when I tried to think of a caption for this photo the first thing my garbage brain thought of was, “Oh nooo. Our factoryyy. It’s brokennn.”

I appreciate the touch of the recruitment leader being incredibly nice and welcoming to all the new (white) recruits the entire episode and then being the one to stage the walkout, because while it’s accurate to represent racists as grumpy white men, there are also plenty of polite and smiley white women who are just as racist. Just check the election breakdown of voters by race and gender.

Sara doesn’t care about the assholes who walked out, but Ava is worried that if production is slowed too much it will cause a glitch in the matrix.

Seeing production practically screech to a halt, Gladys storms into Mr. Staples’s office to ask what he was thinking when she finds Astra at the desk. Astra confesses that she took over when Mr. Staples found himself in a bit of a statue situation, and Gladys is stressed that Astra tried to do too much too fast. She says that slow and steady progress is the only progress that’s sustainable, and that with most of the women gone, they’ll lose the contract. But when Astra asks if that means Gladys doesn’t think her team can finish the job, she decides to rise to the occasion.

Gladys is sure that either way they’ll all get fired, but Astra says that if they can build the plane, she can secure their jobs.

Astra smirks at Gladys

Astra using the manipulation tactics she learned in hell for good instead of evil is delicious.

And so, they get to work.

A song about Rosie the Riveter plays as Gladys’s team hustles; they’re fast and efficient and making solid progress with the help of the few non-racists left, plus the Legends.

Speaking of the Legends, those who aren’t on the floor helping are in the manor making lunches for the women, and deliver them so they can take a very quick break without even getting down from the aircraft.

workers sit on the plane wing to eat

I tried so hard to get a nice, clean shot of this scene because it’s so iconic but Jes and Caity cannot control their faces long enough for both of them to be doing something normal in the same frame.

Behrad brings Astra her lunch in the boss’s office special, and catches her kicking herself for letting her anger put the livelihoods of all these women at risk. Behrad says her intentions were good, and that his life would be better if he had a little more of Astra’s fight. He tells her about his Bishop problem and asks what she would do with a man like that, and when she points to the frozen Mr. Staples, they realize they could maybe both learn from each other.

The women in the factories are starting to lose steam, but Astra comes down to the floor to give them a final rally cry. She tells them that she can’t promise them that the hammer won’t come down on them when the job is done, but they should still be proud of the work they did. When the racists walked out on them, they could have thrown in the towel, but instead they BUILT a PLANE. Built it! A whole airplane! And some boring white man finally (seemingly) allowing them to isn’t why they were able to. They’re able to because they are capable, strong, smart women.

Astra throws her arm up in the air in a rallying cry

She’s the King of New York! Wait, wrong decade.

So, fully rallied, they get back to work to push through to the finish line.

In the pocket dimension shaped like Constantine’s manor, Behrad takes Astra’s advice and channels his inner Queen of Hell, just enough to stand up to Bishop and tell him that he makes it hard to be a good host. Bishop hears this feedback, and apologizes by way of an interface he created that will help Davies’s time machine pick a specific point in time to jump to instead of their willy nilly leaps vaguely forward. It works by linking up with Human Gideon’s neural pathways, essentially making her an AI-turned-human-turned-computer.

Bishop admits he’s not great at interpersonal human relationships, hence his predilection for clones and robots, so he thanks Behrad for calling him out and they call a truce.

Fancy Zari, however, can’t accept such a thing because her phone was sacrificed to this machine of his against her will.

Fancy Zari looks annoyed

Sorry you were stuck with the boys this week, bb.

Time is running out in the factory, but they push through and finish just in time.

Unfortunately, this is also the exact moment that Mr. Staples wakes up, and he. is. FURIOUS. But before he can fire everyone and get them out of the hangar, Elenaor Roosevelt shows up with Time Magazine in tow, excited to check out the ladies’ work. And her full-hearted enthusiasm warms Astra’s heart.

Astra and Gladys beam

I would do things that would send me directly to hell just to keep this beautiful queen smiling.

Gladys is worried about this whole situation but Astra learned something from Behrad, and knows that Eleanor Roosevelt being their guest will make Staples a good host, and while he politely tries to remove himself from any blame of faulty craftsmanship, the colonel says that the plane is one of the best he’s ever seen, so Staples is quick to jump on board and take some of the credit.

As they all gather for a photo of this momentous occasion, Eleanor plays along and thanks Staples, wondering aloud how lucky they are to have men to lead them in such times, but she gives Astra a big wink; she knows damn well the women were in charge here.

Once the rest of the workers leave, Spooner, Ava and Sara congratulate Astra on a job well done.

Spooner, Ava and Sara toast to Astra

Gosh I love this band of misfits so much.

Davies is still mad about the toilet thing but temporarily allows a truce with Bishop because of his peace offering of the navigator being able to read Human Gideon’s thoughts and direct them to a specific place in time.

When Fancy Zari meets Davies for the first time, she’s furious no one mentioned that he looks exactly like her ex-boyfriend, but no one else thinks he looks anything like Contantine. Which continues to be a bit I enjoy very much. “Doesn’t look like anything to me.”

Before she leaves for the night, Gladys pulls Astra aside to thank her for today, and to revise her earlier advice. Not all progress is slow and steady, sometimes it’s a fast and furious act of rebellion. And even though it wouldn’t have been how Glady approached the situation, Astra should never change and just keep being herself, since she’s beautiful inside and out. Including letting her curls free.

Astra smiles at Gladys

She’s got one hand in her pocket and the other one has my heart in a vice grip.

While the Legends are celebrating, they realize that they integrated the factories too years too soon, and at the same time some figures dressed in black slink into the warehouse and try to shoot them to death. The party is split so Bishop talks Gideon through using his new contraption to just zip them across the factory onto the floor and a bit closer to the Legends. Ava wants Sara and Nate to run but Sara won’t leave Ava; not after the alien situation, not ever again.

Sara fiercely promises Ava she'll stay

“I will never leave you, I will never go away, we were meant to share each moment, beside you is where I will stay.”

Bishop climbs onto the plane to shoot the mysterious baddies from the newly built plane’s guns, giving the Legends the clearance they need to get to the time machine, but he gives Sara a look that lets her know that he’s willing to make this sacrifice as amends for the suffering he’s caused the team.

Sara exchanges a look with bishop

I know this moment was very serious but Gideon looking so sincere with a colander on her head is very funny to me.

And so the Legends use the time machine with the new Gideon upgrade to launch themselves to what they hope will be their present, but as soon as their gone, their attackers pull off their masks. And reveal that they are…the Legends! But evil! And probably either clones or robots created by Evil Gideon!

Evil Sara glowers

The CW’s age-old tradition of giving me villains I’m attracted to continues!

Which, not for nothing, but I sort of almost predicted back when the Waverider first got exploded by a rogue Waverider, though admittedly I thought somehow they were more directly linked, instead of a ricochet from a Bishop invention.

Either way, Legends of Tomorrow is now officially on winter hiatus, and will return with new episodes starting January 12th. See you then!

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