Laneia’s Team Pick: These Veganized Sandwiches

HuffPo put up a top ten list of sandwiches, but only one of them was vegetarian, so of course vegetarians got real real mad and demanded someone cater to their needs, and then someone did. This is a list of America’s Top Ten New Sandwiches — Veganized!

There’s a treasure called the Vegan Bulgogi Steak Sandwich and I WANT IT.

Thanks to Kelley for the tip and for just being her.

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  1. I am having a craving for these that is so intense I would be taking a pregnancy test right now if I wasn’t a lesbian/not sleeping with anyone anyways.

  2. woah. vegans, aside from having tasty/healthy food, also have the coolest names for their food/restaurants (i.e., pride and vegiduce? come on now). these sandwiches though? just woah.

    i’ve only eaten vegan once (that i know of). i went to this chinese vegan place in london & it was amazing. and there was this guy there from atlanta who could NOT believe that the meat wasn’t really meat & he got so incredibly offended & eventually got kicked out.

    anywho – that was the best chinese food ever. i didn’t even feel hungry later or anything.

      • A surprising number of people who eat meat get as affronted by not having a meat option as vegans get being carelessly served meat/dairy. Dishes of only vegetables like a raw foods “sandwich” or good fake products tend to be especially insulting.

        I can never figure out how these people end up in vegan restaurants in the first place.

      • *reggie from atlanta.

        this place wasn’t advertised as vegan; it was just in the camden market with all the non-vegan places, so i think he was blindsided maybe? drunkenly blindsided probs.

        *i know his name was reggie because he kept proclaiming: “reggie does not NOT eat meat! i don’t care if it TASTES like meat or if it even LOOKS like meat. i did NOT fly from atlanta to NOT eat meat. DON’T YOU KNOW I AM MOTHERFUCKIN’ REGGIE AND I ONLY EAT MEAT??!”

        he later verbally attacked a british street preacher guy as well. those photos = some of the best from my trip actually. /nostalgia

        • Do you remember the name of the restaurant? I live near Camden, would be nice to venture out of Chinatown for my Chinese food.

          • not at the moment (it was two years ago). i can vaaaaguely remember its location – BUT – i’ve asked my london friend laura & when she responds, i’ll let ya know for sure :)

          • oooookay. so this is basically what happened & i hope it’s of some help to you:
            me: laura! do you remember the name of that vegan chinese place in camden town? or whereabouts it was?

            laura: Take left exit out of tube and turn left down road and it’s just opposite on right. Does that make sense? Don’t remember its name. And when did we go? It’s not actually that great.

            m: i love your deletion of specific tube/road names. i think it was by that venue where the metal show was? i think?? i remember going over the bridge thing. right? and also – if you can’t remember WHEN we went, you probs also can’t remember that it wasn’t rubbish at all…so.

            l: *Camden tube. It’s pretty much opposite left exit, at the top of the road that the Hobgoblin/Devonshire Arms is on :)////And yeah, it’s about 1 min from the Underworld!
            so basically – i think if you can’t find it based on these AMAZING directions, you could maybe get to the general area & ask someone who really knows the area? we get lost a lot no matter which city we’re in…obvs. :)

          • When I lived in London (’05-’07) there were tons of those vegan chinese/thai/abstractly-asian places around. They used to be £5 eat-in, £3 carry out. There were definitely a couple in the Camden Town area; they used to be all over the place in Soho/Oxford Street/Chinatown/Tottenham Court Road/etc etc etc. I remember two right next door to each other on the south side of Regents Park, too. I’m not sure if the prices have changed, but it used to be that those £5/£3 signs in the windows were good indicators (not all vegan, but most of them were). I was a vegetarian grad student at the time, so I lived for those places.

            Of course, it’s been a few years now and I haven’t been back, so I have no way of knowing how many of those places are still around.

          • Yessss to this! ^^^

            We were a bit skint at the time & I was apparently going on & on about wanting Chinese food – hence the final destination. The £5/£3 deal was brilliant! Of course at the time, that was about $2828474030378.19 for me ;)

            And as I remember – the deal was basically to take a small pan that you’d typically make banana bread in & fill it with as much vegan Chinese food as you possibly could. Pretty sure I ate enough for a small village that day. /nostalgiapartdeux

  3. The other day my mom surprised me with a special edition of Vegetarian Times that’s just a huge collection of recent recipes. There was a whole section for sandwiches and I nearly cried tears of joy.

