Just a Canadian Who Loves Bruce Springsteen

Carolyn’s Team Pick:

There are so many reasons to love Bruce Springsteen I don’t even know where to begin.

For instance, Bruce Springsteen has a song for every emotion! (As long as you are in love, in love with someone named Wendy, having your heart broken, having economic problems related to your working class white cis American dude background, going down to the river even though the river is dry, or just driving on a highway full of broken heroes on a last-chance power drive. Details!).

For instance, there are songs for when you are in love:

Sometimes at night I lie awake
I pull you close and feel each breath you take
The way the rivers belong to the seas
Well hey, that’s the way you belong to me

(“The Way” from The Promise)

And songs for when you are going on a streetcar during an electrical storm (?) to meet your lover:

I ain’t looking for prayers or pity
I ain’t come around searching for a crush
I just want someone to talk to
And a little of that human touch

(“Human Touch” from Human Touch)

And songs for when your heart is getting smashed on a regular basis because “Golddigger” would actually be more appropriate:

I tried to change, I got a job in sales
I bought a shirt uptown in Bloomindales
And babe I tried to make the latest scene
Hitting cool just like Jimmy Iovine
I bought a record with all the latest grooves
A book of love with all the latest moves
I bought some flowers and I waited at your door
And you came out, didn’t want to see me no more

(“Ain’t Good Enough” from The Promise)

Tegan and Sara also like Springsteen, so: relevance to your interests!

Also speaking of cute lady singers, here is 10,000 Maniacs covering Springsteen’s “Because the Night”:

Also if you are too hard core for covers or are only going to watch one Springsteen video in your life, then it should be this one:

Any and all Springsteen-positive feelings / links should be shared in the comments!

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  1. I live quite close to Asbury Park and see Bruce out and about quite regularly, just being an average dude. He loved to shop in the Borders (RIP) where I worked through college, and often went unrecognized because he’s pretty short IRL and dresses like a homeless guy in ripped shirts and tight jeans. When he wants to be seen, he’s always rocking some sassy leather or a big posse. A really nice, genuine, down-to-earth guy in his daily life and a brilliant songwriter.


  2. YES. as a bruce springsteen identified lesbian i agree with all of these statements. i’m not really sure what i mean by that other than a lot of my feelings/fashion choices have been indelibly influenced by this man. my favorite album of all time by any artist is darkness on the edge of town, HANDS DOWN

    • mmmyeah i feel you about darkness on the edge of town. also “bruce springsteen identified lesbian” has now been placed into my vocabulary.

    • re “bruce springsteen identified lesbian”: I thought I was the only one! One of my earliest queer memories involves me as a child looking at a Springsteen photo (my father was a big fan) and thinking “This. This is what I want to look like/be.” I haven’t made a lot of progress in that ambition but I totally feel you on this one.


    Growing up my mom was a big Springsteen fan and every road trip we ever went on involved hours and hours of Bruce tunes! He’s one of the few artists’ who’s music that I can’t remember ever not listening to.
    When it comes to music I’m a total lyrics person and his writing is completely incredible! So many feelings!



    candys room and thunder road ftw.

    have you managed to listen to “Tracks” and “The Promise”? I love the born to run/darkness era songs and all that unreleased goodness is found on those two albums.

    • It is awesome you know/love candy’s room! Most of the time I feel like I am the only person in the world who knows that song.

      Also I am currently going through a HUGE “the promise” phase, I think it makes me happy because (even though it came out a while ago now) it feels like new/old springsteen and where I am going with this is: I know exactly what you mean.

    • Omg “Tracks” has Stolen Car on it and just… I have feelings about that song. Lots of feelings. BUCKETS O’ BOSS-RELATED FEELINGS.

      Does anyone else freeze in place for the duration of “41 Shots” every single time they hear it? It can’t be just me, right?

  5. Bruce Springsteen was basically my childhood. Listening to him just now gives me too many feelings. I’m doing it anyway. WORTH IT.

    • yes the sliding across the stage in the camera crotch shot!

      I’m super gay, but there’s just something about Bruce. even in his 60s he’s still hot as hell!

  6. It’s really great to hear that there are so many women of a younger generation that loves them some Bruce.

  7. I love Bruce Springsteen. I prefer women’s voices in general with the exception of Bruce(and Johnny Cash). I love his voice, his writing and yes … If I were a man I’d like to be The Boss
    Can’t stop playing The Promise.

  8. I love Bruce but currently owes me a tour. 2.5 years since the start of his last tour is too many years.

  9. oh hey i have so many feelings about this! springsteen was basically my childhood. both my parents listen to him nearly exclusively. after i got over my teenage rebellion and accompanying refusal of all things bruce, i fell for the wild, the innocent, and the E street shuffle, followed by born to run and darkness. these days i’m all about live 75-85, but perfection is the london odeon show.

    honestly, i still haven’t found the love for anything after tunnel of love… i feel like he just lost that dreamer’s perspective that pulled me in at the first. there’s so much magic in thunder road, lost in the flood, streets of fire. and his early performances are fascinating.

    i always wanted to send my mom to an e-street show, but now that clarence is gone i doubt i’ll have the chance :(

  10. Bruce Springsteen makes me look like a jackass…because whenever I’m sad or stressed, I put Streets of Philadelphia on and wander the streets of my city looking like the kind of ass who thinks they are in a music video, hands in pockets, looking sultry at the floor and kicking cans.
    For genuine, that soong!! The film changed my life but THAT SOOONG!!!!
    Will you recieve me brother with a faithless kiss
    or will we leave each other alone like this?
    On the streets of Philadelphia.

    • That’s so fantastic you have those on vinyl. Huge cool points from a complete stranger on the internet.

  11. how am I just now seeing this post?! fucking amazing. the boss is the soundtrack to my life.

    (my mom pretends every time he mentions a ‘mary’, it’s about her. it’s cute)

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