“Legends of Tomorrow” Episode 607 Recap: Love Like Legends

‘Allo and welcome to this recap of Legends of Tomorrow Episode 607, Back to the Finale Part II, aka the one where love never says die.

We pick up right where we left off, with Sara looking at her own dead body. Bishop feigns empathy, saying he’s been in that same position before, and encourages her to embrace her new clonely reality.

Speaking of clones, Ava is back on the Waverider in full mourning mode, crying and watching the video Sara made on David Bowie’s camera about proposing to her girlfriend over and over and over.

Ava moping in bed

How did they get this photo of me six months into quarantine?

Nate comes in to check on his depressed captain and in a relatable turn of events, despite being a deep well of despair, Ava asks if her friends are okay. Nate assures her that they’re coping in their own way, and reminds her that even though SeamlessGideon can deliver her anything, her friends are there for her for the things that can’t be provided by technology.

When Nate returns to the rest of the Legends, who are also mourning but in a staring-and-drinking way, though Spooner wishes they could DO something. They realize Behrad is missing from the group mope so Nate, who is apparently self-appointed “reluctant” interim captain (clearly a matter of seniority not superiority) decides to find him, and Zari, who is interim co-captain (which makes sense since they usually have two captains) goes with him.

They vaguely wonder if Sara’s demise means Mick is doomed too but Constantine assures them all that Mick is made of hearty stuff and more than likely has survived.

And sure enough, Mick is not only surviving, but thriving, as he is rolling around in a containment pod with Kayla. They poke their heads out and realize the air is back to normal so Kayla gets to work on fixing the ship. Mick wants her help to save Sara but that wasn’t part of their deal; her compromise is that she won’t leave without him…though this offer expires as soon as all the moons have set.

Kayla gives Mick a resigned and mildly annoyed face.

I’m going to start using the Faces the women on Legends make as responses to trolls on Twitter.

Sara is still trying to make heads or tails of Bishop’s “brilliant” plan to “save” humanity when Guard Avas show up. Bishop borrows one of their guns to kill his broken body so he could be reborn in his fresh clone body. Bishop then gives her his villain monologue, about wanting to make a world full of half-Sara-Lance, half-alien hybrids. Sara…super does not want this.

Sara makes a "wtf dude" face

See what I mean? These “wtf dude” faces are gold.

She tries to take her engagement ring off her old dead body but Bishop swipes it from her, saying it’s a reminder of her old life that she has to let go. Sara stands up to Bishop; she’s not going to just sit back and let him do this. She dies literally all the time, and her girlfriend is a clone, so neither of these things particularly faze her. So Bishop decides to tinker with his formula and make another version of Sara that will be more…agreeable .

Outside, Mick runs into some Ava guards and is ready to fight but it turns out it’s Gary and his band of rebel Avas so they join forces to go save Sara.

Elsewhere on the Waverider, the Legends can’t find Behrad, but they quickly put together that in his desperation to save Sara, he decided to go back where it all began to undo what’s been done. So the Legends follow his trail back to London 1977, the night we said goodbye to Charlie, now with 100% more Spooner.

They find Behrad, who is afraid they’re here to stop him, but in fact they’re here to help; because the only thing that makes a very good bad idea better is a couple of friends. They do establish some rules though: Ava can’t find out, and they can’t interact with their past selves, lest they Barry Allen the timeline.

As they try to piece together where they all were that night and if Sara was on her own at any point, Spooner realizes that if they do undo this, she’ll have never met the Legends, which she claims to be okay with.

Spooner shrugs off her potential disappearance from the team.

Spooner needs a lesson about not putting her emotions in little boxes from a certain sexy scientist.

Just then, Behrad remembers that he went on a smoke break at one point that night so now is a perfect time to try to get Sara. He finds her and tries to convince her to come back with him to the Waverider, but she’s a girl on a mission and nothing will stop her. She’s going to propose to Ava tonight, with her mom’s ring, and nothing will get in her way.

Behrad is moved by this but still really needs her to come with him until Ye Olde Ava from the original timeline comes out and pulls Sara back in to watch Charlie’s band play.

Legends of Tomorrow 607: Punk Ava pulls Punk Sara back inside

Gods I’m so grateful we went back to the Punk Look for another episode.

It was a solid first attempt by Behrad, but alas, a failed attempt.

