Keep It Consensual as F*ck with DeAnne Smith’s New Music Video

Have you ever wondered what DeAnne Smith rapping about consensual sex would sound like? Well the comedian/wordsmith/cute person has provided that situation for you via the song “Consensual as Fuck” by what I’m going to call her rap alter ego, DeAnswer. The song is full of feminist allusions, gay references, and more puns than anyone should legally be allowed to cram into four minutes. The collaboration with Chrill Murray and Sugarpuss is available for download on Bandcamp with half of the proceeds going to RAINN. The lyrics can be found in the description of the YouTube video and if you couldn’t have guessed, this song is probably not work apprope. Depending on your job I guess.

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    it’s very generous of you to call that “rapping.” i rap like a schoolteacher in an 80s PSA. “my name is dapper D and i’m here to say…”

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    Shit this actually goes so hard.

    Also is ridiculous in all the best and most honest ways. Fav: “I wanna play chess with it (rook to e4).”

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    I had to re watch repeatedly to hear the lyrics because I kept laughing so hard. Tittaes killed me.

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    I fell off the couch at the third-wave part! (Not a metaphor, I literally rolled off the couch… I’m fine, don’t worry)

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