It’s All Really Happening: Pride Month and Autostraddle Meetups!

It’s That Time Of Year Again, by which we obvs mean Pride! The only event when cargo shorts, lamé bikinis, and t-shirts that express an affiliation with a supportive political candidate or an interest in being dipped in chocolate and “thrown to the lesbians” are all equally appropriate. In many major cities, there are days of events, activities, speakers, parties, and parades. In smaller cities, it’s an opportunity for the queer community to be more visible than they usually get to be. And it’s a chance to hang out with your favorite queermo friends – or make new ones! Autostraddle would like to play the role of internet fairy godmother, and help facilitate Pride meetups for queers of all stripes. Are you going to a Pride event in your city? Would you like to be in charge of being a contact person for a meetup there?

Contact rachel [at] autostraddle [dot] com with your name and contact info that you’re ok with having put on the website if you’d like to help organize a meetup! Interested parties will email you, and the whole group of you can decide on where and when you want this to go down. Once you guys decide on the details of your meetup, let us know so we can put it here. If your city/Pride info isn’t included here and you’d like to to be, email me with that information! Let’s all make the world a better place and wave tiny plastic rainbow flags together!

New York

Pride Dates: 6/16-6/24*
Parade Date: 6/24
Parties/Other Events: Myriad! Tell us about them in the comments!
Meetup Contact Person: AS Community Managerette Lemon (message her!)
AS Meetup Details: Dyke March, Sat 6/23 and Rapture on the River is after that!
Local AS Facebook Group: Big Apple Autostraddlers

*Brooklyn Pride is 6/4-6/9:  Check website for events and details!


Pride Dates: 6/1-6/10
Parade Date: 6/9
Parties/Other Events:

+ 6/7 Optionz: QWOC+Trans Pride Party @ Milky Way Lounge, JP, 9:30PM
+ 6/8: Dyke March meet @ 6PM at Boston Common Gazebo (Parkman Bandstand), March and Rally @ 7PM
+ 6/9: Parade 12-2PM, route: Copley Sq to City Hall Plaza
+ 6/9 Festival @ City Hall Plaza, 12-6PM
+ 6/9 ESME Women’s Block Party 2-7PM
+ 6/9: Lush Party at Machine 7PM-2AM, $15adv,$20/door, 21+
+ 6/10: JP Block Party 12-7PM, Perkins St., Jamaica Plain, all ages

Website: Boston Pride
Meetup Contact Person: AS Community Managerette Carrie (message her!)
AS Meetup Details: Dyke March on Friday!
Local AS Facebook Group: Autostraddle Social Club – Boston Chapter

Los Angeles

Pride Dates: 6/8-6/10
Parade Date: 6/10
Parties/Other Events:

+ 6/8 WeHo Dyke March, 7:30PM
+ 6/8 LA Pride – Fantasy Friday at Robertson Nightclub w/Lil Kim (665 Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood), 9PM-2AM, FREE, 21+
+ 6/9 Dyke Day LA! at Barnsdall Park, 18+
+ 6/9 LA Pride Festival, noon-midnight, West Hollywood Park (on San Vicente Blvd. from Santa Monica Blvd. to Melrose Ave.)
+ 6/10 Parade step off at 11AM at Crescent Hts & SantaMonica Blvd

Event Website: LA Pride
Meetup Contact Person: AS Team Member Brittani!Although she probably won’t be going to the parade, so.
AS Meetup Details: Dyke Day LA and Fantasy Friday!

San Francisco

Pride Dates: 6/23-6/24
Parade Date: 6/24
Parties/Other Events:

+ 6/9 KidSpace Pride Party and “Qaraoke” Pride Party for Queer Youth at the San Francisco LGBT Community Center (1800 Market Street) 1PM, FREE
+ 6/18 Mayor’s Pride Flag Raising Ceremony, Flag-raising ceremony at San Francisco City Hall, 5:30PM, Reception until 7:30 p.m.
+ 6/19 Pride Pass Cocktail Reception at W San Francisco (181 Third Street), 7PM, Free for Pride Pass holders
+ 6/20 Bi-BQ – Bisexual Pride @ Dolores park/Dolores Park Café (501 Dolores Street) 5:00pm, FREE
+6/21- 6/24 EDEN Welcome Party at 4Bidden, Fashion Show, Afterparty – Various Locations, check website for details
+ 6/22 Trans March, step off at 3:30PM at Dolores Park: Dolores and 18th
+ 6/22 EDEN Comedy Show and Block Party, check website for locations and details
+ 6/23  Dyke March in Delores Park, 12-6PM

Event Website: San Francisco Pride
Contact Person: Shannon (aka soccer mom) – message her!
AS Meetup Details: TBA!

