Here for the Holigays: Brand New “You Do You” Zip-Up Hoodies

We had a lot of requests for a zip-up hoodie so guess what, here it is!

Zip-Up You Do You Hoodie

This is the softest comfy-ist hoodie you could wear and  is 80% cotton and 20% polyester, comparable to an Alternative Apparel hoodie (but much less expensive!).


The fit is unisex — the hoodie shown above is an extra small.


Our brand new “You Do You” zip-up hoodie is $48 in our store (plus shipping). We know you’ll love this one, it’s really cute as hell.

Happy holigays! Happy gifting! And thanks for your support y’all!

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  1. it looks great! for unisex sizing, would the sleeve length be intermediate between men’s and women’s lengths, or perhaps on the long side (said monkey-arms, hopefully)? Same question for torso length?

    • I think my arms are pretty much the definition of “monkey arms” (plus i’m 5’10) and the sleeves on my extra-small hoodie are just exactly long enough — most long-sleeve shirts I own I have to roll up to cover up the fact that the sleeves aren’t actually long enough in the first place, so this is an exceptional situation w/r/t this hoodie. For the size small hoodie from this same brand the sleeves are long enough and then some.

  2. all my other hoodies have reached that point where i have stretched out the arms to a terrible place so this is just in time! i can’t wear a hoodie without rolling the sleeves up usually. it makes stretch problems. you know what i’ll probably do it to this one too. so somebody please buy me a back up 🙂

  3. I want this for Christmas! Unfortunately, I’ll probably have to get it for myself AFTER Christmas, as i always feel bad spending money on myself in the month of December.
    (not only is it Christmas, but my daughters birthday is a few days prior, and i can’t in good consciousness buy those damn boots that decided to go on sale THIS MONTH ONLY because, guilt.)

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