Our Gay Las Vegas Adventures: Shedonism

Remember that time we went on a very important mission to Las Vegas Pride? In um, *COUGH*, September? Well, we finally recovered from our hangovers enough to write this post. If we learned anything from that weekend, it’s that you can’t chase vodka with more vodka. Who knew?! Also, everyone in our hotel room got sick with colds the week after. Probably because we all made out. The point is, we’re all better now and we really want to tell you how f*cking awesome Vegas Pride was!

If it were any other weekend of the year, it would be hard to digest the aggressive heterosexuality that is the city of Las Vegas. But not Pride weekend, girl! Two words: Lesbians. Everywhere.

When we realized we could attend the Vegas Pride weekend on the count of the very awesome Lisa Pittman and Pandora Events Crew were throwing a lesbo-takeover called Shedonism, we were on board immediately.

Let’s move onto our photo adventure/Shedonism recap (and video!) by re-introducing the cast of Autostraddle characters present in the city of sin for Shedonism:


Jess, Alex, Sarah Croce, Sara Medd, Tanya, Marni, and Riese, who hates this picture

Riese and Marni were staying at Marni’s friend’s house, and the rest of us were staying at The Rumor Hotel, where we checked in Friday night to collect our super special Shedonism passes. The hotel is gorgeous, and there’s even a statue of a pig in the lobby. Yay, pigs! If there’s anything lesbians love, it’s bacon (unless you’re one of the 98% of us who are vegan). Also, there are hammocks near the pool area which Alex used to take her many drunk naps in! I really don’t know what more you could want.

VIP, bitches.


DAY 1: The first stop was the Vegas Pride celebration happening, um, I don’t know where. But it was happening. We played games and won prizes, ate snow cones, and Marni double-fisted a beer and Jack+Coke bottled beverage. Who knows what else she double-fisted that day; she’s quite talented.

The Las Vegas gays really bring it.


“There’s one thing Pride festivals are good for — getting new chapstick.”
-Sarah Croce

After this we all had nap time, obviously. But then it was UP AND AT ‘EM for the celebrity poker tournament. Don’t worry, I have a photo collage of this too, in which you can see Cathy Debuono, Jill Bennett, and Gloria Bigelow contemplating some serious moves while Alex and Sarah Croce (not pictured) contemplated their drinking options. Does Jack Daniels beat Jose Cuervo or vice versa ? Life is so hard.


riese thinks it's really funny that she is sitting behind meredith baxter

During this time we also met Babs, a Sweet Travel representative, who I aspire to be when I grow up. We love Sweet! Yay Babs!

Sweet Lesbian Travel

The best part about these events where you agree to get a hotel room so that you can surround yourself with hot lesbians all weekend is that there are usually hot lesbians in your hotel room all weekend.


“Why is everyone dressed like Snooki?”

It was this night that we all stumbled out of our hotel rooms and into the party at Booty Bar. This was so much fun and we danced our little faces off! Afterwards, our friend Jocelyn went streaking through the hotel and I’m pretty sure some really hot girls went down the water slide naked. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of this. Please forgive me.

DAY 2: There was a pool party! And a huge slide! I think this is an appropriate time to show you our little Shedonism video, edited by Sarah Croce:

It was a good day. Great weather, good vibe, hula-hooping, chicken fighting, a giant slip-n-slide…

The following night was also fun. We danced our tushies off at the closing party that night and at some point we were running around the streets of Las Vegas looking like this:

Lots of guys roaming the strip even stopped us to take pictures with them, probably because we looked so utterly gorgeous. They also wanted to take us back to their hotel rooms, but we respectfully declined (by saying “NO, SILLY BITCHES. WE’RE GAY OMG SORZ”). Word to the wise: Guys love cool chicks with facial hair, apparently.

After this experience, we decided to make every Sunday “Moustache Sunday” but then we forgot about it. Now that I’ve remembered, don’t be surprised if you catch a group of lesbians wearing moustaches at the Abbey this Sunday Funday. Just sayin’.

On the headache-filled drive home Monday morning, we decided to stop at this place for coffee and foods. We didn’t get offered chewing tobacco by anyone wearing a camouflage trucker hat or murdered even, most likely because we were in the daylight.

Autostraddle Shedonism Las Vegas Pride

Our one regret is that we didn’t go to any of the strip clubs that double as steakhouses. Next time, Las Vegas. Next time.

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Jessica S.

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  1. But really how is that not Sarah Croce on the wall? OR IS IT? #TwilightZone

    PS. I really hope someone gave Sweet Travel Babs the scissor-bump bc she’s legit.

  2. My wife and I were there at a pet industry trade show, and we talked about going to check out the festivities, but ended up downtown at “fremont street experience” live music and laser light show, and the Nugget, which was a great place.
    Glad y’all had a blast- we are a bit old, but after seeing Babs, we may reassess.
    Anyway thanks for the great photos, vid, and story!

    • Deb, you missed out ol’ girl. There were plenty of well groomed kitties at that bar on e fremont with all the video games. I saw Riese there in her suspenders. I couldn’t say hello cause it was too loud. This article is way overdue, girl. But I will forgive because this website is how I heard of Shedonism in the first place. Keep shining your lite under the rock where I live (albuquerque).