Washington DC

Pride Dates: 5/30-6/10
Parade Date: 6/9
Parties/Other Events:

+ 6/6: Jello Wrestling at Phase 1 (Eastern Mkt  venue – 525 8th St SE, DC), 9PM-1AM, $10, 21+
+ 6/7 Women’s Networking Happy Hour, 6-8PM, Lace on the Avenue (2214 Rhode Island Ave., NE, DC)
+ 6/8 Brightest Young Things: Wild Life w/JD Samson + others, $20/adv, $25/door, 18+, The Howard Theatre (620 T Street NW, DC), 9PM-3:30AM
+6/8 Booty Rex (She.Rex Pride Edition) @ Chief Ike’s Mambo Room (1725 Columbia Road NW), 9:30 p.m., FREE, 21+
+6/9 Capital Pride Parade @4:30PM, Logan&Dupont Circle:
+6/9 FUSE Dance Party @Phase 1 Dupont (1415 22nd Street, NW), 21+, $15, 8PM-3AM
+6/10 Capital Pride Festival, 11AM-6PM, 701 Pennsylvania Ave., NW

Event Website: Capital Pride
Meetup Contact Person: AS Team Member Carmen! – message her!
AS Meetup Details: FUSE Party on Saturday


Pride Date: 6/10
Parade Date: 6/10
Parties/Other Events:

+6/9 Philly Dyke March, 3PM @ Kahn Park (11th & Pine St)
+6/10 PrideDay Parade, 12PM, route: 13th & Locust St. to Penn’s Landing
+6/10 PrideDay Festival @ Penn’s Landing, 12PM, $10 admission

Event Website: Philly Pride
Meetup Contact Person: Kathryn! Email her or use Google Voice: k.hinchey at gmail dot com;  (215) 804-9296)!
AS Meetup Details: TBA!


Pride Dates: Pretty Much The Whole Freaking Month
Parade Date: 6/24
Parties/Other Events:

+ 6/23 Street Fest
+ 6/24 Parade

Event Website: Chicago Pride 
Meetup Contact Person: TBA!
AS Meetup Details: TBA!
Local AS Facebook Group: Chicagostraddlers


Pride Dates: 6/2-6/9
Parade Date: 6/9
Parties/Other Events:

+6/7 Girl Pride, 8PM @ Talbott Street, $8/adv online, $10/door.
+6/7 Bag Ladies Proud & Loud Show, 9PM Greg’s, $5 suggested donation
+6/9 The Cadillac Barbie IN Pride Parade, step off @10AM, route: Corner of Mass Ave and College Ave. to St. Clair (in front of the Indianapolis Public Library)

Event Website: Circle City Pride
Meetup Contact Person: Denay Patterson email her at: denaynpatterson at gmail dot com
AS Meetup Details: TBA!


Pride Date: 6/23
Parade Date: 6/23
Parties/Other Events:

+ 6/23 Pride Parade, Rally and Festival, noon-8PM, Voinovich Park (behind Rock & Roll Hall of Fame), $10suggested donation

Event Website: Cleveland Pride
Meetup Contact Person: TBA!
AS Meetup Details: TBA!


Parade Date: 6/30
Meetup Contact Person: Laura! email her at laura at autostraddle dot com


Pride Dates: 6/23-6/24
Parade Date: 6/24
Parties/Other Events:

+ 6/23 Red Women’s Party at Baltic Room, 10PM-4AM,
+ 6/24 Pride Parade – starts 11AM on 4th Avenue, Downtown

Event Website: Seattle Pride
Meetup Contact Person: TBA!
AS Meetup Details: TBA!

Portland, OR

Pride Dates: 6/15-6/17
Parade Date: 6/17
Parties/Other Events:

+6/16 Dyke March Portland – step off @6PM from Pride Waterfront Festival (just outside the gates),
+ 6/17 Portland Pride Parade – step off@ 11:30AM from Burnside & NW Park Ave

Event Website: Pride Northwest
Meetup Contact Person: TBA!
AS Meetup Details: TBA!


