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I’m sitting on my couch drinking coffee and I can hear birds. Birds, you guys! They came back! You know what that means? Soon it will be warm enough for dresses and shorts and bare legs. However, earlier this morning, a quick walk with the dog baby quickly revealed that I actually still need my puffer jacket. I guess the Northeast will be easing into warm weather attire after all (instead of plunging into it, like I keep trying to do). So, instead of bare legs, I’m thinking cropped pants and dresses with sheer tights. You know what those two things have in common? They let you show a little ankle.

Ankles! I forgot I even had ankles because they were stuffed in my boots all winter. Ankles deserve  a little attention, don’t you think? A little attention in the form of… oh I don’t know, something lacy and ruffly and sweet, maybe even on your socks?

Ruffle socks are so cute that when I first saw them made for grownup feet at Topshop I actually laughed a little bit. They look super adorable with oxford flats, peeking out of boots, and even with heels, in my opinion. Look at all of these options! I’ve never been so excited to talk about socks, can you tell?

DIY Lace Ruffle Socks

You will need:

  • Socks
  • Lace trim
  • Cardboard
  • Sewing stuff

1. You can obviously choose whatever kind of sock you want, depending on what kind of shoe you’re envisioning wearing it with. I went with ankle socks. The first thing you need to do is put the sock of your choice around something that is going to stretch its opening all the way, like a piece of cardboard or a book. Now pin the lace around the top of the sock. I did two layers of trim, but you should do as many as you want. Sew it down once you’re satisfied with the quantity of trim you’ve pinned.
2. When you take the socks off of the cardboard, the lace should ruffle up with the elastic band of the sock. Now go put your cute shoes on and prance around.
photo 2-9

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Gabrielle Korn

Gabrielle Korn is a writer living in Los Angeles with her wife and dog.

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  1. I love this! I wish I had nicer ankles to feature, but an unfortunate run-in (run over by?) with a car at the age of 14 left me in hospital for a summer with several reconstructive surgeries on my smushed left ankle, and some 30 years later, it’s still a bit swollen and mis-shapen. This may however be just the thing I’ve been looking for to cutely (is that an actual word?) camouflage my least favorite feature. Thanks for that! (C;

  2. i need to figure out how to make uncomfortable tights into thigh highs using elasticized lace. actually i think i just need to cut/sew. this needs to happen

    • Go around where you’re going to cut with modpodge or clear nail polish first! Otherwise you’ll have ALL THE RUNS. Same goes for anywhere you’re gonna poke a hole with a needle. Good luck!

  3. OMG
    I can’t believe this is trendy right now. My host mom used to wear those back in 08 when I was an exchangestudent here. All my friends used to make fun of it and I was so embarrassed but right now I am actually consindering wearing those, they are so cute. Who would have thought! :)
    Thanks for the DIY. I love it!

  4. My obsession for lacey socks is probably bordering on the extreme; I have an overflowing drawer full of them. Frilly socks for every occasion! I hate the feeling of a bare feet in shoes so I wear them all summer. And sometimes in winter, over tights. It may be a problem

  5. I had lacy purple socks in elementary school. My mom bought them for me (well, obviously ’cause I was, like, six). The cool girls made fun of me and I always felt so embarrassed wearing them but never wanted to hurt my mom’s feelings.

    I knew I should have kept them!!!

  6. Just a few weeks ago I made heaps of these for my friend and I.
    So cute, and so easy. And so much cheaper than from the shop.
    Gabrielle, I love everything you do so much, but reading something I’ve already done has given me a major confidence boost. Hehe.
    Lacy socks forever.

  7. I live in Japan right now and these are super all the rage for every girl ever. There are stores in Japan that only sell socks. Ruffly, lacy, polka-dotted, designed, socks with embroidered socks on them (meta-socks, so cute!) tights, wooly socks. All the socks you can imagine, all in the same store. It’s magical.

  8. About once a month I wear an outfit consisting of a pleated miniskirt, bare legs and white lacy ankle socks.My spouse would like me to wear this ensemble every day, but I am too self conscious for that, even though I enjoy the looks I get.

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