Groundbreaking Lesbian Film “Pariah”: Actually Coming to a Theater Near You

We’ve talked about Pariah semi-constantly for quite some time now and this discourse has been partially enabled by the fact that a lot of us are lucky enough to live in cities often utilized for “press screenings” and “limited release” affairs.

You’ve responded to our personal essays and interviews and previews by asking when the hell this fucking awesome movie is gonna hit your neck of the woods. Well good news ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN (Yup, I’m talking to you Mom! Hay! Walking distance!), Pariah is getting all up in your grill now! And by “grill” I mean “neighborhood.” Unless you live in another country or whatever in which case you’re probably used to this feeling.

So your time is now, kids. Go see it and let us know what you think!


Atlanta, GA – Midtown Art Cinema 8
Austin, TX – Arbor Cinemas @ Great Hills 8
Cambridge, MA – Landmark Kendall Square Cinema 9
Chicago, IL – AMC River East 21 ETX
Dallas, TX – Inwood Theatre 3
Evanston, IL – Cinemark Evanston 18 XD
Hollywood, CA – ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood 14 & Dome
Houston, TX – Sundance Houston 8
Irvine, CA – University Town Center 6
Los Angeles, CA – Rave Baldwin Hills 15 Xtreme
New York, NY – Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center
New York, NY – Empire 24 ETX + IMAX
New York, NY – Landmark Sunshine Cinema 5
New York, NY – Magic Johnson Harlem 9
Palm Desert, CA – Cinemas Palme d’Or 9
Philadelphia, PA – Ritz At The Bourse 5
Phoenix, AZ – Harkins Camelview 5
Portland, OR – Fox Tower Stadium 10
San Diego, CA – Landmark Hillcrest 5
San Francisco, CA – Landmark Embarcadero Center Cinema 5
Scottsdale, AZ – Camelview Plaza 5
Seattle, WA – Landmark Harvard Exit Theatre 2
Voorhees, NJ – Ritz 16
Washington, DC – Landmark E-Street Cinema 8



Denver, CO – Mayan Theatre 3
Indianapolis, IN – Keystone Art Cinema 7
Minneapolis, MN – Uptown Theatre
Royal Oak, MI – Main Art Theatre 3
Santa Barbara, CA – Plaza Del Oro 2
St. Louis, MO – Tivoli Theatre 3

By the way, this film has been all over the press and garnered rave reviews from literally everyone in the entire universe. Its rating on Rotten Tomatos is 96%, which is better than every other American movie on their list right now. Hurrah!

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  1. girlfriend and i will be in that Cinemark Evanston 18 XD on monday. thanks for the heads up y’all, good to have you back

  2. I doubt it will ever make it out here to the boondocks or even just beyond a few handfuls of cities. If they release it online, let us know!

  3. Would anyone in SF like to see this movie with me? I’m new to the city and looking to make friends. I’m not a creep, I swear.

    • I’ll be your friend! :) I really want to see it, but don’t have many queer friends here to go see it with. I’m not a creep either, promise!

  4. Welp. Nothing in Canada, le sigh. That’s pretty fantastic about the rating on Rotten Tomatoes though.

  5. I saw an advanced screening for this recently – it is SO GOOD. No really. I’ve been itching to rant and rave about how happy I was that there was a decent, well-made, well-executed queer movie that non-queers like too! Watch it, it’ll make your life better.

  6. I will definitely be at Midtown Art Cinema tomorrow!! I take back all the horrible things I said about Atlanta today.

  7. Surprise, Utah not listed…it seems like the type of movie that would totally show at the Broadway Cinema or Tower Theater though


    … i just have a lot of feelings, you guys.

  9. great movie. very truthful very realistic very sad threw a curveball, worth the price. i recommend girl with the dragon tattoo too.

  10. i belong to india, hope this movie shall be available here too otherwise i’ll hav to go for piracy. I hate piracy but hav no alternate.

  11. Does anyone know when/if its screening in Australia? (My poor googling skills showed nothing :( )

    • Yes! These things need to come to Australia! Or can they make DVDs? Make it available to buy on iTunes or something? ANYTHING?

      • You should check out the Mardi Gra Film Festival if you’re in Sydney. The program hasn’t been announced yet but there’s a good chance they’ll screen this movie.

  12. Does anyone know if it’s coming to Ireland??
    I really want to see it, but it seems like one of those films that’ll take twenty years to cross th Atlantic. :(

  13. My girlfriend wondered why I had suddenly started making small noises and clapping my hands at my computer.

    The answer is: I am seeing Pariah this weekend, one way or another.

  14. yes ! i know what i’m doing on my days off ! :) i wish it was playing in my city but portland, OR is right there if i’m not feeling terribly lazy ahah. and the trailer has me goin’ a lil nuts can’t wait ! :D

  15. Still not playing anywhere in CT, and I don’t know if I can find anyone to go into NYC with me just to see it. I hope it becomes popular enough to be released even more places.

    • Yeah we’re so isolated from everything and everyone else including this awesome-looking film it sucks :\

  16. Philly is great but VOORHEES???????? This is like the holigays all over again. I am dragging my lesbro to this movie whether she wants to go or not.

  17. I’m already trying to figure out plans for hitting up Tivoli in St. Louis. If anyone would like join, that would rock!

    • Hey there therealpotter! I’m back in stl for the weekend of the 27th and am currently facing some loop-withdrawal. If you don’t go before then, I’d totally be up for joining in the Tivoli screening!

  18. So… Maybe I should migrate to America or something. I mentioned this to one of my friends and then realised a) she’s straight and would have no interest in it, and b) probably not even the queers in the UK know about this.

  19. Saw it opening night at the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge. The theater was packed! I went with a group of friends, gay and straight, and everyone loved it. Planning to go again!

  20. THANK FUCK FOR THE ROYAL OAK SCREENING. I heard about some limited showing in Sterling Heights and something going on at the Birmingham 8 (or maybe it was the Palladium but the 8 seems more suited to it) but I only heard mention of it days after the fact. Royal Oak is much more in my neck of the woods anyway.

  21. I just got home from driving 25 minutes to see this movie. and wow. Worth it. Even if there weren’t any other queers in the theater.

  22. Thanks to this post, I was able to see Pariah on Saturday and I can’t put into words how moved I was by her story. I was brought to tears a few times because of the parallels with my parents’ viewpoints and gender expression.. I won’t go into more detail to avoid spoiling but yes. Thanks for letting us know there were more showings :D

  23. *Sigh* You think we get used to this there being nothing on TV, or there even being no lesbians anywhere, but you really don’t…I’m in South Korea. I’ve met someone my lesdar told me might have been a dyke, but she was also the only female cab driver I’ve ever seen, so you never know…

    Wow…after reading this, I realize, I’m actually pretty down.

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