Jane Lynch & Dan Savage Cut the Bullsh*t with Newsweek


Jane Lynch and Dan Savage share their frustrations regarding the state of the gay union in a refreshingly bullshit-free interview with Newsweek.

On Obama:

Lynch: Yes, we thought the great hope of Obama was going to magically change all that, and it doesn’t seem to have…
: …had the intended effect.
: He’s just nicely walking the middle.
: And unfortunately, when you split the difference on gay and lesbian people, what you wind up with is no legislative progress. You get a lot of nice speeches, you get invited to cocktail parties, and we have shit to show for it.

On DADT (the interview was conducted before the Senate vote):

Savage: F–k John McCain—put that in NEWSWEEK.
: Yeah, I say it too, to the second power.

Interestingly, whitehouse.gov just released it’s very own It Gets Better video from openly gay White House staffers giving messages of support to gay teens.


20th Century Fox’s holiday greeting card written by Glee co-creator Ian Brennan (who writes Sue Sylvester’s dialogue), directed by Ryan Murphy and starring The Lynch (and a cameo from Mr. Shoe). Of course her marriage was a publicity stunt and she’s getting the Glee kids sick kittens for Christmas.


Are you a member of the Ani Difranco Appreciation Club? Of course you are. You’ll find this pair of interviews, Ani: Then and Now compelling as they compare her current tastes in music with the Ani of 1995. (@motherjones)


Can’t this kid catch a break? Ugh, and right before Christmas! Lilo is under investigation for “misdemeanor battery” for allegedly attacking a female staffer at the Betty Ford Center. FYI, she’s in there because she failed a drug test after she was freed from jail. People on the inside are saying the argument started after the Betty Ford staffer yelled at LiLo for returning after curfew after hanging out at a bar. (@latimes)


Want a State of the Gaga? It’s coming. BORN THIS WAY IS COMING (in February).

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  1. She’s at Betty Ford, misses curfew because she was at a bar … Are we sure that Lindsay knows what exactly she’s in there for?

  2. jane lynch makes me tingly in funny places. also also also, WHYYY LINDSAY LOHANNN? i just want to hug her/kick her in the ass. brb i’m going to go watch the parent trap…

  3. 1. what the hell is a ruffie?
    (Okay. I know what she means. But a) not funny! and b) ARGH it’s not even that it’s bad spelling, it’s that it’s *phonetically bad spelling* – ruffie looks like a baby ruffle, or the sound Paris Hilton’s dog makes when it barks.)

    2. “Jane, how come Sue Sylvester has never had a love interest on Glee? Is she asexual?”

    Oh god, why don’t people watch the show before asking a question with an absolute in it? fff. (she dated a guy on the show last season.)

  4. I’m just going to go ahead with my armchair psychology and diagnose Lindsay with borderline personality disorder. I prescribe her hugs. I give good hugs.

  5. Not that I’m really on Lohan’s side or anything, personally just not enthralled or ever was with her, BUT-
    an amazing number of my friends have/had work(ed) in the psych field, specifically in rehab units. As part of their jobs, they had to more or less deal with physical confrontations with patients of varying degrees of severity.
    Not once was I ever informed of anyone having to press charges, even though quite a few of those incidents were explicitely more severe than anything I can imagine this relatively small girl dishing out.

    So yeah, I guess I’m not making any sort of point. carry on.

  6. Lynch: As a gay person, I don’t want to be separate from the rest of the world. I remember I went to a lesbian event when I first moved here to Los Angeles, and this woman said to me, “Oh, it’s just for us.” I didn’t like that at all. I want to be in the human community. I don’t want to be separate.

    -This is why I love Jane Lynch. I just saw on the recent comments section some idiot about a year ago saying she’s a lesbian separatist and that if you’re a real lesbian then you hate men and that trans people shouldn’t be included in OUR community. It is absolutely insane to me that people within our own community has such hate towards one another. And it seems to stem from pure and simple ignorance. Thing is, no matter who you are or how you identify you are different from someone else and if you hate what is different then you hate yourself. I don’t mean to rant but reading that persons comments made me angry and then reading this comment from Jane made me want to say “YES, YES THIS IS WHAT I MEAN”.

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