Parade Date: 6/16
Parties/Other Events:

+ 6/16 Parade step off @4pm, route: Charles St from Mt Vernon Place to Chase St

Event Website: Baltimore Pride
Meetup Contact Person: TBA!
AS Meetup Details: TBA!


Pride Dates: 6/17 – 6/23
Parade Date: 6/23
Parties/Other Events:

+ 6/23 Parade & Festival – Festival: 1-7PM, in Montrose neighborhood, south of Westheimer along the streets of Commonwealth and Yoakum, FREE; Parade: 8:15PM route: Westheimer Rd. between Dunlavy and Crocker

Event Website: Pride Houston
Meetup Contact Person: TBA!
AS Meetup Details: TBA!

New Orleans

Pride Dates: 6/22-6/24
Parade Date: 6/24
Parties/Other Events:

+ 6/24 Pride Street Festival – 1-5PM, Bourbon St. @ St. Ann

Event Website: New Orleans Pride
Meetup Contact Person: TBA!
AS Meetup Details: TBA!



Pride Dates: 6/8 – 6/10
Parade Date: 6/8
Parties/Other Events:

+6/8-6/10 PrideFest at Henry W. Maier Festival Park, see website for event times

Event Website: Milwaukee Pridefest 
Meetup Contact Person: TBA!
AS Meetup Details: TBA!


Pride Dates: 6/16-6/17
Parade Date: 6/17
Parties/Other Events:

+ 6/16-6/17 Pridefest Denver @ Civic Center Park

Event Website: Pridefest Denver
Meetup Contact Person: Sarah! email her at: sarahrhansen at gmail dot com with any questions!
AS Meetup Details: Dyke March on 6/16 – Meet at Charlie’s at 3pm


Pride Dates: 6/4-6/26
Parade Date: 6/16
Parties/Other Events:

+ 6/16 Illuminated Night-Time Pride @ 8:30PM, begins @ Dorrance and Fountain Streets

Event Website: Rhode Island Pride
Meetup Contact Person: AS commenter Double Or Nothing is offering free lube samples, so you should probably get on that.
AS Meetup Details: TBA!


Pride Dates: 6/30
Parade Date: 6/30
Parties/Other Events:

+6/29 White Party @ Flixx
+6/30 Pride Patio Party @ The Max
+7/1 Post Pride Drag Show @ The Max

Event Website: Heartland Pride
Meetup Contact Person: Denay Patterson email her at: denaynpatterson at gmail dot com
AS Meetup Details: TBA!
Local AS Facebook Group: Omaha Straddlers


Pride Dates: Pretty much the whole freaking month!
Parade Date: 6/10
Parties/Other Events:

+6/9 Pride in the Street featuring Melissa Etheridge @ Liberty Ave. (b/t 9th & 10th Streets)
+6/10 Pride March step off is at 12PM at the corner of Grant Street & the Blvd. of the Allies.
+6/10 PrideFest on Liberty Avenue, 1-6PM
+6/15 Lez Liquor Hour, venue TBA
+6/16 Dyke/Trans March @ Morrow Triangle Park at the corner of Baum ave and Liberty ave., 1PM

Event Website: Pittsburgh Pride
Meetup Contact Person: See comments!
AS Meetup Details: TBA!


Pride Dates: 6/15-6/16
Parade Date: 6/16
Parties/Other Events:

+6/15-6/16 Pride Festival @ Goodale Park
+6/16 Pride Parade step off at 12PM @ Broad & High St. (ends at Goodale Park)

Event Website: Columbus Pride
Meetup Contact Person: TBA!
AS Meetup Details: TBA!


Pride Dates: 6/15-6/17
Parade Date: 6/16
Parties/Other Events: See comments!
+ Pride Walk 6/16 11 AM
Event Website: Nashville Pride
Meetup Contact Person: Heather (aka Ash) email her at: treblemaker513 at gmail dot com
AS Meetup Details: TBA!


Pride Dates: 6/21-6/24
Parade Date: 6/24
Parties/Other Events: See commenter Nicole
Event Website: Twin Cities Pride
Meetup Contact Person: TBA!
AS Meetup Details: TBA!

