NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday: FLESH’s Half Naked Girls & Infinite Confusion


by Style Editor Becky

Have you all seen this NSFW Mr. Flash music video “Flesh” (Directed by Cédric Blaisbois)?

“FLESH” Mr Flash Music video from Cédric BLAISBOIS on Vimeo.

Do you have feelings? Do you want to talk about it? Are you thinking more ‘fuck yes!’ or ‘what the fuck?’ Do you and your girlfriend have different opinions as to whether or not shoving cupcakes in your mouth is sexy? What do you think the devouring of the raw meat means? Kind of badass?

For awhile there you just thought it was going to be porn, didn’t you?



I know what you want today. You want to see some photos from lesbian porn series Ultimate Surrender, right? Very NSFW. Seriously. Are you at work? Cut this shit out.


“Last week I got an email from a girl wanting advice about what to do with “unruly vagina hair.” Answer? I have no fucking idea. Honestly. I don’t know. What I do know is that every single one of my friends does something different and that they are all way too willing to share what they do with it.”

SEX ED – Sex Ed Video Game is almost a good idea:

“More importantly — and unfortunately — is the fact that this video is part of a program to promote sexual abstinence among kids. Don’t get us wrong: We’re all for promoting abstinence among kids — especially middle schoolers! — as long as it’s not taught in isolation. But study after study after study has shown that abstinence-only education plain does not work.”

CYBERSEX: Almost 25 million people around the world enjoy cybersex on a daily basis.

“While more then 65 million people have enjoyed sex on the internet regularly and an even 150 million people have tried it once, 98% of them are ashamed to admit it.”

MASTURBATION – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Masturbation

“Although men may joke and tease each other about their solo sexual activity, women are typically less forthcoming about their own self-pleasuring . . . women’s masturbation is not generally a common topic of conversation among girlfriends. Maybe it should be, say sex therapists.

POLICING FEMALE SEXUALITY – Cutting Off Your Vagina to Spite Your Face(book):

“In the past week, Facebook deleted a number of pages from their website, ostensibly due to their concerns about the sexual nature of the material. Interestingly, the organization appears to have primarily targeted the pages of several women and female sexuality organizations with Facebook pages.”

[sidenote: why do they have a man writing a weekly column on “the history and current practice of female infidelity”?]


We always stick to lesbian-only tumblrs for this feature because some of you are apparently deathly afraid of the cock. But vice versas is mostly girl or girl-on-girl AND it combines sexy photography with song lyrics! There might be like 2 or 3 penises, but i think you can handle it. Like you will like Morrissey’s All the Lazy Dykes and Metric & Ingrid Michaelson & Space Oddity. Also, it’s topless Freja Beha Erichson + Lemonheads = topsy-turvy. Just a tip.

Bath ii by Theo Gosselin


“Nudity itself gives me hope. Not porno nudity, not assembly line nudity. Average nudity, playful nudity, or at least honest nudity. I seek out nakedness that makes me think we might eventually shed the last of the puritan bullshit (guilt, shame) that taints our culture.”


“… but that is not necessarily a recipe for perfect sexual compatibility, or ongoing sexual fulfillment. Note the key word there: ongoing. A sex life is just that—a LIFE—which means it happens every day. And like any other aspect of life, it is interwoven tightly with all sorts of other aspects, and can be different, feel different, or present unique new obstacles at any time.”

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  1. god, that video had me so conflicted. on one hand i was scared i’d get a seizure, on the other, i was oddly turned on… and then the meat comes in and now i’m hungry AND grossed out. it is way too fucking early…

  2. The video really did not do much for me, at first. Sure, lady love is nice, but this is not the context in which I enjoy lesbian sex. Like John Waters said “I may be queer, but this ain’t me”.
    I was just about to stop watching when they started eating the raw meat and pastries. The only sense I got of it was “this is what women are supposed to do”. This is what women do when they are doing what they think men want women to do.
    Those women are sheep.

    • These women aren’t sheep. They’re strong, sexual ladies who aren’t afraid to fuck. Read the meat as the phallus and the cupcakes as semen. The fact that the meat is coming out of the woman signifies her ability to embody a powerful, masculine sense of sexuality, while the symbolism simultaneously undermines the culturally enforced need for a phallus/male sexuality because in the end, the meat/cupcakes are just food products – not actual dicks. Message: same-gender sex that lacks a penis isn’t actually lacking anything at all.

      Great post, Becky.

  3. First I thought, ugh techno. My friends go clubbing/to raves a lot and I hate the music. It only makes sense when your brain is impaired/heightened by hallucenogens. But the neon tights were really hot, biting and breast squeezing = drool. The raw meat was a tad off putting, but looking back I disagree with the symbolic phallacy of it. It seemed more like it should represent eating out, because of the voracity withwhich the girls consumed it. If it had been symbolic of phallacy wouldn’t they have used hotdogs or those rainbow lollipops? The cheese cake made me think of the sweet taste when a girl cums. My only complaint is that all of the girls shown were femme presenting. As a masculine presenting queer I feel overlooked in the media’s representation of sapphic sexytimes.

  4. A lot of you are missing the point, straight up. Cedric Blaisbois, who directed this video, has a theme running between this and his video for Huoratron, Corporate Occult. Both of the videos involve graphic depictions of sex and nudity, and midway through, both change into something more disturbing. In Flesh, obviously the women greedily fill their mouths with raw meat and rich cake. This technique of depicting attractive women who prove to be disgusting and gluttonous has been used in other videos, such as Simian Mobile Disco’s Huster (The USA version). In Corporate Occult, the attractive woman morphs into some kind of vicious beast with tentacles, and kills the man she was just having sex with. The desired effect, as it would seem, especially in the context of both videos together, is that the audience begins to indulge in this sexual fantasy, something that is presented in such a way that it titillates the id without provoking too much guilt. Then the plot twist takes the audience out of that moment and into a disturbing awareness of their previous sensation, and how it’s been destroyed by the sudden change. Guilt and cognitive dissonance are subconscious and conscious tools that Blaisbois uses to express the emotional conflict taking place in his own mind, and in the mind of the viewer. It reminds us that women can take advantage of objectification, and empower themselves despite the blind and naive lust of the dominator, or of the voyeur.

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