  4. I know I’m going to catch hell for this but, I love meat. I will never be a vegetarian or vegan. I am a Midwest girl and love my beef,chicken and pork.

    • well that’s just silly. i eat meat as well. i go through phases sometimes where i just want to eat anything but meat, but still – i could never claim to be a vegetarian / vegan.

      i mean..i’ve eaten horse before…so. there ya go.

    • Eh, same here. So long as you aren’t annoying to people who choose to be veg*n, you’re not likely to catch hell (except for maybe from people you don’t want to hang out with anyway).

    • Can I say it is a little weird that pretty much whenever a vegan food post goes up at least one meat eater has to rush in to talk about how awesome meat is? I mean, I am vegan and it would just never occur to me at all to go to a post on, like, the ten best awesome steak dinner recipes and immediately go write I LOVE VEGETABLES SO SO MUCH I JUST THOUGHT YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW OMG DON’T JUDGE ME YOU JUDGY MEAT-EATERS. (And this is not especially directed at D up there, I am just responding to a cumulative effect that puzzles me.)

      In other news, Thank You Laneia I Want All Of These So Bad.

      • It confuses me too. Whenever I casually mention that I don’t eat meat somebody inevitably gets really defensive about the fact that they do and it’s always so awkward.

        • There are clearly more Reggie’s in the world than we all thought they were…in a cunning disguise. /vicarofdibleyreference

          But seriously – if someone is going to judge you on what you choose to personally eat, they probably judge you on a LOT of other shit as well, y’know? So…I don’t know. It’s a strange strange thing.

      • Maybe it’s due to the people I hang out with, but I notice the opposite. Something animal-related happens and some people automatically go “BUT VEGANISM!” Julia Gillard (Aussie PM) was talking about a carbon tax and one of these BUT VEGANISM people I know posted the article on her FB saying Gillard would only truly be committed to climate efforts if she ate vegan. It’s like EVERYTHING has to relate to veganism one way or another.

  5. I was a vegetarian for about 10 years from 8 to about 18. For me it wasn’t about animal rights (not at that young age) it was just about growing up in Cali, being introduced to lots of veggies and fruits more than meats and, therefore, deciding I no longer wanted to eat meat. My parents supported me as long as I made my own meals and/or at least ate enough of the veggie portions of the meals prepared by Mom.
    At 18 I was living in the Midwest where it is EXTREMELY hard to be vegetarian and so I went back to eating meat – but really only chicken, pork and fish with beef being an occasional thing (still is)
    ALL my babbling leads me to this point – I love vegetarian options. I like my meat but I will never say no to a meat-free dish either..EVER. LOL! So these sandwiches look yummy to me! LOL!
    My partner, on the other hand, will probably tell me to eat these solo because she is a MAJOR meataholic! LOL!

  6. Some of these are so extravagant! Despite not being vegan (but just recently reclaimed vegetarianism after a too-long break), my vegan sandwhiches are kind of an art form but the Vegan Maple is very intimidating. Also, vegan mac & cheese on a sandwhich is brilliant, I would have paired it with something a little more nommy though.

  7. I hate how vegetarianism is always about tofu. I do not eat meat, but I also don’t enjoy eating fake meat products. There are plenty of fantastic sandwiches you can make with just veggies and flavorful sauces, herbs, spices, etc. I don’t need a fake “chicken” breast or whatever.

    D.C. has some awesome veggie burgers that aren’t fake meat, BTW. I recommend: Good Stuff Eatery’s stuffed portobello burger. BGR Burger Joint’s black bean molasses burger. And at Five Guys, you can get a “burger” with all the veggies, sauces and cheese, but no patty. Tastes awesome.

  8. Oh wow. The one with coleslaw on it blew my mind. I love coleslaw and I love sandwiches, but for some reason it had never even *occurred* to me to combine the two!

    Now I want to make a BBQ seitan po’boy with vegan coleslaw, immediately.

    • Make sure you try the coleslaw before you put it on the sandwich! If it’s really strong, it’ll totally overpower everything else.

  9. My favorite sandwich is beetroot, avocado, grated carrot and cheese. You could probably take off the cheese and have it be equally delicious. MMM

    • Hi Dina, this is slightly off topic but do the Australians still put egg on everything? And by ‘everything’ clearly I mean hamburgers and pizza.

      I was a surprised little 13 year when I ordered a hamburger with everything on it and it had carrots, beats and an egg.