Up on Bishop’s ship, Sara fights her way out until she runs into Gary and the Avas. She gives them a brief rundown of Bishop’s plan, and Gary isn’t sure an Avalance planet is all bad, but everyone ignores him and Nurse Ava tells Sara she might know how to stop Bishop. Sara is pleasantly surprised to find Mick in their ranks, but he tells her that “the ship sucked” without her, which is Rory’s way of saying “I love you, sis.”

In London, Zari confesses that she and Constantine can try for take two of Operation Stop Sara From Getting Abducted by Aliens, because there was a brief period of time where they had also peeled away from the group. When they find Sara, she’s throwing up in the bathroom because she’s so nervous about proposing to Ava. Zari and Constantine are supportive and encouraging…to the point that it’s incredibly sus.

Sara looks suspicious of Constantine

“I thought you were with Valerie on team LOVE IS A LIE?”

When Sara brushes them off and leaves, Zari tells Constantine as much, and realizes (because she’s super smart) that something is off and that Constantine doesn’t have his magic anymore. And that’s why he’s suddenly playing teacher’s pet; he thinks if they can reset the timeline, maybe they can reset his magic, too.

Zari sizes Constantine up.

Weekly reminder that I’m obsessed with Zari.

The second attempt to save Sara a bust, they leave the bar, but Ye Olde Ava sees one set of Zari and Constantine enter from an entirely different door at the exact same time. Knowing exactly what this means, she finds the Legends in the restaurant they made their base of operations and says she knows they’re not her Legends. She notices she’s not among the troupe and gets nervous that she’s dead but absolutely DOES NOT WANT TO KNOW maybe just a hint NO ABSOLUTELY NOT EVEN A NOD.

Legends of Tomorrow 607: Ava plugs her ears and closes her eyes like LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU

I don’t know exactly how Jes Macallan manages to be a put-together boss-type and also an absolute dork at the same time but here we are.

She starts chugging alcohol to black out in an attempt to forget she ever saw them, which perhaps should have been my first clue about how this mission should go, since very hungover after a blackout is how she started this season, but alas I hadn’t quite caught on just yet. Ava orders her team back to their original timelines and storms off.

Up in outer space, Sara and the Avas are setting up bombs around Bishop’s ship and Sara cuts her hand and watches it heal up with incredible speed. She has a kernel of fear about what this could mean and tells the team to hold their explosion plan while she runs in to talk to Bishop real quick.

Sara glares at Bishop

This is how I glare at my Twitter timeline most of the time.

First, she Hermione punches him square in the nose. Then she demands to know what he did to her. He explains that he spliced her DNA with alien DNA, which he’s been trying to explain to her all this time, so she punches him again.

She wants to be human again, and he wants her to imagine what they could accomplish together. Realizing she won’t be winning this fight, she takes her ring back from him and heads off to make her own human-only clone version of herself.

Sara power squats over Bishop's prone body.

Queen takes Bishop. Checkmate.

Sara finds Nurse Ava and asks for her help making this clean clone of herself and at first Nurse Ava balks at the thought; she’s a helper, not a doer. But Sara encourages her, she knows she can do it. And what’s more, she trusts her to do it.

Legends of Tomorrow 607: Sara encourages Nurse Ava

I am HERE for the Ava Liberation Movement.

Trying to follow Ye Olde Ava’s orders and also save Sara, the Legends move on from trying to directly talk to Sara to perhaps trying to trick the aliens into abducting a mannequin sara full of fireworks. Zari thinks her brother’s desperate plans are getting a little out of hand, but luckily while he’s on that track, they realize they can send Spooner inside to keep an eye on things since she wasn’t there the first time around. They send her in with orders to not talk to Sara, but of course as soon as she’s settled at the bar, Sara sidles up right next to her.

Spooner looks starstruck by Sara

This would also be my face if someone as attractive as Punk!Sara got this close to me at a bar.

Sara asks this cute stranger for a distraction so Spooner tells her the truth as she knows it; that she was abducted by aliens as a kid and now she can hear and feel them, and that she’s afraid she’s turning into a monster that the people she lives with won’t be able to accept. She assumes by now Sara thinks she’s crazy but Sara says possibly the wisest thing Sara Lance has ever said: Crazy is the word people use when they’re afraid of what you’re capable of.

Sara tells Spooner that she understands what it’s like to be afraid of yourself, but that she’s just on the beginning of her journey. She tells her something that it took her years to learn herself: she shouldn’t go it alone. Spooner is worried about the what-ifs of hurting her friends, but Sara says that if you’re going to consider the negative what-ifs you have to consider the positives too; what if they accept and help her instead?

Sara smiles fondly at Spooner

I think Sara is going to be a good influence on Spooner, a thing I never would have thought I’d say come three seasons ago.

