Heather’s Team Pick: My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up at 3AM Every Day

Ah, cats. Those adorable little fur monsters that make the internet go ’round. They lounge on your chest and purr to soothe you when you’re feeling anxious. They play solo hockey with hair ties for hours to make you laugh. They stare at one spot on the wall for so long you think a portal to another dimension is going to open up and swallow you into the raw data of the space-time continuum. They have feets that look like little pink beans!


This is my Quasar, right before she jumped up and bit my boob.

Also, cats knock over your shit. In the morning, they knock over your shit. In the afternoon, they knock over your shit. In the middle of the night, your shit, they knock it over. Books off the shelves, chapstick off the nightstand, cups off the table, remotes off the TV stand. Name your shit, and you will find that it is shit your cat has knocked over.

And now, you can be about that feline life by playing “My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up at 3AM Every Day,” an 8-bit browser-based video game that allows you to run, jump, “meow and cry at the same time,” and “knead your dumb little paws,” while trying to knock over everything in your owners’s room to deplete her sleep meter. It is a very good time.





How fast can you wake up your owner? It took me two minutes, but I had to resort to the cry-meow because I couldn’t get everything onto the floor! (Hat tip to my girlfriend, Stacy, who emailed me Garbage Cat this morning with the subject line: “lol.” I don’t think she was really lol-ing, though, because she’s the one who always gets up to stop the cat from ransacking our bedroom/chewing the paint off the dresser.)

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