St. Louis

Pride Dates: 6/23-6/24
Parade Date: 6/24 noon
Parties/Other Events/Meetups: See commenter ellyn!
Event Website: Pride St. Louis
Meetup Contact Person: TBA!

Grand Rapids

Pride Dates: 6/10-6/15
Parade Date: 6/15
Event Website: West Michigan Pride
Meetup Contact Person: TBA!
AS Meetup Details: TBA!

San Diego

Pride Dates: 7/ 20-7/22
Parade Date: 7/21 – Step off at 11AM at University Ave. and Normal Street,
Parties/Other Events:

+7/21-22 Pride Festival at Balboa Park
Check out the full event calendar here

Event Website:
Meetup Contact Person: TBA!
AS Meetup Details: TBA! See comments!



Pride Dates: 6/22-7/1
Parade Date: 7/1
Parties/Other Events: Various, see website for details

+6/29 Trans March
+6/30 Dyke March – rally @1pm, March at @2:00PM (start Church St. & Hayden St.), Picnic @3PM (Allan Gardens, Jarvis St. & Carlton St.)
+7/1  Pride Toronto Parade, 2pm step off at Bloor & Church

Event Website: Pride Toronto
Meetup Contact Person: See comments!
AS Meetup Details: Want to meet Torontostraddlers pre-Pride week? Check out Laughs at Slacks on 6/13
Local AS Facebook Group: Autostraddle Toronto

Victoria, BC

Pride Dates: 6/1-6/8
Parade Date: 6/8
Parties/Other Events: Various, see website for details

+6/8 Pride Parade

Event Website: Victoria Pride
Meetup Contact Person: TBA!
AS Meetup Details: TBA!



Pride Dates: 17/6-8/7 (aka June 17-July 8 )
Parade Date: 7/7
Parties/Other Events: Various! Check website! Tell us in the comments!
Event Website: Pride London
Meetup Contact Person: TBA
AS Meetup Details: Check comments!


Pride Dates: 6/12-6/16
Parties/Other Events: Various! Check website! Tell us in the comments!
Meetup Contact Person: Commenter Lia – message her!
AS Meetup Details: TBA!


Pride Dates: 6/25-7/1
Parade Date: 6/30
Parties/Other Events: Various! Tell us in the comments!

Event Website: Helsinki Pride [NOTE: website is currently down, but keep checking!]
Meetup Contact Person: Commenter Rose! Email her at: rose.n.lerner at gmail dot com
AS Meetup Details: Ask Rose!

Australia/New Zealand


Pride Dates: 13/6-20/6 (aka June 13-20 )

+6/6-17/6 Sydney Film Festival – various locations, check website
+20/6 Girl Pride! – 8pm at The Bank Hotel, Newtown
+ 27/6 Pride Fest Comedy Debate – 7:30PM, Paddo RSL, Oxford St., Paddington

Event Website: Sydney Pride 
Meetup Contact Person: Music Editor Crystal! (email crystal at autostraddle dot com)
AS Meetup Details: Girl Pride!


There’s no official June Pride in NZ, but the Kiwi-straddlers are having a meetup on June 9th at Rakinos (High Street, Auckland). Check out the meetup event page!

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Originally from Boston, MA, Rachel now lives in the Midwest. Topics dear to her heart include bisexuality, The X-Files and tacos. Her favorite Ciara video is probably "Ride," but if you're only going to watch one, she recommends "Like A Boy." You can follow her on twitter and instagram.

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  1. Pittsburgh isn’t on this list! Saturday is our Pride in the Streets even with Melissa Etheridge! And our Parade is on Sunday. Next Saturday is our Dyke March. Some other events have already taken place. I guess we like to get Pride over with quickly!

    • SAM !
      I’m from CO, but am in Pitt for a couple of weeks and would LOVE to attend any AS Pride things that happen in Pitt, so let me know if hear of anything!

      • Yeah, Pride here goes quickly. It’s kind of blink and you’ll miss it! Impulse, the monthly girl party, just had their Pre-Pride party last Saturday. has a calendar which shows events, including this Saturday’s concert (I’d recommend going to that); Sunday’s parade (eh, it doesn’t compare at all to the other Pride parades I’ve been too – also it’s in the morning); Lez Liquor Hour next Friday; and then the Dyke-Trans March the next Saturday (

        There isn’t an active autostraddle group for pgh so it’s doubtful there will be a meet up. Ladies tend to stay in their collective groups here!