She admits to Spooner that she is planning on proposing to her girlfriend tonight, but she’s afraid that she’s still in the middle of her journey of figuring out who she is, not the end. She’s worried about hurting Ava, so Spooner turns her own advice back onto her: What if she helps her?

Spooner smiles smugly-but-kindly

Having a mirror held up to the advice I just gave is a little too relatable, Spooner.

Inspired by her new mystery friend, Sara runs off to propose, pausing to declare as much to David Bowie’s camera, which is where I personally finally caught on that this night is going exactly how it went for a reason; we were already in this timeline, this is already how it happened.

This theory is further proven by the fact that Behrad runs out for one last ditch effort to save Sara, calling her name, causing her to pause and break off from the group…and get abducted. Just as it happened.

Present-day Sara can sense that they’re running out of time and hurries Nurse Ava along, explaining that this new Sara will go with the Legends and the hybrid Sara that is talking right now will stay on Bishop’s planet. I’m not sure how she thought this would work, consciousness-wise, but Sara is a bit desperate and they’re running out of time.

Nurse Ava and Sara watch their time run out.

“Dear god is this ANOTHER ad for Superman & Lois?”

Meanwhile, Mick fries Bishop to a crisp, which he thinks is a win, but turns out his next backup plan was to upload himself to the cloud. So now it’s a race against the clock; and it looks like Bishop’s upload will finish before Sara’s download will.

When Mick sees what Sara is doing she explains that she technically died, which Mick is unfazed by, because of course she did. But the issue here is, she came back a monster. And it’s something that’s happened before, something that has always scared her; what if she loses control, what if she hurts the people she loves. She says her body isn’t her but Mick sees her leading and encouraging an Ava, making plans, worrying about her friends. Mick sees a survivor. Mick sees his Captain. Mick sees Sara Lance, his oldest friend.

And y’all I never thought Mick Rory would make me emotional but he says, “We need you, please,” and I almost lost it.

Sara tears up at Mick's profession of friendship.

As much as I hate to admit it because I’m still mad at her, Caity Lotz really brought it this episode. Top to bottom, well done.

Sara is also moved by this speech and tells the Ava to set off the bombs as they all run toward Kayla’s ship. When they get there, Nurse Ava says this is goodbye; this will be a planet of Avas now, and they’ll be okay. They’ll be better than okay actually: they’ll be free.

When they get to the ship, it looks like Kayla left without them, which bums Mick out, especially since the night aliens are fast approaching. But then Kayla appears and tells them that she just had to get the ship off the ground away from the aliens and is ready for them to board.

Seeing Kayla’s human form for the first time, Sara is duly impressed, and in another timeline Mick might have had some competition with his captain for her attention.

Kayla stands in the purple wasteland with her mask on and it's very attractive.

I would watch the apocalypse movie this shot would be the poster for.

Kayla drops her human form, though, to save them all from an onslaught of aliens, and they all make it to the ship…well, everyone but Kayla. They try to wait for her while they get the ship ready but the aliens don’t stop coming and Kayla is nowhere to be seen so they just…go. And I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Kayla but I still was surprised there wasn’t more of a moment of conflicted feelings about it. Maybe because Sara saw Kayla gobble a man up/got kidnapped by her. I’m still hoping she made it onto the ship and is just healing in a pod somewhere.

Down in Londontown, Behrad is bummed and Astra is doing her best to comfort him, though she is inexperienced at such things. But she does assure him that even though he failed to save Sara, it’s better than he tried and failed than never to have tried at all.

Astra smiles at Behrad

Astra/Behrad is an odd pairing I could get behind.

Up on the Waverider, Ava is still moping when the video of Sara starts to glitch. Ava feels more defeated than ever, and then she hears her favorite voice call out to her. She’s afraid to turn around, afraid she’s dreaming and that if she moves she’ll wake up and it will be over. So Sara comes to her instead, wrapping Ava up in her arms and promising to never go far from her ever again.

Legends of Tomorrow 607: Avalance; Sara leans into Ava

“What if we rewrite the stars? Say you were made to be mine. Nothing could keep us apart, you’d be the one I was meant to find.”

They hug and they kiss and they kiss and they lay on the bed and just revel in each other’s company for a while.

Until they realize the rest of the Legends are still MIA, so they go back to London 1977 to find them. The Legends are about to hold a memorial service of sorts, a toast to Sara involving their favorite stories about her, and in struts Sara, ready to hear these tales. Everyone rejoices, glad this arc of separation is over, content to have their Captain back.