      • Yes, yes they do.

        Egg and beetroot on burgers = delicious! (They’re also good on vegan lentil burgers but that’s because I’m evil)

  10. laneia, have you been to green in scottsdale? any feelings about it? we could have a mini-meetup there soon… their thai peanut bowl with mock chicken, though not a sandwich, makes my knees shake.

    p.s., green also has sandwiches…

    • i have been to green! i like the diablo red bowl b/c it’s so fucking spicyyyy.

      i want to try their po’ boys, but i’ve never had a real one, so idk if that would be a terrible idea or the best idea.

      • so you try a po’ boy from green, and if it is not a superfantastic time then you get the soy capitan tsoynami and everything becomes right again.

        also, can we make amy#7 play MSCL on her big teevee during the next meetup? ohyeahineedtosendanemailaboutthat.shit.

  11. i love how some folks totally get their panties/manties in a bunch over vegetarianism and veganism. seriously.

    choosing to be a vegetarian or vegan is a choice and i can’t make choices for other people. i feel there is a “tofu-panic” sometimes like i’m gonna meet you in a dark alley and attack you with tofu and soy milk. it just doesnt happen.

    initially, my eating habits were blind to what was happening with my body. suffering from fibro/IBS/etc and working with some very cool vegetarians, it was just easier to eat at the community vegetarian table (i’m lazy and don’t cook). anyway, the change made my body SO happy. so initially it had nothing to do with the welfare of any animal.

    and THEN i worked for an animal protection organization and realized the amount (10 billion animals in the USA alone) and the treatment (omg-omg) was just too much for me. for me.

    ALSO – these sandwiches rock! i can’t wait for lunch next week (thursday?) to try some of these. yum.

    • Tofu Panic is gonna be the name of my next band (after Angela and The Chase! breaks up, duh)

    • Ah, same re: animal welfare. Becoming much more actively & directly involved with so many dog rescue groups pushed me to make the decision to come back to this. Vegan/veggie/organic also seems to directly improve self-esteem (you know, my body just feels better), so there’s that too.

  12. My favorite vegetarian sandwich was the Sprouting Giant: thick-cut multigrain bread, apricot jam, alfalfa sprouts, thick slice of tomato, avocado, raw red onions and goat cheese. It is unbelievably delish. I don’t even like cold sandwiches, usually. Unfortunately, since going back to veganism, I’ve had trouble figuring out a decent substitute for goat cheese and have been missing my Sprouting Giants desperately.

    I can’t remember the name of the place for the life of me, but there’s a vegan restaurant in Philly that makes the most KILLER cheesesteak I’ve ever had. Greasy and delicious as any real cheesesteak I ever ate before I was 12, Pat’s and Gino’s included.

    …now I’m craving a vegan sandwich, damn.

    • Also, my inner chubster is OBSESSED with Foodswings in Brooklyn. if you haven’t heard of it and you live in the NY area, you are missing out on a life-changing experience.

      • Ha! My roommate just stopped working there after two years. The chili con seitan or grilled cheese (or both) with a hurricane. Oh god, why did she quit, lol…I think it’s almost time for a visit..

    • My old boss lived nextdoor to Ike’s and that place violates the health code in every way possible so I won’t eat there now. I hope that doesn’t bum you out because I always feel like I’m ruining someone’s day when I tell them that but apparently it’s super unsanitary so I feel like I should say something. However I wouldn’t blame you for continuing to eat there because it tastes good. I eat sandwiches at Love and Haight on Haight/Fillmore whenever possible nom nom nom.

  13. People display the same craziness when they find out I don’t drink alcohol, even after I make it clear that I don’t care whether they drink or not. Go smoke a crack rock for all I care. As long as it doesn’t affect my life, it doesn’t concern me. This mindset is just nuttiness, I would ignore it completely.

    These sandwiches: awesome! They seem tasty. I eat a lot of vegan meals, due to meat, cheese, and even milk being so costly. I like a lot of what vegans eat. For instance I just read up there ^ about a lentil burger. I never heard of it and should look up a recipe.

  14. Thanks Laneia. Your team pick inspired me, and now I am off to replenish my lentil supply with one of those bags containing enough lentils to stun a mule.

  15. So, I know this is a few days old and all, but I keep meaning to come back and thank you for this link. I kind of want to fit all the sandwiches in my mouth at one time. All. the. sandwiches.

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