Glee Fashioncap 301: Gay Characters Dress Gay! Straight Characters Also Gay!

Let’s get real guys. The Pretty Litte Liars Fashioncaps got out of control. Like really out of control. All of a sudden they were going on and on and on as I tried to address all of Spencer’s weird shirt/vest/dress combos. They were probably getting boring to read and also taking me forever to write. So here I am at a new season of my very favorite show and I’m setting some new ground rules (mostly for my own sanity).

1. Since Riese does such excellent/hilarious Glee recaps, my glee fashioncaps will be heavy on the fashion and light on the cap.
2. I will only cover clothing/shoes/accessories on gay characters or that I think are gay (the definition of gay is to be determined by me/a level of wishful thinking).
3. I will keep it short and simple.

If I don’t put up a link to something you totally love, I’ll bet you anything you can find it on the Fashion of Glee website.

Okay, let’s get crackin’. First off, we discovered that out of his Our Lady of the Immaculate Collection Academy school uniform Blaine dresses fucking awesome. I think regardless of your gender this outfit is gay. Seriously, if my mother wore this outfit it would be gay. Hell, if my childhood dachshund wore this outfit it would be gay.


$36.99 – Ralph Lauren $85 – Brooks Brothers $23.78 – ASOS
$49.95 – Roxy $85 – Brooks Brothers $40 – American Apparel

Just in case you were worried that the bow tie’s appearance was a one time special engagement, the next time we seen Blaine– in the choir room– it’s Kurt’s turn to wear a bow tie.


Because this isn’t clear unless you look online, that’s ceramic bow tie. Yes, a bow tie made out of clay fired in a kiln, painted with high fire glossy glaze, re-kilned and attached to a piece of fabric. Yeah, that exists, Don’t worry, you can buy one for like $200 from ASOS. Also you can eat off of it I guess.

$210.39 – Asos

Don’t worry though, Blaine reclaims his bow tie later in the same scene when everything magically turns in to a big dance number in the auditorium.


Is Glee sending us a message here? Yes. Outside of black tie events or high school band concerts bow ties are gay. Anyhoo, let’s move on to our favorite characters.


I was conflicted when I saw that Brittana was back in Cheerios uniforms. One the one hand, that really cuts in to “my lezzie characters wear this” material. On the other hand, it makes my Santana costume for Halloween really easy.


The best part of the episode? Like a beacon of light shining down from the fashioncap heavens, Glee gave me a shiny, amazing gift. I can only compare this to the end of Annie when FDR shows up an announces to all the orphans that his New Deal is going to end the Great Depression. That’s right.


I’m so pleased we have Quinn’s new look to discuss until the joyful time when Santana inevitably quits the Cheerios and runs lovingly back to the arms of Brittany like the protagonist in a lesbian YA novel written by a straight middle aged married woman. Honestly, Quinn looks hot. Even if she’s supposed to be having some high school find-yourself-but-really-you-go-back-to-dressing-normal-in-a-month thing, it’s a nice change from every character wearing the same outfit all the time. Like how Mike Chang always wears a T-shirt with a button-up over it. Or how Artie has a collection of sweater vests so large and eclectic that the British Museum tried to steal them. To celebrate, I got a little gift for you. That’s right: Quinn’s shirt.

$63-Revolve Clothing

I know, it actually says “Hell is So Hot Right Now.” I love it here in Gleefashionland; let’s stay forever.

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  1. While I agree that the whole bow tie/polo combo was not a good move (now that I’ve noticed it!), other than that Blaine was looking pretty amazing. Then again, he always does, not matter what he’s wearing… And ZOMG Quinn! I just about wet myself when I saw her new look–soo sexy. Also, is it just me, or was her voice way lower than usual?

  2. Oh my god yes QUINN. I have always loved Quinn; she is sexy and witty and vicious and sexy and stylish and funny and sexy and… yeah.

    When I saw her with her new little makeover thing I fell in love. PINK HAIR. BLAKC RAGGEDY BUT ALSO SEXY CLOTHES. BAD GIRL ATTITUDE. *clears throat* But yeah, also cuz I really sympathise with that whole “trying to find yourself so bad that you just DON’T CARE ANYMORE”. And is it just me, or does her new hair really seem queer with its asymmetry? At least bicurious? *wishful thinking*

    One final thing. I find it HILARIOUS that all these high school kids in Ohio (without jobs?) apparently have the money to buy raggedy shirts for like 80 dollars or something. WHAT.

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