Sara smiles as Zari and Astra look at her in disbelief.

I’m excited for more full-team shenanigans, not gonna lie.

As they walk back toward the Waverider, this time Ava clutching to Sara like she’s a balloon about to float away any second, Sara stops them and says she has something she wants to do before they go one more step.

Sara turns to the love of her life and gets down on one knee and Ava blurts out YES but Sara stops her; she has a whole thing prepared and she would like to get through it!

Legends of Tomorrow 607: Avalance proposal, Sara gets down on one knee with a little piece of yellow paper


I usually hate proposals (and wedding vows) in fiction, they always feel too saccharine or too fake to me, and I simply am not a cheesy romance kind of gal. But this proposal was Very Good. It feels hard-earned (and frankly would have BEFORE this whole seven-episode rescue mission, but even more so now) and like the genuine right next step for these two badasses.

Especially thinking of how far Sara has come, not only from the bratty socialite on Oliver Queen’s yacht, but from the Nanda Parbat-trained broody assassin, the ragey vigilante, the reluctant hero. And from the girl who made deep connections with women across space and time but kept them at arm’s length, never not meaningful, but never anything lasting. And now she’s down on one knee saying, “Wherever you lead me, that’s my home.”

It’s fucking beautiful.

Legends of Tomorrow 607: Avalance proposal, Sara gets down on one knee with a ring

“Tell the world that we finally got it all right, I choose you. I will become yours and you will become mine. I choose you.”

And once she’s finally allowed to stop holding her tongue, Ava bursts out the yes she’s been yelling since the moment she found Sara’s plan and they seal it with a kiss.

Legends of Tomorrow 607: Avalance proposal, Sara and Ava kiss with a backdrop of their team and fireworks

You know I don’t usually do a big group shot but this whole sequence was so lovely I HAD TO. Look at this tol and smol and their family behind them and the fireworks!! A bisexual ex-assassin and a lesbian clone, united! Queer heroes in love!!!! Happy Pride!!!!!

The Legends all cheer, their moms are getting married! And the fireworks from the mannequin Behrad shoved in a dumpster goes off and truly what could be more Avalance than celebrating their engagement with a literal beautiful dumpster fire caused by the Legends’ well-intentioned but ill-fated plan.

Next week, we’re going back to the Wild Wild West in an episode directed by Diggle. See you then!

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  1. – Mick had sex with Kayla in her alien form?…..That’s not right.
    – I actually thought that Ava’s room was in her house. It just didn’t look like the rest of the Waverider. And why was the door open.
    – Well, Sara’s not having an existential crisis about being a clone. At least not yet.
    – Legends being meta about the finales.
    – Awwww, Mick is a big softie.
    – Behrad, you have a problem. Get help.
    – John’s magic isn’t coming back. How’s that going to work going forward?
    – I’m glad that John’s love speech was about him not having powers, not him falling in love with Zari. Also glad that Zari picked up on it. She’s a woman that runs a multi-million dollar company. She’s not an idiot.
    – I love Ava reacting to finding the future Legends. And her plan to erase it from her mind.
    – Nate Pliskin
    – No, don’t walk Zari down that path again.
    – Ready for Nate to just leave.
    – Nice scene between Spooner and Sara. Will she remember it next episode?
    – Kayla’s disappeared, huh? I wonder if she’ll show up in the 80’s….pregnant.
    – Spooner isn’t in the background of Bowie’s video of Sara.
    – That moment when Sara touched the side of Ava’s face was the most romantic moment I’ve seen in the Arrowverse.
    – Caity Lotz. I could hear the tears in her eyes when she was giving her proposal.
    – That’s how you do it.

  2. Under maritime law, the captain of the ship has the power to perform a marriage ceremony, unless they are part of the ceremony. Seeing as both co-captains will be part of the ceremony, either they will marry each other to each other, or first acting co-captain Zari will perform the ceremony.

    But first, a double bachelorette party, which I am sure will be very tame and low key and not give Nia Nal strange dreams leading up to it.

    So… Sara and Ava are in for a difficult conversation soon.

    “Babe… I’m a clone.”
    “Also there’s a planet full of Avas.”
    “And fifteen seasons of Wynonna Earp.”
    “…fuck yeah.”

    • Haha, you’re dialogue!

      Yeah, honestly, there is so much to unpack and do with the rest of the season! I hope its executed well and we aren’t left hanging… i mean, damn this episode itself was crazy. It did a full 180 from dead Sara to engaged Sara (whos also a clone/alien).

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