    • Oh man, I’ve never managed to go to [Chicago] Pride before, and I desperately want to go. Why does it always fall on my homophobic mother’s birthday?! D:

  2. I love that “July 8 )”in London turned into “July sunglasses smiley”. London be badass.

  3. Auckland is missing too! We’re have an Autostraddle meetup at Rakinos on Saturday night. Come drink cocktails and make some new friends.

  4. looks like some houston info ended up under the new orleans section! also, YEAAAHH new orleans pride! and if you can’t make this one, come back for southern decadence and more importantly DYKEADENCE on labor day weekend!

  5. We don’t have official Pride stuff in Phoenix during June because of heat stroke obvs.

    HOWEVER – we do have an ASphx email list! We are basically the best thing to ever happen in this state ever. True story.

    Our next major meetup is on June 16th in downtown Mesa (hey oh!) for a PRIDE party party.

    So yeah! If you want to be part of our exceptionally amazing meetup situations – just send me a message on here & I’ll add your name.

    • Yay Philly!

      This is going to be my first pride parade… gotta say, I’m real nervous.

    • Yo Philly Queers!

      Look for me!
      Butch in jeans and black t-shirt, accompanied by cutest 8yo boy on the planet!…inadvertently cock blocking in the most adorable manner, lol—oh well, there’s always next year….enjoy y’all! :-)
      HYDRATE !

      • …I now know why that was in all caps.
        Next year, I’ll bring more than one water bottle. -dies-

    • Seriously go to the Brightest Young Things Party Friday night. They had it last year at the newseum and it was hands down one of the most epic parties I have ever been too in DC…like it was amazing, and then managed to find an after party put on by Vitamin Water at Warehouse…ie a sponsored rave! It was one of the greatest nights of pride EVER!!! So buy tickets now and go, I have gathered a HUGE group of kids from my campus to go.

      • I’ll be pregaming the parade on Saturday afternoon on 17th Street and obviously the parade itself. Hit me up if you want to join! Should be awesome. :)

      • You should totally go to Booty.Rex (She.Rex- Pride Edition!) instead of the BYT thing on Friday – because Booty.Rex is free! Chief Ike’s in Adams Morgan, Friday, cheap beer, killer DJs, hot ladies, etc.

        • I loved Booty/She Rex so much when I lived in DC! Glad to see it’s still going strong. I added it to the list.

    • I’m moving to DC literally 4 days after Pride is over. Can I meet people too? I feel like this was really unfortunate timing on my part…

    • I’m definitely coming down from Harrisburg to go to Phase 1 Saturday. And I don’t even know anyone!

      • I don’t know anyone either but I think I’m going to have go give it a go! yay!

        • it’s all good dude! i’ll shoot you a msg if you wanna meet up to head over tmrw let me know!

  6. Thurs night in Boston there’s a QWOC+Friends party at the Milky Way in JP. It has consistently been the best party of pride every year I have gone.

  7. It’s too late for Detroit Pride (last weekend)… so, if you have a time machine… you’re in luck.

    But if not… I expect to see Michiganders at Fabulous Ferndale’s pride June 15th-17th. :)

  8. I’m just gonna try my luck here: Providence, RI anyone?

    It’s happening on the 16th here! Come visit the table for The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health and get free lube samples! Also, party with me. It’s a win win.

    • Ok, so I am not positive my phone was successful at emailing the powers that be, so I’ll post some info here:

      6/16 RI Pride Expo/Marketplace · Noon to 8pm @ South Water Street.

      That’s where the CSPH table/lube/I’ll be. Come!

      Also, I made a FB group for us RI straddlers to get our meetups all set up and such. It’s currently two people strong, but hey! I know there’s more of you out there, so join here:

      Let’s be friends.

  9. I did not realize until this year that June is Pride Month because Northampton inexplicably holds theirs in May.


      • I think they are known as the western suburbs, haha… my sense of direction is nonexistent. I’m only here for 2 months though while I be an intern.

  10. But.. but… what about Montreal, THE CITY OF GORGEOUS RAPTORS?
    I’m quite disappointed, AS.

    Please include Montreal!

