It’s Design Director Alex’s Birthday!

Many many years ago, like possibly 26, Design Director Alex Vega got born! She was so small, you could’ve held her in your little hands and she couldn’t even dance yet and she certainly couldn’t format our posts or make our header pretty. But look at her now!!


alex is very good at no pants



Look! It’s Alex Vega’s number one feeling:




And this is an accurate representation of Alex Vega’s other number one feeling:


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This is another feeling that Alex would likely describe as being her ‘number one’:


alex probs shared this sandwich with her dining companion because that's how nice she is


Remember when Alex recapped Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ video? We loved that because we love it when Alex is excited about a thing. Also this never gets old:


Is this one of the best things that Alex Vega has ever done? You tell me.


Thank you for making us look cooler than we really are.


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  1. Yay one year closer to death!

    I hope you spend the day dancing pantsless. And I don’t mean that in a pervy way…probably.

  2. did you guys notice that there’s a cat prowling around in the background of that video?

    (happy birthday!)

    • i just noticed it and then showed the video to my three and five year old nephews. the three year old said “put that part again” and when i asked which part he said “every part”.

        • that cat is featured in a lot of my recipes too, she’s sleeping next to me right now. she is probs hunting dragonflies.

          • So I definitely read that first bit as your cat actually BEING an actual ingredient in your recipes. Then I got that image from Pet Sematary (not sure which one), where that one guy who was also in Carnivale puts the kittens in the pie pan & puts it in the oven. Fuck that guy & FUCK that movie. I can’t even remember if they saved the kittens or not.

            …wait, did I just uncover (another) repressed memory via Autostraddle? Just send me the bill Riese…just send me the bill.

  3. Go you, its your birthday, we’re going to party like its your birthday!!

    Also, didn’t notice the cat in the video. Probably a little distracted by al the hot dancing going on!

    • Woohoo!! Germany represent ;)

      Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!! Maak er een leuk feestje van ;) — Dutch

  4. Have an irrevocably happy birthday Alex!

    p.s. You should sleep not because it’s good or because it’s healthy, but because your positions are epic.

    • I bet you if the various sleeping pics were made into a stop-action movie, we could set it to a Lady Gaga song & the dance could be called “The Ladalex Gavega Dance” & it would be sooooo epic.


    i will give you a birthday hat when you pick me up from the airport!!1

  6. one time, i accidentally slept in the same bed with alex vega. best accident.


    • *surrounds you with soft pillows to land on, when you return to earth*

      Happy birthday, lady. :)

  7. I saw that pop up on facebook and thought “well I should leave her a nice birthday wish” but then thought “she’s probably going to wonder who the fuck I am” so I didn’t.

    BUT! I can on here sooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY A;EX!

  8. alex, you sleepy pile of awesomeness, happy birthday!

    thank you for ever and ever for the sex-flowchart (now “holding hands and giggling” is not the only way to describe lesbian sex anymore)

    and the bad romance video will in fact never get old. never. we just listened to it/ watched it this weekend in our apt while we ate cake.

    <3 <3 <3

  9. sharing sandwiches?! nothing is more awesome than that :) have a fantastical birthday, alex!

    • Where from in Mexico, Ana? Aw, I miss home!

      Happy bday Alex, you are the bestest best blue eyed designer beauty ever.

  10. Happy day you were born, A;ex! This site is visually stimulating…and so are you, sleepy or otherwise.

  11. Happy Birthday! You do amazing work at Autostraddle- so thank you! You are awesome. I hope people tell you this often and not just on your birthday.

  12. Dear Designer Director Alex,
    You are awesome and happy birthday and thank you forever for all the awesome things you do on Autostraddle!

  13. A;EX! I heart you! You are my design inspiration and your Gaga video will never cease to entertain me.

    Dinah Shore was SO much fun and I hope we get to do it again someday!

  14. Also, how the fuck can you sleep in skinny pants, I am crawling the walls just looking at it.

  15. HEY! So I rea;;y hope you had the ;ove;iest birthday ever A;ex. You know – with ;ots of ;aughs and ;ots of ;ove and ;oads of ;ager and other ;uscious;y de;icious beverages NOT ;aced with ;sd and even a ;ap dance for good measure. If I were to give you a present, it would be a ;;ama ;amp or perhaps even a ;arge box of ;emons…or ;egos.

  16. YAY gluten-free, vegan, refined sugar free, rainbow cupcakes for everyone!
    Or muffins, depending on your mood.

    • Oh, and happy birthday Alex! I got caught up then thinking about cupcakes, and then I started thinking about muffins and it all spiraled out of control.

      • *catches you before you spin into traffic*

        i’ve gotcha, hon. now, tell us more about these muffins…

  17. Indeed, happy birthday! Good thing you’re on the west coast because it just turned Wednesday over here.

  18. Your birthday may be over on the East Coast but me thinks it’s still alive and well on the West!!! Hope it’s a happy one!

  19. this website we’re on is pretty cool but i still think probs our greatest collaborative effort was Just Caught Napping, even though you slept through most of the hard work i put into making that happen.

  20. Happy birthday from south africa! and youre AYOBA! look that word up cause there is no other word to replace it!

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