Hear Tegan & Sara’s New Album, ‘Heartthrob’ In Its Entirety

After spending the last week or so slipping us little treats like pre-release streams and heartthrob video interviews, Tegan and Sara have announced that they’re ready to let the world listen to their entire forthcoming album, Heartthrob. The whole thing. Right now. So stop trawling tumblr for leaks and head to one of the following websites to find the stream:

USA (and other countries not listed below)


United Kingdom


Australia (from 9am AEST)

As you’ve probably already assumed, Heartthrob sounds quite different to Tegan and Sara’s past albums. That’s all I’m gonna say about it because on Official Release Day, Hansen and I will be breaking the album down track-by-track, to a level of detail that would perhaps be considered downright excruciating if we were discussing any other band/artist. We hope you’ll join us for that. For now, tell us your first impressions in the comments section!


Heartthrob is released on Jan 29 in the US, 8 Feb in Australia and 11 Feb in Europe. US and Australian tours will take place during the US Spring.

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  1. “on Official Release Day, Hansen and I will be breaking the album down track-by-track, to a level of detail that would perhaps be considered downright excruciating if we were discussing any other band/artist.”

    dear god i cannot wait for this to happen.

  2. I want to hear it so badly but I also kind of want to wait until the 29 when I can possess it. I imagine I’ll make it until tomorrow afternoon before I give in.

  3. Am I a bad person for listening to this already, lying on my bedroom floor with the lights out, drinking whiskey? It’s tradition.

  4. Well. I just freaked the hell out harder than i have in a long time when i saw the bit about the tours. OMG. So excited. Haven’t been excited for an upcoming gig in ages.

  5. I have spent the past few weeks fan-girling over Tegan and Sara (like watching a bajillion interviews and concert videos and re-reading everything Autostraddle ever wrote about them). I am so excited to get the Heartthrob Bundle I pre-ordered (because the magazine that comes with it has quizzes and advice on how to “win their hearts”) and to watch their NYC shows on the 28th and 29th! <3

    My thoughts right now:

    Half of this album is the perfect thing to listen (and dance) to when crushing on someone like crazy. The other half is the perfect thing to listen to while lying down in the fetal position crying like crazy because said crush doesn't like you back. Soundtrack of my life.

    • “Half of this album is the perfect thing to listen (and dance) to when crushing on someone like crazy. The other half is the perfect thing to listen to while lying down in the fetal position crying like crazy because said crush doesn’t like you back.”

      yes. this is exactly it.

  6. I feel like I’m 5 years old in the 90’s, being forced to listen to my mom’s outdated 80’s music while she did aerobics.

    This isn’t necessarily a bad thing..

  7. SO EXCITED. I feel like my fandom level for Tegan and Sara is just at a completely new level right now. I hope Tegan hasn’t taken out her self deprecating lyrics, because I saw an interview where Sara told her to stop doing that since it doesn’t show her as a strong role model? But I think people who can show they are vulnerable are actually the strongest, also the cutest and most loveable…which basically describes Tegan. This is so distracting though because i’m supposed to be writing an essay that is like 2 weeks over due on the Bell Jar, and I don’t know why I keep procrastinating because it’s about Feminism and society which are two things I love. Tegan are Sara are more important..dammit!

  8. Confession: when I clicked on the Popjustice link, I got distracted by another link saying Petula Clark had a new record out, and the single from it is amazing!

    Anyway, the T+S stuff, I have concerns. I like them, and I like commercial pop music. But together, I’m not so sure. It’s like chocolate is amazing and alcohol is amazing, but combine them into chocolate liqueurs and they ruin each other. I never thought I’d be comparing Canadian lesbian twins to unwanted xmas confectionary, but there you go.

    • So I’m kind of excited to take Tegan and Sara to the gym (a place I never thought I’d bring them), but thanks for pointing out that Petula Clark single – it’s kind of amazing. Actually I’m coming up with four tracks on a new album from her, but three are in French?

  9. Do you ever have that short week at work that actually feels longer because you have to make up everything from that Monday you have off?

    This album is the cure.

  10. Anybody else having trouble finding the whole album on the Rolling Stone site? I just see the 6 songs from SoundCloud that I may or may not have already listened to obsessively as they were individually released…

  11. I am so excited to listen to this when I get home from work!
    I bought my girlfriend tickets to their concert here in Winnipeg for Christmas. (Classic – one for me, one for you, move.)

  12. This is exactly what I needed to help bide my time until the Philly show on Saturday. It’s like a little cosmic chest bump.

  13. It definitely sounds different. But I was actually not particularly into Tegan and Sara’s old stuff. I mean, there were certain songs I liked, but my interest in their music sort of waxed and waned. Oops.

    I definitely didn’t listen to them long enough to be able to lament their change in style. Or to be super excited about this album. But I’m enjoying it, so I’m glad it’ll be out soon.

  14. Well…I have listened to some of it a bunch.I’d say there are 4 superb songs on it and the rest are either very good and/or average songs.Usually,a T & S album (or any album) will grow on me the more I listen to it.That being said.

    1.I Was a Fool (easily the best track and a here is a hint for newbies the no.3 track on any album is usually the best song.Almost always.Not always,but yeah, pretty much always.

    2 Shock to your Sytem…Not really a Sara fan never really noticed her,…yet (still working on Tegan,4 years in…sorry ) needs several listens then it’s the Bomb! Superb depth…intracate!

    3.Now I’m all messed up… Agree with T & S geeks,live version is sooooo much better.Still,Sara pours her heart out,and it’s beautifully painful and poignant.

    4.I Couldn’t be your friend…Ignore the intro to this song it’s poorly conceived and laborious.The chorus,however,is a revelation…absolutely enchanting.Tegan once again hypnotizes.

    The rest…well only listened to them once or twice…dunno yet.

  15. I’m in love once again. I have listened to Now I’m All Messed Up more than a dozen times (each time showing up on my facebook page). Sorry I’m really not sorry.

  16. I pre-ordered their new album and can’t wait for it to arrive!

    Tegan and Sara, stop doing this to me. I’m running out of ovaries, because you keep making them explode.

  17. you guys, i love this record already! i think it all sounds very grown up and hope the girls are gonna get all the recognition they are hoping for with this. (if ‘love they say’ isn’t going to be a huge hit on the radio, i don’t know what will.) #t&s are driving me wild

  18. I love this band. So much love. Loving this new sound. So great to hear the voices again in an entirely new way.

  19. I just saw them in Richmond last night! I love them so much. At the concert all I could think (besides Sara is the sexiest ever) is how damn proud I am to be gay! Tegan & Sara helped give me the courage to come out.

  20. I was actually a little on edge about buying Heartthrob right away…and then my girlfriend broke up with me. Decision made, I’m sure I won’t regret it. I love their new sound and look forward to blasting it in the car.

  21. We have terrible weather at the moment (Queensland – boiling hot one day, flooding the next). This is making me feel a lot more positive about being stuck indoors. :)

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