    • intern emily choo is in china, she usually takes care of meetups! no idea if she’ll be back for august pride stuff

      i reckon allie will arrive shortly to suggest she and i co-opt the situation, which attempted to happen once but everyone is so crabby in the winter, present commenter included

        • Crabby gorgeous raptor? Talk to your doctor to see if the land before time is right for you. approvadispia needs to come back and explain the raptor reference b/c I don’t even know what is going on.

          I’m crabby in the summer because F1 douchebags.. and I don’t even live on the island, but at least there isn’t SIXTY FEET OF SNOW EVERYWHERE

          O Canada

  11. No love for Denver, CO? Any other Autostraddlers going to be around June 16th-17th? Here’s more info:

  12. Fuckity fuck I wanna be at Toronto Pride but wedddding..hmm must assess priorities

  13. I feel like my super conservative and probably homophobic brother purposefully scheduled his wedding on the day of Lexington’s pride because he hates me.

  14. Nashville Pride! I’ll be at the pride walk at 11 AM on the 16th! Any nashville people out there? anyone? don’t make me go with just my straight bestie….

  15. Grand Rapids pride is hosting a film night and they are showing Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together which I am super excited about. Actually it’s the only GR pride event that is not heavily catered towards the male end of the LGBT spectrum.

  16. I should be in San Francisco for Pride, which will be my 18th birthday celebration. :D

  17. I don’t really want to be the contact person for Portland because I am very overwhelmed by everything I have going on right now, but if no one else volunteers I will be.

    • Gaah! I hope someone does something, because I know nothing about anything, and would be a garbage contact person.

      But I just found out that Oaks Park is having a gay skate from 7-9 on Monday and everyone should come. I will be working in the snack bar, so I will be there, but not skating…

    • Any word on a meet-up for Portland? I just moved here and my girlfriend and a friend would love to hang out!

  18. I am dying of jealousy, really! I’m pretty sure there is a Pride Parade here in this small country called Republic of the Philippines (like in Baguio City or Metro Manila) but how come I don’t see anything in the internet about it?! I really would like to march! It’s like Mecca to the Muslims to me: Even just once in my lifetime I want to attend the Gay Pride Parade! Even here in AutoStraddle I think there’s a few Filipina members. T___T Ping me if any of you have an idea about Philippine Gay Pride Parade 2012! To the others who will attend: Bless you and stay hot and proud! \m/

  19. I’ll be at SF Pride! for my partying needs though, I think I’ll go to Cockblock’s pride party after Dyke March.

  20. Well I’m going to be in Germany this summer, so this is a ridiculously long shot, but any change anyone here is going to Munich pride? (14th-15th July)

    • nope, not munich. but you should check out vienna pride (12th-16th of june) …it’s basically just a short bike ride away :)

  21. If something’s really happening for Houston Pride, I would definitely do my best to get the time off and come down there! Anyone from Austin want to carpool?

  22. Anyone going to London? The parade/march is great fun but not sure what’s happening after – Trafalgar Square (if they’re having anything there this year) is usually a bit dull. So AS meet up would be fab!!

    I need to do some research!

  23. No chance anyone UK based is heading north for Pride? Newcastle/Northern Pride 21st July, me and my lady will be there! Look for the tanned girl with the heavy European accent and the rainbow coloured cornrows, I’ll be the short brunette next to her ;)

  24. Happy Pride Month!
    I’ve never been to Boston Pride and I’m skipping it for BK but I’m going to be helping set up the Dyke March! Hopefully I’ll make it to the meet up! I’m helping set up, if anyone else is, I look like my picture!

    • I can’t believe I’ve been going to Pride for five years!
      Also, this is my first legal drinking age Pride season, woah.

    • Morgan, come find me! I’ll probably be at Dyke March after-party at Caprice Lounge too.

  25. Any straddlers going to Columbus, OH pride next weekend? I’m supes excited to see my favorite city filled with queers :)

  26. Minneapolis starts with bar parties on June 21, festival the 23rd and 24th, parade on the 24th, with parties every night to tickle most fancies.

    • I am incredibly pants at planning things, and am not really up on what’s going on with Pride, but I would love to meet other Twin Cities Autostraddlers! So clearly someone should get on that.

