If Women’s Magazine Covers Were Aimed at Queer Women, Pt. 4

Welcome back to covers of JKLAFGHD Mag, the Magazine for Women Who Aren’t Straight. Every so often we check in here to catch up on the latest not-straight trends, get updates on the not-straight classics, and check in with our favorite not-straight celebrities. Up next in our October through December issues are Ruby RoseSarah Paulson and Samira Wiley.

October: Ruby Rose

November: Sarah Paulson

December: Samira Wiley

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  1. at least 20 of the other 1st date ice-breaker staples revolves are just tangents of childhood trauma though, right? 5 are about exes, 5 are about how not straight we are? someone break it down for me!

  2. I’m working less at the moment because I’ve been sick (burnout, woo!) and the hours that I am in the office are like, a good 50% meetings and a good 25% organising (some meetings are also about organising!), so I really needed something to pick me up in this hour between two meetings. This was it. 10/10, exactly what I needed.

  3. I’ve been feeling dumb abt choosing to live alone sans internet, cable, the ability to really afford food, but then I read “8 ways to undermine LIZ at the house meeting” & remembered why I have chosen this path

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