HEY GAY! Take the 2022 Autostraddle Reader Survey!

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It’s Autostraddle Survey time, and this survey’s important for so many reasons!

Firstly, we haven’t conducted a reader survey in a few years, and that means that we don’t have up-to-date information about who you are and what you want. That information helps us shape our content to meet the needs of our community. Our editorial decisions have been informed by survey data for many years. (And sometimes the survey creates content for us!)

Secondly, the survey helps us with obtaining funding. We learn stuff we can use when talking to advertising partners and when planning future fundraisers.

We’ve also gotten a lot of individual questions about when we’re going to start having live events again and know that live events is a crucial element of all modern media companies, but we wanna get a hold on how the whole community feels about it. We realize in light of the pandemic that this is an incredibly nuanced topic, and the questions about it contain opportunities for open-ended answers.

Lastly, it’s just fun! You get to talk about yourself, a fascinating topic. Learning about our queer community is FUN! We value that Autostraddle is a transparent, permeable publication and we’d love to know more about you and to hear directly from the people who make our world go round! THANK YOU if you take the survey! Truly, your participation is an important part of making this whole indie queer media project possible!

Your answers are completely anonymous and no, we don’t track your IP address or sell your data. This is about us, learning about you, and making a better Autostraddle with the results!


Okay but what if you’re somehow, against all odds, not into this yet? Did you really not click that link above? I have made you a helpful flow chart:

a flow chart that starts with: Do you: Have some ideas for ways to make autostraddle better? if yes, it points you to the bottom where it says "you should take the survey" if nope, it points you to "okay, well, do you want to tell us what we're already doing that you love so we keep doing it? answers are idk or yeah sure! yeah sure! points to taking the survey. idk points to OKAY GAY do you have a couple of minutes to help indie queer media out so we survive? it then reads, "you got me!" and points you to "you should take the survey"


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Nico Hall is Autostraddle's and For Them's Membership Editorial and Ops Dude, and has been working in membership and the arts for over a decade. They write nonfiction both creative and the more straightforward variety, too, as well as fiction. They are currently at work on a secret project. Nico is also haunted. You can find them on Twitter and Instagram. Here's their website, too.

Nico has written 226 articles for us.


  1. Hi there, long time reader, first time commenter. And to preface I promise I am not trying to be a jerk. I have 20+ years experience in media & market research and I felt compelled to point towards there being elements in your survey that aren’t going to yield trustworthy results because the answer options aren’t (in some instances) singular in definition or comprehensive or mutually exclusive. I found I couldn’t answer a few questions accurately as a result. I truly value what you do and I would be happy to volunteer support on feedback surveys/user experience research in the future if that’s something you might see as useful. Again not trying to be a jerk, just trying support things I believe in. (And understand/expect this won’t a published comment)

    • Hi Heidi!!

      We’d actually be really interested in knowing more if you wanted to tell us. I realize that it’s an ask of your time, but if you felt up to it and wanted to email me at nico [at] autostraddle.com, we’d be greatly appreciative!!

  2. Took the survey, had a great time, looking forward to seeing results! Also a note to Nico I think I referred to you in a comment by your old name – sorry about that! I didn’t see that it had changed until after I took the survey. Love the new name and sending cheers your way :)

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