  27. i’m like 99.9% i’m going to be on an air force base during knoxville pride
    i’d have to go with straight people anyway
    YEEAH different year same problemssss

  28. I’m in Kansas City and we had our Pride this past weekend. I wish there were an Autostraddle meetup here. Then I wouldn’t have had to go all by myself!

    I’m probably the only Autostraddler in KC anyway :-/

    • Hi, Joleen!

      I’m in Lawrence right now but am moving to Parkville soon. If you count the metro you won’t be the only KC-straddler. :)

      • Really?! That is awesome! I live really close to Parkville! Let’s be friends :)

  29. New Orleans info is still incorrect. It still has the information for Houston in that section.

  30. hi! so i just added a bunch of cities, like Grand Rapids and Nashville and Vienna and St. Louis and Minneapolis!
    also, Carrie added some things too!
    also, you should keep checking back for updated meetup contacts!
    also, i fixed NOLA!

  31. Ooh I just realised I’m in Helsinki, Finland this year for their Pride celebrations. Any Finnish Autostraddlers?!?!

  32. I’m so excited for SF pride! I’ll be at the dyke march, looking excited/nervous/foreign. -bounces around-

  33. Gay Pride Amsterdam is Saturday August 4th. I don’t know if there are any more Dutchies or people who live in the Netherlands on AutoStraddle, but I would love to meet up somewhere. :)

  34. What about San Diego Pride? It’s July 20th-22nd but so far I will be going by myself and that will be sad.

  35. Woo Toronto pride! Even though I have to catch a flight right after what I’m expecting to be a late night Saturday, my priorities are set.

  36. I would have herded a well-overdue Paris meet-up, but I just remembered I am going to be elsewhere for the week-end.
    But just for the hell of it: People! Paris meet-up! Drop everything and stop the presses, AutoFrance is happening.

  37. Anyone live near/going to the D.C., Baltimore, Annapolis ones? (I don’t know if Annapolis has one but I live near there too so I figured I’d mention it… :D )

  38. I’d consider being the contact person for Cleveland Pride if no one else steps up since I might be volunteering at the event. But I dislike committing to things, have crap organizational skills and am exhausted from work. Fair warning but we’ll see…see all you Clevelanders at Voinovich Park.

  39. ooh! the toronto things (especially the dyke march) sound like buckets of fun but i have no queer friends (or straight friends that would like to go)

    can someone adopt me for pride?

  40. i’m really nervous to go to pride for the first time! :S the only gay girl i’ve ever met is my gf (no joke.) i don’t even know what to do! does anyone have tips? thanks ^_^

    • I definitely want to go this year. I’ve never been but it will depend if I can sweet talk my gf into coming with

    • Yeah Vancouver Pride Parade and Pride Festival on August 5th! Also, East Side Pride on Commercial Drive on June 30th, Gay Day @ Playland on July 14th, Picnic in the Park on July 21st, Dance Party on Davie on August 3rd. I can’t wait! :D

  41. re: vienna pride
    this is the website : (unfortunately the english version is ‘being edited’ since forever)
    there is a ‘pride village’ at city hall from the 12th-16th, open every day from 11am -11pm.
    a lot of shot film showings and discussions and workshops are happening
    parade is on the 16th
    15th-17th are pride parties around town (
    also worth checking out are the ‘rainbow-tours’ . guided tours about queer history/queer studies at University of Vienna ->

  42. Columbus Pride!
    I’d love to meet all the other autostraddlers in my hood.
    Is there any way I can be the contact person, but maybe only for a shorter event? Like, say we all go get some Jeni’s?

    • OMG JENI’S!!!!! My girlfriend and I have been discussing which flavors to get all week. Have you seen the plum sake?! ::dies::

  43. Anyone in D.C. seeing Sharon Needles, Dita Ritz, and Phi Phi O’Hara at Town tonight(6/8)? So pumped. Not so much for Phi Phi…

  44. Oh lord I need to request days off for the trans march & dyke march! SF Pride is the only pride I’ve been to but it’s always great (minus the corporate love during the entire thing).

  45. I am going to be in the middle of Montana for most of the summer, and am sadly missing any remotely convenient pride events. However, I am moving to Virginia in August (terror!), and Richmond pride is September 29th! Any other Virginians here going?

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