Laneia’s Team Pick: These Cashews

These Planters cashews with a ‘normal’ amount of salt are good.

These Planters cashews with a ‘light’ amount of salt are not as good / disappointing.

These honey roasted Planters cashews are really good. It’s stupid how good these are. Wtf.

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  1. Do you touch these lightly to your skin to make everyone fall madly and superficially in love with you based on the sent of salty goodness?

  2. I’m allergic to peanuts (curse you Planters) but Blue Almond makes peanut-free Honey Roasted Almonds. I have eaten two cans in the past day–they are probably almost as good.


      i feel like i just found out that my parents had sex.

    • This is me as well!

      I am extremely happy that I can still eat other nuts,
      although, from all the exclamations of pity that I get when people discover I can’t have peanuts, I’m now convinced that they’re supposedly the food of the Gods (next to beef jerky / naan bread / dukkah / muesli, of course)

      And that, in another universe, peanuts would be my BFFF (Best Food Friend Forever).

      • Rest assured, peanuts are not particularly nice. Neither is peanut butter. I keep expecting it to be nice and then it always tastes like peanuts.

        • Peanuts and peanut butter are rarely nice to me. They almost always give me indigestion. You’re not missing out on much Elster.

  3. salted cashews, yes. honey roasted peanuts, yes. honey roasted cashews…i didnt think id like them, not really sure why. but i figured, i love honey roasted peanuts, and i love regular salted cashews, so why not? yep…they are WIN!!

  4. i freaking love cashews.

    my roommate taught me a fancy way to make your own trailmix:
    go to a corporation grocery store that has bulk bins of nuts and stuff, get a bag and put together your own awesome mix of nuts n raisins n seeds n shit (protip: add some reese’s pieces to the mix), label it as the store’s trailmix, and purchase it. it’ll probs save you some money, and you’ll feel like you’re one-upping your local corporation grocery store. PLUS REESES PIECES IN TRAILMIX IS TOTES THE BEST.

    • instead of labeling it as the store’s trail mix, buy the the things separately (but still in bulk)- trail mix is always more expensive than its ingredients! trust me, it’ll save you loads.

  5. 4-pack of Planters cashews with a ‘normal’ amount of salt = $18.51?!

    Christ, you can get 20+ cans of beans for that.

    Good call on the cashews though. They’re pretty tasty. Maybe one day I’ll strike it rich and not be such a penny pincher.

    • It’s not true PB, here are my two favs:

      1. Sunbutter–from sunflower seeds. The crunchy kind is so similar to PB that eating it always makes me double-check the label. Only downside is that it’s usually around $6 a jar.

      2.Walmart sells a creamy soy butter (forgot brand name).
      It is not nearly as awesome as Sunbutter, but delicious enough for $3 a jar.

  6. One time I ate too many cashews and got really sick, but it was worth it. Luckily, I can still eat cashews. /story

  7. I’m heartbroken, I went to the store today just to get the honey roasted cashews and they didn’t have them, I had to console myself with the honey roasted peanuts.

  8. cashews make me feel oily on the inside, and not in a good way. but i still eat them despite that feeling. we never learn.

  9. What I love about cashews is biting them in half and running their smooth insides along my tongue. It is like the best texture ever.

  10. Oh God help me I am completely obsessed. I bought the can on … wait. Yesterday. Bought the can yesterday. It’s more than halfway gone. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN and WHEN CAN I GET MORE.

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