Gay Moments in Music, Santana’s Sexuality, Vicci Martinez, Tegan Quin & Real L Girls


Billboard has published its list of “20 Great Gay Moments in Music” which wisely places “Adam Lambert Glams Up American Idol” in the number two slot, only behind “Kurt Meets Blaine on Glee.”

Other mentions relevant to your interests:

+ Jill Sobule’s huge 1995 hit “I Kissed a Girl”
+ Chely Wright, Lance Bass & Ricky Martin coming out
+ Madonna teaching heteros how to Vogue
+ Melissa Etheridge‘s 1993 “Yes I Am” record
+ …and finally, Lady Gaga fighting for gay rights

BETTY could not be reached for comment. Seriously though, I’m a little surprised Christina Aguilera‘s 2002 video for “Beautiful” didn’t make the list, or any mention of The Gossip or the Scissor Sisters, or David Bowie… What else would you have added to the list?


All signs are pointing toward lesbian homosexy goodness w/r/t Santana’s third season storyline, with a new lesbian co-executive producer (Allison Adler) in the mix and a brand new Ryan Murphy quote on the subject:

“The thing we’re not going to do is something I would feel is disingenuous – Santana being like, ‘Oh, I’m going to try sleeping with boys again.’ No, Santana is now officially a lesbian and will be dealing with that as Kurt did.”

And what about Brittana?

“Brittany with a coupla wine coolers in her is good to go, so never say never. But we haven’t really [worked out] that story. All I can say is we will be true to Santana’s sexual orientation.”

Hey, that’s more than Ilene Chaiken ever did or promised. Our faith is in you, RM.


Has there been a lovelier headline than the LA Times’ The Voice Recap: America Loves Singing Lesbians!? Aside from Riese’s frequent nuggets of genius, of course. Anyway, Vicci Martinez and Beverly McClellan are still in the running, holding down the dyke quotient for prime time television this summer. Sayeth the LA Times:

“Of the eight semifinalists in “The Voice,” only two are openly lesbian, but that’s a pretty high number: 25%. And both those two were saved by the viewing audiences’ vote, which has to say something: America loves singing lesbians!”

SheWired chatted with Vicci this week, where she addressed the controversy surrounding Cee-Lo‘s nonsensical homophobic tweet directed toward a random music editor who criticized one of his live performances.

“He [Cee Lo] got a bad review and I think it probably just hit him emotionally. I know that feeling too sometimes. I think he probably had his phone in front of him and you know… It’s too bad sometimes that everything is so accessible. You just don’t even get the time to maybe think about it a little bit.

I think that’s maybe what happened, because Cee Lo just loves the crap out of me and Nakia (a gay male contestant on Cee Lo’s team). And right away, he messaged us and was like, “I just want you guys to know that this just came out and that’s not how I feel. They are totally messing it up, blowing it up, and I just want to apologize to you guys first.” He was like, “so, if you start hearing stuff, just know that I love you and that’s just sometimes what happens in the business.”

Vicci performing “Jolene“:


Our very own Tegan was Tegan was smack in the middle of the Vancouver riots that broke out after the Canucks lost Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. According to the (quite lengthy) article, Tegan had gone from the zen calm of yoga straight to watch the game at a friend’s house. After the home favorite lost, drunken Vancouverites started setting cars on fire, looting and breaking windows, echoing the same freak out that happened back in 1994.

“After a few hours of following the rioters on TV and fielding a call from her frantic mother — “They’re closing the bridges! You have to get out of downtown!” — Tegan finally braved the walk to her own apartment.”

She also briefly mentions beginning work on the follow-up to Sainthood:

“I feel like the last month or two, Sara and I have been pretty inspired by all the ridiculousness in the media and the world. There’s nothing like a little bit of anger and judgment to get the juices flowing.”


The cast of The Real L Word [Whitney, Tracy, Francine, Claire, and Romi] descended upon New York City last week to announce the nominations for the the GO! Magazine Nightlife Awards/Pride Kick-Off Bash and there’s red carpet footage to prove it. I had the pleasure of attending the event last week and it was jam packed with nearly 1,000 women hoping for a chance to sniff Whitney’s hair, per ushe.

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  1. If RM&co. don’t treat Santana’s storyline with the respect it deserves, they will have rioting lesbians on their hands. RIOTING. LESBIANS.

  2. So excited for the follow-up to Sainthood! Autostraddle, thank you for constantly updating me on Tegan Quin’s life!

  3. I don’t doubt they’re going to do Santana’s storyline well, just as they did Kurt’s. I just wish they would afford Brittany the same respect. She said in Duets to Santana “I’m mad at you, but you’re still so hot,” wanted to touch Coach Beiste’s boobs, and was obviously attracted to Britney Spears. And now she’s good to go when drunk? WTH, downgrading the show’s only bi character from bisexual to heteroflexible? Stupid, and disrespectful.

  4. I’m actually really pleased by all that about Santana. Because my greatest Glee-fear this whole time has been that she’ll just continue chasing after Brittany as The Only Other Non-Hetero Girl in the Universe. But that first quote kind of implies, to me, that there will be other girls for Santana, which means more lesbians on the show, which might actually make me start watching it again rather than reading Riese’s updates and youtubing the songs

  5. That list of the 20 greatest gay moments in music is crap. And the comments on the article are crapx500 million.

    First: Jess is right. WHAT ABOUT BOWIE. Where is the Bowie?? He came out as bi in 1972. That’s huge.


    Third: Chely Wright who? I mean, I know who she is because she is gay, but for real? I am a country music fan and she is not a big deal or very good. We can do better, list.

    Forth: can I get a nod to riotgrrrl/queercore from the 90s? How about some team dresch? No? I hate you, list

    • Yes, I too thought the list was pretty meh. I think they tried to make it too general. they should’ve gone for specificity, like “officially out musicians” or “musicians who write super queer music” or “not officially out musicians who are very politically active” or “media responses to queer musicians” or something like that, there are so many random things mashed into that list…I mean it goes from glee/american idol, which are really just tv things, to really gay performers like the village people, to musicians who deal with being gay on a personal level like Etheridge and Wright.

      Yeah, they just tried to cram too much stuff in there imho.

    • Bowie has since issued an emphatic no homo, and regrets ever saying hecwas bi. According to Wikipedia, anyway.

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