VIDEO: Julie & Brandy In Your Box Office #204: Hengher Gams

by riese & julie & brandy

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been pretty much sitting here staring at the wall dreaming about gummy worms since the last episode of Julie & Brandy in Your Box Office knocked my socks right off my feet onto the floor, therefore necessitating an unexpected trip to the laundromat. Yup, anticipation is high today, higher than a kite, a mountain, or a drug addict! Because today Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard are gonna make you pee in your pants! In a sexy way, though.

While the rest of us were learning about our souls at A-Camp, Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard were running around in the woods filming the “Hunger Games” episode of In Your Box Office, which they’ve entitled “HUNGER GHAMS.” It’s a different pronunciation.

A quick refresher about In Your Box Office, World’s Most Beloved Webseries:

Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard are a sensational acting/writing duo trying to cause a sensation with their romantic-comedy, Nicest Thing.

But since no one wants to make their movie or cast them in anything, they feel it is their duty to harshly judge everyone else’s work based on a sliding scale of rage, bitterness, lesbianism, and lack of any real significant training.

Also, due to popular demand — and in honor of YouTube’s new policies allowing 15-minute videos (the limit was ten, originally) — we are continuing to make these episodes a little longer than we used to. I mean, you dug it last time, so I think you’ll dig it this time too. If you watch it twice in a row, it’s like a sitcom, basically.

So, it’s time to pop your popcorn and wrap your girlfriend or otherwise-inclined real-or-imaginary companion in a warm blanket, cuddle up and see what Julie and Brandy thought about The Hunger Games, starring your girlfriend Katniss!

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          • i think you’re misreading brittani and bra’s comments as well as julie and brandy’s.

          • I think they were using English descriptors to conjure an image of a character whose name they couldn’t remember. I don’t think giving someone’s race as a visual shorthand is problematic which is what I think you were getting at? Unless you were saying she wasn’t cute or sweet. Then I don’t care because I haven’t seen the movie and can’t comment on that.

          • I haven’t seen it but I’m sure she was just lovely.

            I just thought it was quite a problematic use of language, which isn’t something I’d normally point out (because like you say it was part of a functional description) – but this is quite an on point website when it comes to social justice issues… so it seemed a bit out of character. I’m not trying to stir shit – this is literally just what went through my head. I’m not saying I’m right, t’was just how I reacted.

            I don’t know. I just thought it was a lazy thing to say, like it lacked awareness – it wasn’t outwardly offensive, but just quite lazy. Anyway, I could be biased because I just didn’t enjoy the video. That coupled with their use of language made it seem like a bit of a poor effort. Like learn the characters name – it’s not that hard – when you refer to her by her race in a condescending manner it sounds ill-prepared and lacking in awareness, to me. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that (I think I’m just being a bit crazy because no one else seems to have noticed!)

          • Hi Zana.

            I guess I’m not really understanding your criticism here. You say that their “use of language” was “problematic” and “lazy” but you don’t say why, or which language specifically. Referring to Rue as black? Cute? Both? Also that it “lacked awareness” – awareness of what? Of her name? Of racism? Of how race being used as a descriptor only for people of colour is a manifestation of the oppressive power of language? Gimme SOMEthing. And where did you read condescension? I mean they called Prim “the sister” and “a little bitch,” Katniss was “the main girl.” I’m actually not convinced they know a single character’s name. I hope you’re not suggesting that they couldn’t remember Rue’s name BECAUSE she’s black, because I think that’s an incorrect assumption and pretty unfair.

            Anyway I think that ultimately maybe this isn’t worth this much time and effort? I’m all about calling people out on their racism and think that discussions around this stuff are super important, but I don’t think this warrants one.

          • Also I would just like to add that I’m not trying to attack you or stir shit either. I just think that there’s so much racism in this world that merits anger and critical discussion that taking issue with a character being described as black just doesn’t seem like the best use of our energy. I mean no disrespect.

          • “how race being used as a descriptor only for people of colour is a manifestation of the oppressive power of language” – something like that. I suppose I just thought the phrase “the little black girl” smacked of paternalism, and in that sense it was condescending. I thought the phrase little bitch was a bit offensive. In my opinion (which is probably looking anything but humble at this point!), language like that has to be quite intentional, used in a skilled (obviously ironic)manner, for it to “work”.

            Although now I realise that these are really my standards, not anyone elses, and for the sake of not turning this into a big issue (I like this website, and I love expressing my opinion on it, and don’t want to be rude) I’m just going to retract my comment, and say it was a matter of personal taste. I didn’t really enjoy the video, but I’m glad so many did. Thanks for commenting in such a respectful and clear manner.

          • i found the “pregnancy rant” to be problematic, if anything. brandy’s vitriol felt misogynistic and unnecessary.

  1. My sister read these books and made me go see the movie with her because I didn’t want to read the books, so I sat in the theater thinking it was going to suck. At the end of the movie I learned three things: The movie wasn’t so bad, I still am not going to read the books, and near the middle of the movie I figured out that instead of being named Candace and Peter, the two main character were named Katniss and Peeta making me think of a cat and pita bread…

  2. I absolutely loved most of this, but the jokes about pregnant women at the beach left a sour taste in my mouth. Society has a really fucked up way of talking about mothers’ bodies (mother = non-sexual = put your body away unless you’ve managed to re-sexify yourself and become a MILF) so I think that was dangerous territory to be getting into.

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