  3. Also, as far as self-irony goes: “S&M via Rihanna” reminds me of my 1st Dinah Shore situation. BUT IT’S VEGAS SO IT WINS OVER ALL THE DINAH SHORES OKAY.

  4. PS. I obvs only started the video here & commented w/out hearing the rest of the songs used in that vid…but can I just throw out an idea here? “Can You Teach Me How To ‘Straddle” = A FUCKING GOLDMINE.

    You heard/read it here first.

  5. Yay! Y’all work hard and you deserve to do nothing but drink vodka all weekend once in a while.

  6. I hate to be that person, but it’s spelled Snooki. I feel like misspelling her name is a personal affront to her character and detracts from all the goodness she has contributed to humanity. I am disappointed in you, Autostraddle. So very disappointed.

  7. this is like the time I handed in my essay 2 month late but my teacher thought it was kinda awesome and I somehow still got a grade.
    A+ autostraddle.

  8. I don’t know why anyone would want to see this. This is just pictures of your guys hanging out, getting drunk, and making out with eachother. All, by the way, PAID FOR BY US. presumably. seriously, I’m more confused about people who LIKE this post(are you living vicariously through these people who are friends?) then the people who did it, because who wouldnt want to go get trashed at an expensive hotel for “work”

    • “When we realized we could attend the Vegas Pride weekend on the count of the very awesome Lisa Pittman and Pandora Events Crew were throwing a lesbo-takeover called Shedonism, we were on board immediately.”


    • I suspect this was paid for by us only in the sense that Shedonisms and he other organisations mentioned are hoping that we will be so psyched by this recap that we will patronise them next year. Jounalists always get freebies.

    • We dont pay a penny for Autostraddle! Regardless, sure what harm is it if a gang of ladies go off and have fun for a weekend and post it on the internet, it’s like Facebook, you can read it if you want, and ignore it if you want. And reading this makes me want to go to Las Vegas more than if I read about it on some straight orientated travel site. And I certainly dont think people like it because they’re living vicariously through anyone else, personally im reading this whilst im getting ready to have a night of shedonism with my own mates, and it definitely put me in the mood for a our own party, so yay for that! Anyways, the point im trying to make is they’re just having the craic, at the expense of Pandora events, not us, sure what harm! :-D

    • Thank you Viv, Annie D, Lou and Evidux for your replies here to “Confused” — you would be correct to assume that the only perk/payment of creating and working on a free website are the freebies you get from companies that want you to talk about their product/service/event. Please don’t think for one second that anything you donated had anything to do with us getting drunk in Las Vegas to celebrate our homosexuality… this was all thanks to Pandora Events and therefore you should consider giving them money next year by coming to their event :)

      That’s the cycle and thats what makes the lesbian party world go ’round!

      Thanks for reading and commenting you guys!

    • I’d be happy as hell if my donations went for this. The amount of content produced on this site on a daily basis is noticed and appreciated. This was a great read, thanks!

  9. I just can’t get over the amount of hot girls in this post. I think my heart just exploded with joy, or something.

  10. Unlike Confused, this post had the opposite effect on me. It made me realize how effin hard y’all work for us every day and I donated on paypal.

    At least part of the awesomeness of this site is founded in your friendship. Here’s hoping you get another vacation together soon.

  11. it looks like you ladies would be one awesome group to hang out with!

    and everyone looks gorgeous!!!!

  12. This looks like so much fun that you better watch out ’cause next year you may have a stowaway on the good ship Vega’s Vehicle…

    • Let’s go Alice! We can share the ride. Now, I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to stop at the In-Out in Barstow for a quick burger break

  13. 1. Riese, that is a good picture. You and Marni are adorable, as are all the other kids in their pumped up kicks. Croce is especially ethnically ambiguous in this shade.

    2. While we’re on that, Croce: what are you doing on that bed???

    3. Cute article, Jess! xo

    • Imitating that poster above me, duh. Everyone thought it was me, mainly because someone leaked news of my underground hotel artwork portrait career.

      Great article Jess!

  14. maan… if only I had friends to do things even remotely close to this. =(

    Anyways… you’re all so hot! =D

  15. I need to talk about Sara’s tan, it is wonderful, oh god I don’t want to be that commenter salivating over her pics. OH FUCKING WELL.

    Hey, nice tan you look good gurrrrl!

    • Now I’M confused…what’s wrong with being “that commenter” salivating over Sarah Croce’s pics? Let me just say, if that’s wrong–I don’t want to be right.

  16. Idea: We should do a “50 Pictures of Sarah Croce” post. I have about 10 of her in a bathtub, 15 of her in a mini skirt, and another 25 of her frolicking on the beach. What do you think?

    Also, I <3 all of you.

  17. You are all so cool. All I’ve done recently is watch approx 10 episodes of degrassi the next generation and wonder why it never seems to be winter in that show. That is also cool too, yeah? Anyone?

    • also, in the related videos there was a video suggestion about a angelina jolie lookalike. i feel this is relevant.

  18. Yesssssss, Rent!

    Also. I think this year’s Shedonism (if it’s happening) would be a great meeting spot for AS members.

  19. It looks like you had so much fun and I’m wishing I could do something just as awesome.If only I had my own queer posse but until then I’ll live vicariously through posts like these ^_^

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